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A story of two best friends, giant robots, and the quest to become your own Prime.
A story of two best friends, giant robots, and the quest to become your own Prime.
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OMG They Said Yes!!

Hello, Lovelies!

A hearty welcome and *thank you* to new backers! And to you early backers, I still love you, man.

This one is truthfully a short update, unlike the one from two days ago where "quick update" turned out to be a LIE.

The producers of Rant 'n Rave are kindly, generous gods who have have granted permission for me to take the bit with #Me in it from the show this past Monday and slam it up on YouTube! I will get the tape/miniDV/whatever thingy sometime next week, load it into the Machine, scream at FCP while smashing buttons and begging it to just cut/export/upload already, and then post it here. And of course link or email it all over the universe to hopefully generate more interest and eyeballs. I already pity my Twitter peeps for what's about to happen; maybe I should apologize in advance? Nah. They'll be fine. That's what the unfollow button is for!

That means I will definitely either do a version of prom or write a brand new piece for my spot in WordSaladLA on March 4th. Whatever I do, I'll record it with the itty-bitty new camcorder and keep it on deck as one of the dvd extras for those of you who chose that incentive level.

Meanwhile, a shout-out to Other People's Activities. Did you know that there has *never* been female announcer on a major USA game show? Why is that? AS IF WE DON'T KNOW CURSE YOU PATRIARCHY.

Ahem. Sorry.

Well, you have a chance to do something about it Slactivist style! Wheel of Fortune, which my grandmother *loved*, has been auditioning voice over artist Lora Cain in short bits over the past few months, and her big test comes in March and April live on the show. Tune in, and if you like what you hear - I know I do - tell WoF to Make It So by sending feedback in support of Lora here. One click, a bit of typing into the form. Easy!

You're not going to hear from me again until the Rant ' Rave video is live, so enjoy Oscar Day** on Sunday, and the start of next week, and if you live in LA where O MY GOD WATER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE...o wait. That's probably just #Me.

Roll out,

** In my household, the Oscars are the *true* Superbowl Sunday. It takes the entire day! Because we live in the future I can enjoy the snarky pre-shows via the internet(s) before tuning into the big event on my rabbit-ear telly that does not have cable. I love living in the future, don't you? Except for the part where we still have annoying weather. Really, NASA should get on that.

Okay, maybe this on doesn't meet the technical specs of "short update" either.


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    1. Cat Mihos on February 26, 2011

      this is great news, my girl!!!
      and ps.
      consider this your engraved and gilt edged invite to our treehouse, if you want to fling food around on SuperBowlOscar SUnday.
      ps rain makes LA drivers ever that much the worse...