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The Sans 13 Super Lume Tactical Watch: by Smith & Bradley's video poster

The Sans 13 is a Swiss Quartz, super lume tactical watch. It is a serious tactical workhorse and an ideal blend form and function. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 23, 2013.

The Sans 13 is a Swiss Quartz, super lume tactical watch. It is a serious tactical workhorse and an ideal blend form and function.

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Quality Sport and Tactical Watches Should be Performance-Driven and Affordable

Please check our Updates and Description for Stretch Goals and Progress.

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Who We Are

Smith & Bradley, Ltd is the company we started in Central Illinois with one goal in mind, create an American-Designed watch that blends both Form & Function. After years of buying, selling, and repairing watches from all over the world we never seemed to find a watch that would last on the wrist for more than three weeks.

Form & Function
Form & Function

Important: The Sans-13 will not be utilizing tritium vials.  Read Update 16.


The revolving door of watches continued because we simply could not find a watch that was durable enough to make it through even a weekend of abuse, and still look good enough to wear to the office.  We come from a tactical and law enforcement background, so performance in the field is always a priority.  

We only want to make sport and tactical watches, plain and simple.  This includes dive watches and tactical filed watches used by military and law enforcement including canine officers.  Our only goal is to design high-quality watches that can keep up with even the most aggressive lifestyle and look good doing it.

Engraved Crown
Engraved Crown

We intend to achieve this goal by adhering to a single formula: cutting edge American design and first rate materials from all over the wold.  The Sans 13 is just that watch.

Size:        43 mm (14 mm thick)

Movement:  Ronda 6003.D, 4 Jewel (Swiss Quartz)                              

Functions:Magnified date window


                   Water Resistant 200 meters (Stretch Goal Met!!)

Case:      PVD Coated Solid 316L Stainless Steel

Dial:        Black Dial with proprietary Super Lume vial markers and    hands                                                           


Bezel:      One-Directional rotating (STRETCH GOAL REACHED: SUPER LUME AT 12:00 ON BEZEL!)

Strap:      5 mm thick 100% natural rubber

100% Natural Rubber Strap
100% Natural Rubber Strap

The Sans-13 was designed and specifically sourced strictly for tactical military and law enforcement purposes.  We drilled down on every detail of field work and came up with a truly functional design.  Highlights include:

  • A crown that does not protrude past the crown guard so that ti will not become detached.

  • A larger case and bezel with ratchet that can be operated with or without gloves.

  • A proprietary rubber band that blends rugged toughness and flexibility to prevent breakage.  

  • Actual screws rather than spring bars to attache the band to the lugs. 

  • PVD coated case with stainless steel back to prevent wear to the PVD due to sweat and corrosion.

Finally, the Sans 13 has a 20 mm lug size with ample space for after-market straps.  This seemingly minor design is to capitalize on growth of the watch band and accessory addicts among us.

The Bright Idea About Super Lume

Tritium Dial
Tritium Dial

When we initially designed the Sans-13, we used a proprietary tritium vial technology that provides for ample illumination without blazing brightness that could compromise a tactical location.  

By filling actual vials with the luminescent material, we can increase the viability over conventional super lume paint. 

Solving Problems with Stainless Steel

We inevitably found something to complain about with every watch we wore.  Whether the rubber strap was too stiff and lacked durability, or the bezel was not the correct material, something was always wrong. Amid the frustration, we decided to roll up their sleeves and simply design a watch that had all of the characteristics that we wanted in the field and in the boardroom, and that could be purchased at a reasonable price. 

 We want everybody we meet to be a Smith & Bradley fanatic, and to this end we deliver a superior quality watch, with the best possible components, that is both affordable enough to own, and rugged enough to wear in a tactical environment. Whether you need a weekend warrior, a tactical powerhouse, or a day-to-day sport watch, the Sans-13 is the ideal watch for you

Composition Counts: The Case for Better Materials

When we set out to design the Sans-13, we had tactical uses in mind.  This means one thing: quality materials.  Sure, these materials cost more, but at the end of the day, the added durability and performance will only result in a watch that will perform at a high level and stand the test of time.

