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Folded Space will be bringing a whole new range of insert and organizers for you to add to the 20 products already in production!
Folded Space will be bringing a whole new range of insert and organizers for you to add to the 20 products already in production!
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Campaign 2 full shipping details

Posted by Folded Space (Creator)

We have been receiving many questions regarding shipping as we get close to the campaign end, and i am sure it is something on a lot of people's minds. So this update is to bring full details on the campaign shipping costs. The numbers below are consistent with those on the campaign story up until now, but add more info to help you understand better what your own charge will be.

Please note: no shipping amount needs to be added now to your pledge. Shipping will be charged later during the pledge manager phase.

The first thing to know regarding your shipping is the weight of your inserts. To help you calculate this we have added a weight calculator to our website:

Once you have worked out the total weight of your pledge you can see the shipping charge you will be asked to pay at the Pledge Manager phase in the tables below.

Shipping to Europe will be at the following rates:

Shipping to the U.S.A. and the rest of the world will be at the following rates:

Local shipping in Bulgaria is free of charge.

If your order should be over 5 kg total please message us and we will advise you of the total shipping costs.

Some of you will notice that the rates are very slightly higher (0.50 GBP) than those we have on our website for current orders. The reason for this is that for the campaign pledges we will be shipped using a fulfilment partner, and the postal rates they charge are higher than our local Bulgarian postal rates. The service will be better however as delivery will be quicker and everyone's packages will go out at roughly the same time. All other costs related to the fulfilment partners work will be covered by ourselves, as well as the delivery of the products to them.

If you have any questions regarding shipping please message us and we will be happy to help :)

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    1. Jez Dedman on

      I want to do the same as Stuart, 6.8kg in total, but can't figure out how to message you (like your update asks). Could you let me know the potential cost please for this weight. I'm in the UK.

    2. Stuart Boston on

      We are considering a group pledge and currently have about 6Kg of inserts.
      Is it possible to get a quote for more rather than try to get multiple pledges to the 4Kg level (the most cost effective per Kg)?

    3. Folded Space 3-time creator on

      @Ty Miller - yes, you can pledge in this campaign for Campaign 1 inserts, like FS-TER for Terraforming Mars, without pledging for any Cmapaign 2 inserts.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ty Miller on

      What I am confused on is that I am a first time backer. Can I use my pledge to get the Terra forming Mars insert?

    5. Folded Space 3-time creator on

      Yes, we are still considering the UK as part of Europe.

      Actually we took the decision to standardise our shipping rates across the whole of Europe, not just the EU. Therefore it does not matter (in this case) if Brexit occurs or not.

    6. Gavin Robinson

      @jeremy we are not out of the EU just yet, so I'd say it still counts as Europe :)

    7. Timo Honold

      Nice price :)

    8. Jeremy Paul on

      Just to are considering the UK as part of Europe regardless of brexit?

    9. Folded Space 3-time creator on

      @Vicky Goode - thanks for letting us know. It has now been corrected. It should be 0.5 kg.

    10. Missing avatar

      Vicky Goode on

      It thinks the Viticulture insert is 9kg...

    11. Missing avatar

      Vicky Goode on

      Um, I just added the Viticulture (0.5kg) and Istanbul (0.7kg) inserts and it's telling me 9.70kg. I think it's got its maths a little wrong ;)

    12. Folded Space 3-time creator on

      @Jennifer Shafley - many thanks for pointing this out, corrected now so please try again.

      The weight of each product can be seen in its product page.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Shafley on

      The link to the shipping calculator does not appear to be functional, nor could I find the calculator on your site. Do you have a list of weights for each insert?