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An investigative documentary from director Brian Knappenberger about the life of the internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz.
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JUST RELEASED! A new trailer for the documentary! The Internet's Own Boy

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We just finished this new theatrical trailer for the documentary, take a look!


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We've been hard at work behind the scenes on the documentary, finishing up the final touches for it's release in June.  There is some more great news coming soon but in the meantime we just finished this new theatrical poster for the film - released for the first time today!


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Big News on distribution for "The Internet's Own Boy."

We have decided to partner with Participant Media help us get “The Internet’s Own Boy” out to audiences. This is great news for two reasons - first because of Participant’s track record. They have backed some amazing films, most recently the Arab spring documentary The Square (currently up for an Oscar) but also other acclaimed films like An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, Darfur Now, Fast Food Nation, Food Inc. Waiting For Superman, Page One, Goodnight and Good Luck, Charlie Wilson’s War and countless others. You can see more here.

But more importantly, Participant’s goal is to support great films that have at their core social and political change. Part of their mandate is to address injustice and make a difference. The fact that they are getting behind this film means we will have the ability to do lots of things we want to do beyond screenings - significant political outreach (including engaging congress) support for activist groups and a focused effort on education. Participant, through Take Part and an initiative called Eyes Wide Open, has already worked with Demand Progress,, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy and Technology and the ACLU on various campaigns. They are also embracing the creative commons license for the film – not an easy thing for most traditional distributors to accept. Keeping with the goals of our Kickstarter campaign, the film will have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. 

So, the current plan is to release the film in theaters sometime in June and on the same day make the film available digitally - for purchase, rental, DRM free download, etc. everywhere. Early Kickstarter supporters will get the promised download the first day. If, by chance, we make money back we’ve decided that some proceeds will go back into supporting the film, some of the other outreach efforts or some to a cause like GiveWell, which Aaron supported. In the meantime we carry on the efforts noted in the last update, frantically finishing and readying the film for public release (so you know what I’ll be doing in the coming months…:) 

 It’s a great new step for this project. This film started just over a year ago. Back then it was me and a camera interviewing people trying to understand the loss of a friend and family member. It was then energized by you on kickstarter and is now finally reaching a place where it can engage audiences. I’m very excited to now have a broader platform to carry on Aaron’s fight and move forward on issues like CFAA reform, open access and the broad range of internet and social justice causes Aaron cared about. 

 But mostly it is about sharing this story. So, as always, a big-hearted, sincere thank you to our Kickstarter supporters…we will keep you posted on our progress… 


PS we also just started a new twitter feed for updates @internetsownboy

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A NOTE FROM PARK CITY - The Internet's Own Boy

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The documentary that you made happen, The Internet's Own Boy, has made it to Sundance.  It has been a whirlwind week, to say the least.  We are currently getting acclimated to Park City and very much looking forward to our first public screening this Monday, the 20th.  The film has been getting a lot of attention, our screenings sold out as soon as they were announced.   

It is also an emotional time for Aaron's friends and family.  Two very different anniversaries happen this month, the anniversary of Aaron's passing a year and a week ago today, and the upcoming anniversary of the defeat of SOPA.  Both anniversaries say a lot about why Aaron's story matters so much.  

To celebrate Aaron we decided to release this clip, which contains some footage from the film - sections about SOPA and concerns Aaron had about the NSA almost exactly one year before the Snowden revelations - as well as some excerpts not in the film from various interviews.  

As always, thank you very much for being a part of this documentary and effort...