We chose PVD 316L Stainless steel because this is a strong, lightweight metal that holds up to the stress of the field and has a great look.  We also elected to use a Swiss Ronda movement for the engine of the watch.  This is a true bullet-proof work horse that has stood the test of time and remains a go to for many famous makers.  

We elected hardened mineral crystal with a date magnification window.  Again, more expensive and certainly not a common feature in our price range.  Mineral crystal will resist scratches from almost every substance.

We are also backing the Sans-13 with a Three Year Warranty.

Form & Function

There is no reason that a good tactical watch cannot look good too.  Anybody can wear and appreciate the Sans-13. Our customers in law enforcement, military, and beyond have demanding standards in regards to design, but also in regards to durability and performance. Our focus is not based on some impossible ideal or aesthetic but on lasting quality.  We want the Sans-13 to deliver the highest levels of form & function from the moment it comes out of the box and for years to come.

We cannot achieve our goal without your help.  Please spread the word about our product and check us out of Facebook and on our website.  

The Nuts and Bolts of Production

We presently have a prototype of our Sans-13 watch and are turning to our potential backers here to begin full scale production of the full tritium workhorse. We will also use funds to acquire additional materials, extra watch components to perform any warranty work and customization.

The lead time on these watches is about 55 days since we have already done much of the design.  Thus our backers can expect their watches approximately 50-65 days from funding.  

Part of the project is packaging.  We need the funds to produce unique and useful packaging that also blends form & function.  We will most likely use ballistic nylon or a hard case.

This is a simple project, and we have a simple product.  The design phase is over, and we are ready to go to production.  Unlike many companies, we elected to purchase the molds necessary for production so Sans-13 is truly proprietary and unique.  We need backers to support us to the tune of $16,000 to make the Sans-13 with super lume vials a reality and move beyond the prototype stage. In the process we will supply our backers with a very col and functional watch.

Jerommie Smith and Ryan Bradley

Risks and challenges

The main risks and challenges to this project lie in production. Due to the high-quality materials that we use we are forced to operate in large volume in order to keep our costs down. This simply means that we need the assistance of our backers to get us through production. We are using a first rate manufacturer that we trust and have worked with before with great success. Accordingly, quality control is less of an issue.

Additionally, the design is complete, and the quality is high enough that customer service will not be a challenge.

This is not our first rodeo. Both of us have been in the watch business for a while and we have the ability to actually design and service our watches ourselves.

Since we know the market, however, we also know that there is significant competition from other brands. We have gone to great lengths to surpass these competitors in regard to design and quality, form better case material to better movements, but we acknowledge the existence of entrenched competition. Our connection in the tactical and law enforcement community, will allow us to find unique market opportunities not available to large-scale companies presently occupying the space.

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  • The tritium tubes on the Sans-13 project are conventional tritium gas which means that the watch will “glow” continually. This is in contrast to the "low light" edition that we currently have in a prototype mode. The tritium in the Sans-13 in the project will be similar to that used in Luminox watches.
    Our low light prototype was designed specifically for tactical and law enforcement use, and is actually in use in the field being tested by America's finest where it is not always advantageous to have a totally illuminated watch.

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    A black Smith & Bradley T-shirt and a Smith & Bradley watch polishing cloth (it is great for phones and tablets too!) A simple token of our appreciation and a great way to become a vital part of Smith & Bradley reaching our goal.

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    You get everything but the watch. A Smith & Bradley t-shirt, a polishing cloth, and a proprietary rubber strap custom-designed by Smith & Bradley for serious tactical use. The band will retail for $20.00.

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    Our product is simple, and so are our pledges. This is a truly solid deal. One (1) Smith & Bradley Sans-13 watch with Super Lume vial technology. There will only a limited of these watches offered, and the retail price is $375.00. The Sans-13 will come with a conventional blue watch box.

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    Our product is simple, and so are our pledges. This is a truly solid deal. One (1) Smith & Bradley Sans-13 watch. There will only a limited of these watches offered, and the retail price is $425.00. The Sans-13 will come with a conventional blue watch box.

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