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A miniatures game with RPG-style customizability. Create a Warband, complete missions, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments.
A miniatures game with RPG-style customizability. Create a Warband, complete missions, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments.
150 backers pledged $12,542 to help bring this project to life.

Where the Game Stands and Next Steps

Posted by Adam Rosenblum (Creator)

Hi Backers,

I know it’s been too long and I am sorry, which really isn’t enough of an apology. Anything that I say other than that sounds like an excuse though, and I don’t want to make excuses just tell you the truth.

When a project is going well, It is easy to communicate, show pictures, and send happy messages but when it isn’t…it isn’t. Making this game has been a dream of mine since 1994, at that point it was a card game and although it has gone through many iterations it has always been MY dream to get this out.

Before the Kickstarter launched, I did my research…looked for the right printers, made sure the budget was adequate and launched it. I didn’t pad it, and I realized there would be a cost to me if it didn’t over fund and I was okay with that as the goal wasn’t to make money but to get my dream out to gamers and let them have as much fun playing it as I did making it. Not a wise business move, but a good dream move.

For those claiming I’ve run away….not true, just very depressed with what has happened with the game, and if I was a con artist I would have taken the BackerKit money too, which I have not – even though It would have been nice to use.

In addition to all this in my personal life my father-in-law passed away and my dad has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that I am dealing with. I also changed careers. The three of those have also put a heavy toll on me and my family. Again, not using this as an excuse – just letting you know everything going on.

So, this is where we currently stand. I have received most of the miniature masters, but not all of them. When I spoke with the caster he said that about three-quarters of them are usable and the others need to be printed a second time for use with metal. This was supposed to have been taken care of by the printer.

At this point I have spent approximately:
Miniatures (3D and Hand Sculptured) – $12,000
Artwork – $2,500 Masters –$8,000
Writing – $1,000
Demo Models (Making sure everything fits) – $1,500

I have spent more than $25,000. The Kickstarter funded at 12,000…with bad backers and KS fees I netted about $10,000. So, I have spent about $15,000 of my own money, realistically more. To get this to you I am looking at another $15,000 -$25,000.

So what happens next? I have three options: 

  • 1. Refund your money through PayPal as Kickstarter doesn’t have a refund procedure in place. This won’t happen instantaneously, as I will have to pay you back out of my paychecks. But everyone will get their full pledge back. 
  • 2. Give the game to another company and let them fulfill the orders. 
  • 3. Just give up and say thank you and I’m sorry – I’ve done my best, and I had the best of intentions, but I just can’t do it.

Option 1 is obviously the best one for you as it gets you at least your money back. Option 2 is a possibility, but it would take a while. Option 3 has never and will never be an option, but I had to put it out there.

For those of you that know me or have met me at conventions you know how much this game and the community mean to me, so to have failed at this and failed for you has me in the deepest depression I have ever been in and I can’t apologize enough. I have done everything I can and charged all my credit cards to the max trying to do everything right, but as this point I can’t do any more. Again, if I was a con artist I would have taken the BackerKit money too, but I haven’t as that was supposed to help with shipping and casting.

So please send me a message with your PayPal account and I will be refunding money in the order in which people backed.

The big failure was offering two scales and two materials. Just offering one of each and everything would have been fine, but the complexity those options multiplied everything out of control. Again, this failure is mine and I take full responsibility.

If a variation of option 2 does happen in the future, I will suggest that they only offer the smaller size in metal.

Again, I am sorry to have failed you, the game, and the community.



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    1. Missing avatar

      David Wiggins on

      Having issues getting the info to you. Email is

    2. Missing avatar

      paul lewis on

      Thanks for the update & sorry to hear the bad news. You can cancel my order without making a refund. If there’s anything I need to do to make that official just lmk. Best, Paul

    3. Christopher Young on

      Sorry to hear this Adam, positive waves for you and your family.

      There doesn't appear to be an email address associated withe email link. When I click it I just get a blank email opened.


    4. Steven Carroll on

      I appreciate your honesty. I hope this works out for you in the end. Good luck!