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A miniatures game with RPG-style customizability. Create a Warband, complete missions, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments.
A miniatures game with RPG-style customizability. Create a Warband, complete missions, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments.
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Q&A Time

Posted by Adam Rosenblum (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

I have been getting a lot of questions about the survey and a couple of other items, so I thought it may be good to do a Q&A.


Q: I didn’t receive my survey, did you send it? Yes! I am finding that most of the backers that didn’t receive it are AOL and Hotmail users. If you didn’t get it, please visit: and it will resend it. If you still don’t get it contact me and I can send you a direct link.

Q: I choose a 10-point Warband, but after I choose everything I wanted it still kept asking me about more models, why? In order to match all the possible ways you can build your Warband, and there are plenty, we had to ask a question per point. After question four (4) you should see a none selection, choose that once you have your desired models.

Q: What if I choose the add-on Warband? If you add-on a Warband I will email you to find out what models you would like in it, or you can send me a message.

Q: When will the add-ons end? Not sure yet. When we are ready to go into production we will lock down the BackerKit and charge your credit card. We will give you a couple of weeks notice before that happens.

Q: Can I change my pledge level? Yes! Before you sign in there is a button at the bottom that says, “Want to upgrade your pledge level?” Click that and you can change your level. If you go lower, the funds go towards add-ons. 

Q: Can I change my answers? Until we lock down the survey you can change your answer as much as you want. Just log into the survey and change your answers.

Q: What if I want to discuss my Warband with other players, how do I do that? Go to the forums (, it is a great place to meet and talk to players around the world.


Q: I really want to start playing, can I? Yes, yes you can! If you go to the forums ( you should now see a Downloads section at the top of the screen. This will give you the latest version of the beta rules. I will be setting up a questionnaire later this week to ask you specific questions on the rules. Please use the backer only section of the forums to discuss beta testing.

Q: Devoid 1 is only offered as a 35mm model, why? As this is a hand-sculpted master, it is only available in one size. I wanted to make it available to both scales as it is a bit large for the 28mm, but will still fit into the scale…just a really large human. This is also a Kickstarter Exclusive miniature, so it will only be available until the pledge manager locks down.

Q: What is the challenge coin and do I need it? No, you don’t need it, but it is cool. After the pledge manager closes the only way to get one of these will be to beat Adam a special events while supplies last. Not to Billy: By beat I mean at a game of Parallax, not with a stick.

Q: If I backed at the designer level, what should I be doing? Preparing to design your character.

Q: Is there a place that I can read more about Parallax? Very very excited that Luke Wilson of Figure Painter Magazine ( did an interview with me about Parallax! Please purchase issue #35 (1-34 are pretty awesome too), and read all about Parallax on page 56. The price of this magazine is less than half of a Starbucks Frappuccino...and has a lot less calories.

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    1. Adam Rosenblum 4-time creator on

      @TableTop: You are set for resin. Question 3 asks if you wanted Resin or Metal and you choose resin. The metal is just there for me to see what models you want as I have to do all the counts by hand. Ping me offline and I will give you my honest opinion of BackerKit.

    2. on

      During the survey it asked if I prefer metal or resin. I selected resin. Then I picked all the characters. On my confirmation page it shows metal for all items, but I'm 100% sure I selected Resin. How do I make sure I get resin, not metal?