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BUY ONE, GIVE ONE! For every deck sold, WE DONATE one to a school or shelter! Cards produced by USPCC!
BUY ONE, GIVE ONE! For every deck sold, WE DONATE one to a school or shelter! Cards produced by USPC!
BUY ONE, GIVE ONE! For every deck sold, WE DONATE one to a school or shelter! Cards produced by USPC!
271 backers pledged CA$ 10,833 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      Hey Anthony!

      So sorry for the delay! Comments on this page don’t show up in the main menu like private messages do. :S

      We’re so glad you received the goodies!! :D Thanks again for your support and for being there right from the start! It was a stressful, but fun campaign, and it meant a lot that you believed in us, and the idea! :)

      We love the rhyme you slipped in there btw! It was genuine, heartwarming and made our day! ;) We've never heard of the Berlin Fair, but searched it up and it looks awesome! We’re excited to hear your idea and collaborate! We’ll private message you after this comment, so it’s easier to chat. :)

      Talk to you soon!


    2. Anthony Terragna on

      Backer #4 - received the care package of good stuff on the East Coast yesterday! Thank you so much, guys! Love it! I can't wait to go green and do good deeds, promoting clean and fulfilling needs! I am interesting in working with you guys with an event idea in Connecticut. Have you heard of the Berlin fair? It's held annually in October.

    3. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @ Karen - You're very welcome! :) We are just waiting on a couple of the products to come in, once they arrive, we will be shipping the rewards. Everything will ship out in May. We will do an update once everything is on the way, so you know when to expect everything. :) Have a great weekend!

    4. Karen Rishar on

      Hi Jonathan! Thanks so much for the ecopies and the ebook! Do you know when the actually card decks are going to be shipped? I can't wait to start giving them away!!

    5. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @ Anthony T – Progress is coming along well! I’ve spent a lot of time working on the cards and the books, as I wanted to make sure everything is perfect for production. The digital copies are exactly the same as the production copies. The digital rewards will arrive this week! :) In terms of progress on the physical cards, USPCC received the files already, and we have been in queue. Proofs will be ready soon, and I’ll be sure to post an update for everyone to see.

      I’m still waiting on some responses for the shirt designs and sizes, but using the volunteer services of my girlfriend, who’s an accountant, she’s determined that there is room in the budget to order a few extra shirts of each design and size. So we’re all good! XD

    6. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Tasha (Turner) Lennhoff Hey Tasha! Sorry for the delay – I’ve been working on the digital artwork to complete the e-decks and books. The digital rewards will be sent out this week. I’ve had to make some changes to the cards to prepare them for printing, and wanted to make sure that the digital copy resembles the production copy exactly, so everyone gets the same content, and it’s fair.

      Thanks for the PM about the add-ons. I forgot to include them in the survey (this is my first time running a Kickstarter campaign) and I couldn’t edit the surveys once they were sent. :S

    7. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Anthony T - LOL! I love your responses – they are super specific! LOL I’ve hired five (5) volunteers to ensure that everyone’s rewards come out EXACTLY the way they ordered them. ;D

    8. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Samantha Grimaldi Hi Samantha! Absolutely! Head over to the “Rewards” section of the project page, on the right hand side, and scroll through until you find the reward you selected. At the bottom of the reward description there is an “Estimated delivery” with a specified date for that corresponding Reward. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to answer them! ☺

      Btw, we are also sending out the digital rewards this week.

    9. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Jermaine Maloney Thanks man! Not just for this, but for the endless support. The book signing, my art shows, everything man! Means a lot to me!

    10. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Carol Thanks Carol! <3

    11. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Jonathan Matthew Weekes Thanks Jonathan! For the support, kind words and for spreading the word on IG! ☺

    12. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Poornima :D (wipes sweat away) What a work out!

    13. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Daniel Drewitz @Anthony Terragna Yeah, there was a bit of a drop towards the end. Some people were changing their reward selections, but thankfully new backers stepped in to help out. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement Daniel. Anthony, thanks for keeping an eye on things and saying “We”. Because this was definitely a team effort. Wouldn’t have been possible without you, and everyone else here. So grateful!!

      Btw, even after hitting the goal, we didn’t just sit down, and call it a day, we were glued to our computers spreading the word on social media, reaching out to people and doing everything we could to promote the campaign.

    14. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Sofia Nicholas Thanks Sofia for everything! Also for spreading the word with friends and on your social pages!

