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Wish to send 2 members of Thorium Energy Silicon Valley to  to head panels on present & future nuclear.
Wish to send 2 members of Thorium Energy Silicon Valley to to head panels on present & future nuclear.
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The National Council for Science and the Environment is conducting its 15th annual conference in DC, January 26-29.

We have been asked to moderate two panel discussions/workshops on both the reasons why environmental realities now make nuclear power essential, and to discuss both present and future nuclear-power systems.

The need has already been expressed at the American Geophysical Union Conference in December, which had ~24,000 attendees...

We now wish to expand that message's audience and fund travel for two members of TESV to fulfill moderator positions on 2 symposia at the NCSE conference to spread the word to attendees and to engage panel experts in discussions of the needs and options for greatly expanded nuclear development, worldwide.  The two sessions are:

S28. Nuclear Energy as a Non-Carbon Energy Option
Should we be re-evaluating Nuclear Energy as the prime tool to stall Climate Change?

Is it the ‘greenest’ energy source?  How does it compare to other energy sources?  Can ‘new nuclear’ be even ‘greener’?

Where should Nuclear Energy fit in our quest to meet business-as-usual energy needs plus the new demands of Climate Change mitigation, such as ocean acidifica5on?

Will the environmental community get on board?

What will it take to generate government & multinational support?

These are just some of the questions that will be touched upon. This symposium will examine the current state of the industry, both here and abroad, and provide a sneak peek at exciting new technologies coming down the road.

Moderator: Bob Greene, PhD, TESV & Thorium Energy Alliance
Jasmina Vujic, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, UC, Berkeley
Seth Grae, President & CEO, Lightbridge
Ripudaman Malhotra, SRI, author of:  "A Cubic Mile of Oil: Averting the Global Energy Crisis"
Sal Golub, Assoc. Deputy Assist. Sec. for Nuclear Reactor Technologies, U.S. DoE

S40. Nuclear Energy: Technologies for 2025 and 2050 and Advancing Nuclear-Energy Options
This symposium will explore nuclear-energy technologies that may come online over the coming decades that have significant potential to decarbonize the world’s energy supplies at a large scale and address environmental remediation, as for ocean chemistry.

Following a 90-minute symposium, the session will evolve into a workshop discussion on how to advance options that nuclear-energy technologies can provide environmental/energy decision-makers.

Moderator: Alex Cannara, PhD, TESV, Cannara Consulting & Thorium Energy Alliance ( -- a 501c3)

Stephen Boyd, CEO, Havelide Systems Inc.
Rod Adams, Publisher, Atomic Insights
Darryl Siemer, former Idaho National Labs
John Steinbruner, Professor, University of Maryland
Alice Caponi, Dir. for Space & Defense Power Systems, US DoE

Two examples of new nuclear designs are:



The video above is simply an example of why nuclear power is an essential environmental choice -- unmatched power density, as well as safety.  Our story, with more video, is also explained in our recent AGU project...

Safety superiority for nuclear power
Safety superiority for nuclear power

And, for emissions elimination, the world already has the French example:  "France emits around 40 grams of CO2 per kwh. Germany, the US, Japan, and most other industrialized nations emit between 400 and 500 grams/kwh." 

Why France emits less & makes electricity for less
Why France emits less & makes electricity for less
Euro & US electricity charges
Euro & US electricity charges

Countries with significant nuclear power not only cause less environmental damage, but spend less on power.  One key advantage for nuclear is its power density -- >1,000,000 times that of any combustion fuel.  This means far less environmental impact from mining through waste.

Power/energy-density of sources
Power/energy-density of sources
Nuclear/wind/solar -- solar can improve
Nuclear/wind/solar -- solar can improve

 Source costs/returns...

More source costs
More source costs
Source costs
Source costs
Still more costs
Still more costs

Risks and challenges

Bob Greene and Alex Cannara have spent a few years addressing the public on environmental & energy issues and proposed solutions. Each has advanced degrees in science/engineering, and each has actively supported groups that engage in competent study of both our environmental problems and possible solutions. Each is committed to reaching average citizens as well as professionals & politicians, in order to spread accurate understanding of critical issues and wise evaluation of proposed solutions. Each feels that we owe such sincere effort to our descendants.

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