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Folded Space will be bringing a whole new range of insert and organizers for you to add to the 20 products already in production!
Folded Space will be bringing a whole new range of insert and organizers for you to add to the 20 products already in production!
3,010 backers pledged £116,361 to help bring this project to life.


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Folded Space - Board Game Inserts and Organisers Campaign 2



Welcome to our Campaign 2 for inserts and organisers for board games!

Following the success of our first campaign we are now back with Campaign 2, taking part once again in the awesome Kickstarter board gaming community. We are seeking your support to further expand our product range to let us bring to you even better storage solutions for an even larger part of your collection :)

Our first five Stretch-Goals have now been unlocked! We have also added four new inserts to the product list!

We have been overwhelmed by the hugely positive reception from backers and website customers who have received our products in the past months. People are very impressed with the insert designs, their ease of assembly, and the quality of materials used. All of this at a very affordable price makes for a winning combination!  

Our new designs continue to follow our four key objectives;  

  • To always allow space for sleeved cards.  
  • Provide space in the main game box for as many expansions as possible.
  • For the insert trays to aid game play, as well as setup and clear-away times.  
  • The insert to fit snugly in the box, allowing for vertical storage of the game.  

The inserts are produced from Evacore, a material new to the industry  comprising layers of printed laminated card and EVA memory foam. The resulting sheets are perfect for board game storage, being lightweight and non-abrasive. The inserts come in a number of pre-cut Evacore sheets, and the pieces can be simply popped out and assembled using PVA white glue. Please see below for further details on the material.

Our inserts are therefore functional, lightweight, robust, affordable, and fun to build, making a great all-round addition to your hobby!  

All campaign pledges will be fulfilled by November 2018. We will also be offering to backers the option of collecting their pledge in person at our Essen Spiel 2018 stand in October. Please see below for further details on how to pledge and our world-wide shipping rates.

Campaign 2 Product List

We are pleased to announce that we have managed to find a way to add our Campaign 1 products to this campaign, with similar prices to those above. Please see below for the Campaign 1 list.

How to pledge  

To become a backer simply use the pledge calculator on our website, linked below, to work out the total amount of the inserts you would like and pledge that sum on the Inserts and Organisers Selection pledge option above. Please do not add anything for shipping at this time.  

Once the campaign is over we will send you a link to our fulfillment page together with a unique voucher for your pledge amount. You then simply add the inserts you want to your shopping cart and it will calculate the additional sum needed for shipping to your given address.

If you are a Campaign 1 backer then you are entitled to a further 10% discount on all inserts that you now pledge for! Please use the Campaign 1 Backer reward pledge option. See below for further details on how this will work in practice.

Product Images

Below are further details of each of the inserts in Campaign 2. Please click on any of them to be taken to our website where full product details are listed.




All of the products shown are not yet completely finalised, and we are working hard to incorporate further improvements to them where we can. We would very much like to have your involvement in that process, and if you have any suggestions or comments on the designs please do contact us.

We have added to each product's description the dimensions of the box for which it is designed. Please take careful note and check that your own game matches these dimensions so that you cna be sure the insert will be a good fit.

Stretch Goals  

Every backer of Campaign 2 will be entitled to a 10% discount on Campaign 3! We plan to have Campaign 3 out before the end of 2018.

Folded Space Insert Material  - Evacore

Our inserts are made from sheets of a material called Evacore. The foam we use is a kind of EVA memory foam to which we laminate quality printed card to add rigidity. The card itself has an extremely thin mat laminate clear foil applied to the printed side to increase durability and to give a strong bond with the PVA glue needed for assembly.

The Evacore sheets are often compared to foam-core (also called foam-board). However, our material has many superior qualities to foam-core. We have prepared a video comparing the two materials:


The resulting sheets are cut using die-cutting to give a precision cut as per our insert design. Because the memory foam expands after the mould blades are removed after cutting in the press, the tray pieces stay inside the sheet frame. Therefore, there is no need for any connection points from the piece to the frame, and prior to assembly you simply pop them out with no additional cutting necessary.  

The final product consists of a number of sheets of Evacore, pre-cut, together with detailed assembly instructions. On average a four sheet insert, such as FS-ELD compatible with Eldritch Horror ® pictured below, weighs roughly 250 g once removed from the packaging and fully assembled. This means it adds very little weight to the game, making them ideal for transporting to a friend’s place or to the club.

