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$49.00 pledged of $10,000 goal
By 2Square
$49.00 pledged of $10,000 goal


 Our name is 2Square we are street artist that travel and create art installations,  do photo shoots, make graffiti, paintings, music, write poetry, make clothing. All work made during these travels will be exhibited and documented thru our site. There is a huge wealth of information on it already, news and media coverage, paintings, photography, poetry, mannequin art, hair portfolio, 2square art, performance street art, creative collaborations, inventions, music, video’s including a webseries.http://www.follow2square.com. Our trip will be documented thru different photographer friends that will be traveling with us. We will make the European tour in a cheap van that we will purchase overseas. We will be working with other artist, musicians, photographers, etc.. as we move thru europe. This portion of the journey will end near the middle of August.


We return to the North America and will do something similar here. We will travel in a truck owned by 2square and buy the cheapest camper top possible. We also hope to bring over some of the photographers from Europe. You can see some of their work on our site and some have work that will be up soon.. Luis Rubim, Neringa Raskiute, Migle Backovaite. There are others in the cities we travel to as well. We are also bringing a camera person Alexander who we mete this summer in Europe at our hostel. We ended up cutting his hair in Hyde park it's in our 1st webisode.. He will be capturing site footage and footage for documentary. We hope to work with artist of many different mediums thru our travels.  

When we leave in May we will officially be gypsies and both will have sold or given up all of our possessions in order to live this new life. We have nothing promised but our dreams and hopes. Please follow our trip..We will have exhibitions after the tour that will consist of the art we collect and produce. We believe one door will open all the doors. The public will be able to follow our travels, trials, and tribulations on our website... we are following our guts and our hearts. We hope you see our passsion and our potential. We have a number of things we would like to do given the opportunity. 

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    $20 a autographed poster from our debut show. mentioned on our website.
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    $2,500.00 or more- a practice piece from their stage performance at the Waldorf Astoria on NYC. Mentioned on our website as the most generous donators.

    $5,000.00 or more- 1 of 10 stage items form the 2square performance from the Waldorf Astoria. Mentioned on our website as the most generous donators.

    We will send out these items when we return from Europe in a few months.

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