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Our Veterans are now our Forgotten Warriors. Many suffer from physical and mental anguish and are homeless. I know, I was homeless too.

Our Veterans are now our Forgotten Warriors. Many suffer from physical and mental anguish and are homeless. I know, I was homeless too. Read More
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Forgotten Warriors is the story of American Veterans that are struggling with PTSD and physical conditions that make life difficult. The hardships of coming back into society and trying to fit back in. Especially those that have seen combat. It's a struggle to adjust with family, friends, work, and society. This has been a problem dating back to earlier wars, and especially now including Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This issue was first recognized in World War 1 and was identified as being "Shell Shocked". It's an alarming rate of how many men and women end up homeless that served in the military. There are many that struggle with day to day activities that seem simple to most individuals. They are dealing with serious problems that are mental and physical. We plan to interview soldiers in many different situations, and bring their stories to the public. We would also like to interview friends and family to emphasize what it does to them as well, including spouses, parents, siblings, and children. Make the viewer understand why war is an ugly beast and what the true cost of war is, and what devastating affects it has on human beings. We want real life testimonies from people to document this real problem. This film will take you into the emotional experience and hardships of our brave men and women of the United States military. 

I know that I can bring this story to real life, because I served in Desert Storm in an Infantry company. I saw combat and I have suffered personally on many different levels. I know what it feels like to have these issues that most of these Veterans will talk about. I too, was homeless, and was lucky enough to have gotten the help needed to fix this problem. Not many Veterans get this needed help and fall through the cracks. Some fall to drug addictions, alcohol, homelessness, and suicide. 

Forgotten Warriors will educate and bring some change to this serious issue.

Executive Producer: $400-500 per day, usually for just a few days, if needed at all.

Producer: $150-400/day, $600-2,000/wk depending on experience.

Director: about the same rates as producer. DGA rates could apply for a guild director. If you’re Producer/ Director, budget for paying yourself $600-1,500/ week, depending on your experience.

Writer: $40-50/hr., $300-400/day.

Associate Producer: $150-200/day, $750-1,000/ wk.

Consultants: $200-500/day depending on their expertise. $75/hr. a reasonable average.

Director of Photography/ camera person: $350–500/10 hr. day, without camera.

Sound recordist: $350-400/ 10 hr. day without gear. Audio gear rental (mixer, mics, cables, stands) will be around $75/day depending on number of wireless mics ($75/day each). Boom person: same or $50 less than recordist

Production Manager: $350-450/ day.

Location Manager: $350-450/ 10 hr. day plus expenses, mileage.

Gaffer/Key Grip: $350-450/ 10 hr. day.

Utility person: $200-250/ 10 hr. day

Production assistant/ craft service: $100-175/ day.

Assistant editor: $18-22/hr.

Editor: $350-450/8 hr. day; 1,800- 2,200 wk.

Narrator: $350-400 for 2 hr. session. Well-known actors may ask $1,000 or more, but often they work pro-bono for projects they support (with permission of their union, usually AFTRA).

Small (1 ton) grip truck w/ doc grip and lighting package: $200-250. Doc grip and lighting package without truck: $75-100. 3-Tota or Omni kit: $40

DVCAM or Mini-DV camcorder package w/ tripod: $150-250.

Betacam package w/ tripod: $400-600/ day.

Videotape stock (DVCAM or Mini-DV): Estimate your shooting ratio first. 30 to 1 is a low average for non-verite docs. Surfing for Life was 50 to 1. Stock: $6-$15 per hour. Window dubbing: $25-27/ hr. You might shoot 2-3 hours a day to get 5-6 useable minutes of footage.

Final Cut Pro, Media 100 and Avid editing system rental: Allow $1,000-1,600/ wk. for longer than an 8-week rental, knowing you can buy your own for the cost of a month rental, but never budget for equipment purchase! If you purchase, you rent it to the project at going rates, and you do not report a purchase as an expense to a funder.


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