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This book is about Life. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, explore the science and spirit of bringing life into form. Read more

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This book is about Life. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, explore the science and spirit of bringing life into form.

About this project

Like all acts of creation, this project begins in the dark. Within the dark dome of the inner world, insights, ideas, and images burst forth like rays of light that will eventually take form in the shape of a book. Yet, giving birth to this book needs the midwifery of your support!     

Book Summary

Would you like to experience some of the book right now?  The ebook Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor and YOU written in 2010 is a good reflection of the quality and essence of what I intend to write. Email me at for a copy (and/or make a pledge of $5 or more - thanks!). Statements in this ebook like, "Creativity is the art of developing a relationship with and trusting the unknown," and "The psyche is an alive, dynamic, shifting, and forever fluid collection of energy," will be explored in depth in Union: Creativity, Sexuality, and the Imagination.

This book will be much different than my first one, which was a memoir of my spiritual journey and how I began teaching. This book will be grounded in scholarly research, rooted in a specific spiritual tradition, and will include a step-by-step practice for spiritual transformation. 

Though this book will be broken down into three sections, one on each topic, its centering theme is how creativity, sexuality, and imagination overlap and ultimately, at the absolute level, are one. As you descend into the meaningful words that make up this book, get to know the creative process, the transcendental experience of pure creative flow, the powerful energy of bringing a new thing into form, the limitlessness of the life force, the sexuality of creativity, and the power of the imagination to unite opposites (just as the sexual and the creative energies are also inherently unitive).

This book has a scientific quality to it too. The inner journey, known as introversion, has already been mapped out by mystics throughout history and will be an essential component to this book. Though the descent inward might seem irrelevant, it is traveling beyond the boundaries of the ego that one can come into contact with what is transpersonal, eternal, and primordial. While going inward, we will also go back in time to a science of spiritual transformation that predates all the world's great religions.

I want this book to contribute to the lives of those who read it. I want it to be an alive, moving, shifting energy in and of itself - just like Creation. Though it will be a physical thing to hold in your hands or to stand out proudly on your bookshelf, the words themselves will carry the creative energy, like an Ode to Creation, and in this way will be a living, breathing entity.

About the Author

More than thinking deeply about life is only one other passion- writing.  I publish weekly on these topics via an email to my followers while also contributing to a monthly column. Since July of 2010, I have been writing, speaking, and teaching. I have presented and spoken at events around the country, including the 2010 Science and Nonduality in California and the 2012 Creativity and Spirituality Conference in Oregon. In August 2010, I published the book, A Holy Nothingness: Writing Towards God. From July of 2010 to today, I have been teaching a practice that I developed and call Creation Meditation. This practice cultivates the ability to give expression to what arises from within - holding nothing back! - and ultimately facilitates feeling alive, radiant, and fully capable of expressing all that one is. (Imagine a human race that felt this way particularly if we were aimed at bettering the world!) In January 2012, I facilitated the first Creation Meditation retreat in Hawaii. I have written extensively on this topic with over 100 articles published. Some of these articles are: 

Creation Meditation

This is the practice I have been teaching for the last two years. It is based on the wisdom that I will be sharing in this book. Here is a video that gives you a sense of the practice:

Your Contribution

Your generous and kind contribution towards this project will mostly go towards publishing and promoting the book. The publishing industry has drastically changed; regardless of whether the book is published traditionally, self-promotion is essential for its success. Most of the funding will go towards this cause. However, the rest will be used for hiring an editor and exclusively writing the book for a few months.

Thanks for your interest, time and consideration!!!

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