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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, December 7 2017 6:11 PM UTC +00:00
Carly ParkerBy Carly Parker
First created
Carly ParkerBy Carly Parker
First created
pledged of $50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, December 7 2017 6:11 PM UTC +00:00

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      Samantha Lindsay on

      I'm so saddened by this news. I wish more fans would have pitched in because this show changed how I listen to podcasts. It made me realize there's so much more out there than true crime podcasts or nonfiction podcasts... this was definitely TV for my ears. I hope you're able to find a way to create a season two. Best of luck!

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      Doug Kedrosky on

      So disappointed...and stunned that more fans did not pitch in. It is an awesome show!

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      Victor Thombs on

      I am distraught!! Please set up a Patreon, let's keep playing...

      All the best!

    4. Missing avatar


      I loved the first season, and would love to find a way to support a second too. Please keep in touch!

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      Nicole Boone on

      I don't want my money back, can't we just start a Patreon page and put it toward a monthly membership?

    6. Missing avatar

      Becky Hensley on

      Very sad we couldn't get this backed! Let us know how we can help with alternatives!

    7. Douglas McLean

      I am sad that this doesn’t seem to be getting the funding it needs as I was hoping for more of Rabbits - it was a super podcast.

    8. Missing avatar

      mbwelch on

      We need Neil Patrick Harris to push us over the finish line!

    9. Everett Vinzant

      You know, I'd pledge $150 just to get episodes that are free of advertising. The most valuable thing I could get from PNW podcasts is immersion in the story that isn't ruined by ads. Imagine if the Mona Lisa had a sticker across the middle of it that advertised socks...

    10. Kyle Norton on

      If this Kickstarter fails does that mean no season two? Like is this a binary condition?

    11. David Howard on

      It's an awesome show with a cool story. I was hooked early.

      So I bought a Rabbits "R U Playing?" t-shirt.

      I kept listening. And the show got weirder.

      So, yeah, I backed this...because I want more weird, awesome, cool stuff. I want a second season of Rabbits.

      And, yeah, I want that message from Carly and the scripts, too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicole Boone on

      I can't wait! Thank you guys for such a fun show! This is the first podcast to whom I have given money. I would happily become a monthly donor as well.

    13. Shen Han on

      WHO IS CARLY PARKER?! (backed btw)

    14. Jason Kaus on

      Very excited for a second season!

      (presumptuous as it may be, I'm local and have a fresh degree in Writing for Digital Media if you need some cheap labor)

    15. Kenny Heindel on

      The first season was incredible, I hope there are 50 more! (Moderation is overrated) I’m going to tell everyone I know to listen to this and support the 2nd season if they can. Thank you so much!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jordan Hay on

      Ha! Very elegantly stated. MK sounds like a good friend with infinitely useful abilities.
      Anytime Carly. Wish you the best.

    17. Carly Parker Creator on

      Thanks so much Jordan! Your comment means a lot. We just had to talk friend of the podcast, "MK" out of hacking Kickstarter in order to install a "mute" button for what she referred to as "budding amateur dramaturges with endless amounts of free time" (her phrasing was slightly less democratic).

    18. Missing avatar

      Jordan Hay on

      I loved the podcast and really hope that season 2 happens. Please don't feel like you have to acknowledge the "constructive" comments from people in the comments section (i.e. Adam and Sean). People will always have a better way to improve your show, a better way to do anything, as long as they do not personally have to be involved or shoulder any responsibility. It's lazy, pretentious, and egotistical. Do what you do, which makes Rabbits what it is. Good luck and until next time, Stay Safe...

    19. Missing avatar


      Really enjoyed the first season of rabbits. Great storytelling and a compelling "radio" drama. Happy to back a second season.

      Two bits of hopefully constructive criticism. First, I agree with Sean about the need to maintain a focused story, rather than the ultimately unsatisfying rambling of Tanis. Second, please make the character of Carly Parker, played by Carly Parker, a bit less dense in the second season. I got very tired of her always saying "I don't understand" and repeating as a question whatever someone just told her. It's annoying and your audience is smart enough to follow the story without the repetition.

      Anyway, best luck with the second season. I really look forward to hearing what happens!

    20. John Welyki on

      Backed wooden overcoats when it KS'ed and rabbits is equally as entertaining to me. Good luck with this!

    21. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lewis on

      Can't wait to hear the next installment. I'm in!

    22. Missing avatar

      Bridgette Byerly on

      Super excited for this! The tiers don't matter to me I am just happy to support, I hope your goal is reached and look forward to Season 2 of Rabbits.

    23. Sean Fletcher on

      I loved the first season of Rabbits, but I think the thing that made it my favorite of the Public Radio Alliance shows was that it (seemingly) had a finite number of episodes and a reasonably satisfying ending. For me, TANIS and The Black Tapes have both become unfocused and rambling, and as such they’ve completely fallen off my podcast schedule.

      If I can throw some constructive criticism out there, I think your writers did a fantastic job of setting forth a story arc with fairly distinct acts — the setup, the investigation, and the resolution — in Rabbits. Do more of that, and less of the open-ended stuff. I would love, and I think others would as well, to hear more “short”, focused stories from Minnow Beats Whale; single-season “docudramas” that can explore one story and wrap it up without leaving dozens of loose ends and unedited thoughts.

      Thank you, and I look forward to new volumes in the PRA library! I’d back plans for fresh content in a second!

    24. Carly Parker Creator on

      Hey Carlos, we understand you might feel like it's just people talking into microphones, but a LOT more goes into creating something like RABBITS. $50k is actually not nearly enough to produce a show like ours, but we're going to make up the rest via other avenues. Thank you so much for listening and supporting independent art!

    25. Carlos Gonzalez Juarez on

      I don't want to be disrespectful but, isn't 50.000$ too much? Anyway, I planted my seed and hope this goes forward.
      Good luck to all �

    26. Benjamin White

      Happy to throw in my support, but I'm a little concerned about a 1-time funding model instead of an ongoing support structure like Patreon would allow.

    27. Brian Wenrich on

      I backed it and all, cause I really want more Rabbits, but your Prize tier structure is kinds crappy. look at what Mystery Science theatre and reading rainbow did, that's how a prize structure should work... dont get a t-Shirt until you donate $1000? The t-Shirts are prizes that advertise the show. Anyway, I backed anyway, cause Rabbits is/was great.