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Bringing to life the story of 30 Postcards from around the world in a Video Travel Series that inspires, educates, and entertains! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 8, 2012.

Bringing to life the story of 30 Postcards from around the world in a Video Travel Series that inspires, educates, and entertains!

New York, NY Webseries
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TRIPS for 30 Postcards In Process: 

These are the choices for the $1000.00 pledge which includes ALL accommodations taken care of – Transport and Food costs are covered by the participant. 

ALGERIA – (October) 
Postcard Goal: To tell the full story of why travel to Algeria is doable and incredible
This is the only trip that requires a 14 day commitment instead of 7-10 days like all the rest of the filming shoots
The full tour of all of Algeria including all of the following: Historical Algiers (capital city), Turkish Baths, Ancient Mosques (13th, 14th century), M’Zab Valley, Desert Oasis, Mud-brick Village, Sahara Desert Trek, El Oued, Timgad, Roman Ruins, Djemila, Local cuisine, and Market Shopping. English Arabic speaking guide and all transfers are included. It’s possible to not do some of the filming locations but some are mandatory (who’d want to miss out anyways)
This is seriously the adventure for the road less traveled! 

BOLIVIA – (September)
Postcard Goal: Wildlife adventure in Bolivia! Focus on Native animals and their conservation.
7-10 day trip In at the capital city La Paz, road trip across the country, and out on the opposite side by Brazil. One of the most dangerous drives anywhere on the planet, Road of Death (optional) An opportunity to experience the unspoiled and diverse Pantanal, one of South America’s most famous natural/wildlife regions. Jaguars and Jaguar conservation in the best place in all of the Americas to see one. Requires crossing the border into neighboring Brazil

BRAZIL – (Dec or January)
Postcard Goal: To tell the story of the cities of Curitiba, Sao Paolo, and Florianopolis!
7-10 day trip (airline hopper trip between cities) Rio might be an option depending on the design of the filming schedule
Experience one of the most incredible airports in the world (not in a good way) FOOD! Piece on Brazilian cocktails
VISA REQUIRED (have to apply in advance) 

CAMEROON – (Oct or Jan)
Postcard Goal: Trekking to the tribes which live in outside the cities of Cameroon to experience local culture and the REAL AFRICA.
7-10 day trip (all various forms of transport while we’re there, the transportation cornocopia) This trip is best considered for those with a very STRONG sense of adventure, and the desire to do something very outside of the travel box. The postcard author will be our guide as we travel around the country!

Postcard Goal: Volunteer work and Charity in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (giving BACK to the people)
7-10 day trip (different legs available the whole time spent there will be longer than 10 days) 
Building Homes for the Homeless Jungle Trekking Road Tripping Guatemalan Festivals This trip is best for someone who believes in a strong sense of doing good in the world and wants to give back. 

COLOMBIA – (December)
Postcard Goal: Adventure Adrenaline Junkies Fix in the Colombian highlands
7-10 day trip (road trip, I’ve done this before there it’s actually quite simple) Best for someone into Adventure sports – the focus will be on San Gil the Adventure capital of Colombia Rafting, Paragliding, Hiking, Caving, Repelling, Rock Climbing, Canyoning --- the full set 

ISRAEL – (September)
Postcard Goal: the Catch all – EVERYTHING that Modern Israel is with a perspective on what it was 2000 years ago. 
7-10 day trip (Road Trip, Israel is one of the easiest countries in the world to cover completely in a rental)
Tel Aviv, Wineries, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Scuba Diving
Too many things to list really – you’re literally going to see the entire nation. 

Postcard Goal: to tell the story of a country that is the poster child for climate change wiping out an entire nation from existence
7-10 day trip This destination is one of the most expensive to reach by air travel Full country profile Heavy on Scuba Diving 

MOROCCO – (September)
Postcard Goal: to delve DEEP into the Moroccan culture and tell the full story. 7-10 day trip (Road Trip circumnavigating central Morocco) Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabbat Going to the Atlas Mountains Total cultural emersion 

NETHERLANDS -- (September-October)
Postcard Goal: More postcards have come in from the Netherlands than any other country in Europe and there's so It'll be a one week sprint to see them all (thank god it's not that large a nation).
7-10 day trip

Postcard Goal: There are too many to list, a ton of pieces will be filmed here and there’s the ability for many to go over the course of a 3-4 week filming 7-10 day sub trips This one is unique in that it’s going to be incredibly complex and include everything that you can think of in Southern Africa from Wine to Safaris and Waterfalls to History – If you’ve wanted to try it in S.A., Namibia, Botswana, or Zambia it probably is on the list!
VISAS may be required for different legs of the trip 

TIERRA del FUEGO – (Around the New Year)
Postcard Goal: Hiking in one of the most amazing National Parks in all of the Americas – the Postcard Perfect Torres del Paine 7-10 day trip (lots of hiking) This is basically a hiking and camping adventure Also a little bit of wine

UGANDA – (Jan – Feb)
Postcard Goal: Gorillas and one that I’m keeping to myself for the moment (secret goal)
7-10 day trips Trekking to see one of man’s closest relatives in the animal Kingdom and focus on the efforts to save them.