Product Reviews


Third-Party Company  

Folded Space is a third-party company as all the products listed here are unofficial and not licensed by the games' producers. All components and boxes shown in any images or game names used in descriptions are for illustrative purposes only.


Once the campaign is over all backers will be asked to complete their pledge on our website. The site will automatically calculate the shipping needed for the inserts selected, based upon their weight and the shipping destination. The shipping, and the amount for any add-ons you might want at that stage, can be paid using PayPal or by debit/credit card via Stripe.

We have partnered for this campaign with Spiral Galaxy Games to ship pledges. Shipping will begin by the end of October latest, for delivery in November. 

The rates for shipping will vary depending upon what is ordered, and hence the weight of the parcel, and also the destination. In order to work out the weight of your order please use the following weight calculator:

Once you know the weight of your pledge you can see the total shipping due in the following tables.

Shipping to Europe will be at the following rates:

Shipping to the U.S.A. and the rest of the world will be at the following rates:

Local shipping in Bulgaria is free of charge.

Should your pledge be over 5 kg please message us and we will give you a shipping quote.

Backers will also have the option when completing their pledge to opt for collection at Essen Spiel 2018. In this case shipping is free and you can collect your pledge from us in person at our Essen Stand number 7D101 in Hall 7 (the same stand as last year :) ).

Campaign 1 Products

As mentioned above we are very pleased to offer to all backers the chance to add to the their Campaign 2 pledge any inserts from the first campaign. These current inserts are also offered at the same preferential prices as the Campaign 2 inserts. Please click on the list to go to our website where full details of all the inserts can be found.

Campaign 1 Backers' Pledges

All backers of our Campaign 1 in October last year are entitled to a 10% discount on any inserts pledged for in this new campaign, whether those inserts are from the new product list or the old one. 

We have added a separate pledge reward option for this, and there is also a separate pledge calculator for you. Please use this when calculating your total pledge amount.

When the campaign is over we will be sending all backers a voucher for using on our pledge manager site as we did before. As there will only be one pledge manager process, we will increase the vouchers of all Campaign 1 backers by 10% so that you can complete your pledge in the same way as the new backers.

Please note - the 10% discount will only apply to inserts pledged for during the campaign. It will not apply to add-ons purchased during the pledge manager phase of the fulfillment. 

Campaign Timetable

The campaign will end at 10:00 p.m. on July 7th. After that the planned schedule is as follows;

Bespoke inserts  

With the success of Campaign 2 we plan to expand our other core business of making bespoke inserts for board game developers. Our design and production process mean we can supply to developers full colour purpose-built inserts for their games.  

These inserts can utilise imagery from the game itself on the insert pieces so that as well as indicating to players what components are stored where, the insert will also fit visually with the theme of the game. Once the inserts are printed to the same designs used in the production of the game, the inserts can even be integrated into the board design itself so that components can be stored on or around the board, with the insert print matching seamlessly into the print on the board. The possibilities are endless!  

Thanks to the material and production methods used we can do this for comparatively low production runs, and orders of even 1,000 units can be very competitively priced. Such inserts make a great addition to a board game Kickstarter campaign, giving that much more to the backers. A good example of what is possible in this area is our current contract with Tasty Minstrel Games to work on their Deluxified range. We have just finished the design of the insert for the Deluxified Gentes game, for which we partnered with them on their Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you note

Thanks for your time and your interest in Folded Space!

Risks and challenges

This is our second Kickstarter campaign. Our first campaign was very successful, and we were complimented often on the approach we used, and how we reacted to and communicated with backers. We take the faith and trust backers place in us very seriously and our approach to the campaign is based on this understanding. The first campaign was fulfilled on time, and we have received massive amounts of positive feedback from satisfied backers.

We intend to run our second campaign in the same manner, building upon our experience and continuing our high level of interaction with our backers and supporters.

We would like to add the following:

1. The production run for Campaign 2 will be our third production run with our manufacturing partner. We have a strong long-term relationship with them and we are very satisfied with their performance. They have booked one of their departments for the whole of August for our order, so we have no concerns regarding the manufacturing process.

2. The foam used in the sheets we cut our designs from is already on its way from the manufacturer in China. We have sufficient material for this campaign and more, so there is no material supply delay risk.

3. We have this time teamed up with Spiral Galaxy in the UK to carry out our fulfillment. They are an experienced outfit and are well placed to deliver our products to you quickly and efficiently.

If you have any specific questions regarding the risks and challenges of this campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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