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Our Thorium Energy group of Silicon Valley has rented a booth at AGU's December conference to explain the need for new nuclear power.
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The need for clean, advanced energy sources is now extreme.  In President Kennedy's time, the way forward was clear...

However, the effort was fumbled in the 1970s.

China and others have now taken up the path we started on.  But rather than being done with combustion power and emissions by about 2000, we now have far more dire reasons to move quickly on all nuclear power systems and to complete advanced high-temperature versions to allow us to protect ocean chemistry, sea life, food chains and the natural carbon cycle.

The threats of global warming and sea rise are real, and the threat from ocean acidification is permanent -- oceanic extinctions of food chains and their natural carbon sequestration...

Our exhibit at the American Geophysical Union's conference will provide information on both the above environmental threats and the types of technologies needed to combat them now.   We've effectively doubled our need for clean power because we failed to complete the work begun by the Kennedy-Johnson administrations.

Not only do we all need to understand this, we must all work at the grass roots level to influence our representatives to maintain our educational and technological leadership in the world.  Only wise legislative action can bring us back into the real world of energy economics and environmental protection.

Some media references on acidification...

Risks and challenges

We have dozens of active supporters in Silicon Valley and around the country, so we have excellent source materials to provide to those we contact. And, we have excellent materials, developed with professional science & engineering members, to create an attractive, informative exhibit for the conference booth.

All materials will be provided free to visitors, which one purpose of this funding request.

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