There has never been a project like 30 Postcards ever attempted, and its success comes entirely from the participation of its postcards contributors from all over the world. To date thousands of people have sat down to write one or more postcards, mailing them into the project, talking about "why they love where they live" (and where they've traveled to). They wanted to share a piece of their world, something that inspires them and can inspire others as well.

Now it's my responsibility to share 30 of these stories with YOU (the worldwide audience) through the web-video series 30 Postcards. In order to do that I'm asking for your help. Your contribution makes it possible for me to travel to where each postcard was written, film and document its story, and obtain the materials to produce the video series which will then educate and entertain fellow travelers, other adventurers, the vicarious, and the curious. This series is made for YOU!

It's been my guiding credo that world travel brings everyone closer in this enormous human community we live in (our world, so big, but often times so very small). Part of facing world-wide challenges is first to understand them and second to learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. 

By presenting the story of 30 Postcards I hope to educate those who might not know about a certain culture, to inspire viewers to make their own adventures presenting ideas of where they might love to travel, to generate interest in worldwide causes that need urgent attention, and of course to entertain people, putting a smile on their faces... These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why learning about the world through 30 Postcards will be an amazing experience for all of us!

Thank you for your help with 30 Postcards because this project has been, and will always be, about YOU and our world! 


Over the next year I'll be traveling to the sites of the 30 Cards and keeping the audience updated every step of the way through video and written pieces.

In order to execute what would normally be exceedingly expensive worldwide travel, I've saved up over half a million airline miles, gathered all the video equipment necessary, and am drawing on my network of world contacts to make this all possible on the slimmest of budgets. 

I'll publish the travel schedule ahead of time to give people who'd like to participate the ability to contact me, make suggestions, and be a part of the process.

The video pieces will be released as they're finished so over the entire year a continuous stream of 30 Postcards media will be available (always for free, with no commercials or any of that nonsense).

More postcards are always welcome, and the website has all the information on where to mail your postcards: The 30 Postcards Project

Thank You for being a part of The 30 Postcards Project
Thank You for being a part of The 30 Postcards Project
Map of 15 Filming Locations for The 30 Postcards Project Video Series
Map of 15 Filming Locations for The 30 Postcards Project Video Series


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    An official 30 Postcards Postcard shot from the road and mailed on location! My way of connecting with you personally while filming the project.

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    8 x 10 (frame worthy) Signed 30 Postcards Postcard shot on the road during the filming of the Project.

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    The 30 Postcards DVD complete with the 30 video pieces representing 30 Postcard stories from around the world. This is the final product of 30 Postcards and should provide you with several ideas to plan your own travel adventure!

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    YOU literally join the project! Take your vacation time this year (between 7 to 10 days) and get a real invitation to join me on the road (in either Europe, Africa, or South America - you pick where you want to go out of the set of choices) to experience One of the 30 Postcards exactly as I see (and film) it. Take an adventure of a lifetime where you'll be invited to immerse yourself in everything the Postcard leads us to in a week you'll never forget! This is by far the reward I'm the most excited about. I'll take care of all the logistics of your trip, which believe it or not will actually save you more money than you're donating to the project since I know precisely how to design an incredible adventure for you on a fraction of what it would cost if you planned it yourself (you take care of transportation and food costs for yourself).

    You'll have access to all the freebies that have been donated to the project by businesses that have partnered with 30 Postcards, and you won't have to worry about anything logistical. I'll probably ask you hold a camera a few times and you can spend as much time on the filming schedule as you want, or go off and do your own thing if you prefer to relax.

    These are a few of the Postcards that will be filmed you can choose from: The Maldives (focus on climate change and scuba diving), Israel (The ultimate in history and religious exploration - it's a country beyond description), South Africa (Wineries, Safari, The Cape, Great Whites), Namibia (Desert Safari), Tierra del Fuego (the bottom tip of South America and all its wonders), Guatemala (The Kite festival), Mexico (the great migration of the Monarch butterflies), Morocco (being overwhelmed by color, texture, and culture), and several others... Please write me about this reward if you have any questions at all, I'm happy to answer them!

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