    15. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Anthony Terragna hahaha I see what you did there!! “deedly virus” Really creative actually!! Maybe that can be the name of the Adult Deck!!! Thank you so much for your support man, especially from an early stage. Don’t think I didn’t notice! ☺ It really means a lot to me!

    16. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Joseph Cavarra Thanks brother I really appreciate everything you did for me man. I’m a lucky guy! ☺ (blushing)

    17. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      Sorry for the delay in response everyone. It's like it got even busier AFTER the campaign, hahaha. I will be sending out the digital rewards this week! I have been making final updates, and getting family and friends to edit it, cause editing is not my specialty. LOL

    18. Anthony Terragna on

      How's the progress going?

    19. Anthony Terragna on

      LOL, @Tasha, next campaign: online course for organizing!

    20. Tasha Turner

      He doesn't memtion if delivery is still this month or not.

      I had to send him an PM with my add ons & donated decks after I tracked down my notes to make sense of why my pledge $ and actual $$ disagreed so much. You'd think after backing and getting 4 notebooks/journals I'd be more organized by now. LOL

      I'm really looking forward to getting and sharing these.

    21. Anthony Terragna on

      I put a LOT of enthusiasm into that survey. :D

    22. Samantha Grimaldi on

      Does it say anywhere when the expected delivery will be?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jermaine Maloney on

      Congratulations =) that is awesome!

    24. Missing avatar

      Carol on

      awesome! can't wait to get the decks :)

    25. Jonathan Matthew Weekes on

      Awesome!!! Congrats guys.

    26. Poornima Narayan on

      $10,815!!! Woooooohoooooo!

    27. Anthony Terragna on

      Am I seeing things, or did we just drop a lot in pledges? We're border-lined.

    28. Daniel Drewitz on

      Pledges dropped a little after you made your goal, but for sure it will be enough at the end! Good Work and have fun while producing!

    29. Missing avatar

      Sofia Nicholas on

      Amazing!! Congratulations I am so happy for you! What a wonderful accomplishment!!!

    30. Anthony Terragna on

      I am excited to see an adult version come out. Then, I'll continue my support. In the meantime, I am stoked to wear your shirts and facilitate a "deedly virus" that will spread across the community. ;D

    31. Joseph Cavarra on

      Congratulations on hitting your goal man! What an awesome accomplishment! And to those cancelling or lowering your pledges now that he's hit his goal, shame on you!

    32. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @tasha LOL! You're awesome Tasha!! :D If we reach $10,500, everyone who ordered a physical reward package, will receive FREE stickers!!! :D Everyone loves stickers!! :D hehehe

    33. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Anthony hehehehe Thanks Anthony!!!! :) We are so excited to produce these decks of cards, get all of the rewards out to everyone and donate a bunch of decks to schools, educational programs and shelters! Can't wait to see their reaction! :) It's all because of you, and everyone here for their acts of kindness and support with this project! That is what made this project a success!! Thank you very much Anthony!

    34. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Tasha Hi Tasha!! Thanks again for sharing our project on your twitter, and for all of the kind comments and advice! It means so much to us! :) What do you think of the app? We are planning on adding more good deeds to it after we finish everything up with the cards, and rewards.

      Totally agree! We definitely want to have a deck for adults too! It was one of our original stretch goals, and we are considering launching another project for it, and possibly a second pack for kids if there is enough interest.

    35. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Christopher Thanks Chris!! We made it!! Thank you so much for your support!

    36. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Tim You're absolutely right! :) Thanks Tim!

    37. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @John and Chelsea Thank you!

    38. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Rachael Thank you so much! So happy to have your support! We really appreciate it!

    39. Tasha Turner

      29 hours to go what's the stretch goal? LOL

    40. Anthony Terragna on

      Congrats! This project WILL be funded on Sun, Jan 25 2015 11:59 PM EST.

    41. Tasha Turner

      Love the give one get one deals. Time to order more decks. We can do this.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Franco. on

      John. Best of luck. Glad to see this project almost taking off.

    43. Anthony Terragna on

      Sweet karma! We're over half way there! :)

    44. Tim Olinger on

      Great Project ! Good deeds come cheap with great reward.

    45. John and Chelsea Forsythe on

      This looks like a lot of fun! Great project!

    46. Tasha Turner

      Grabbing the app. I'd love to see an adult version. Kids learn best by watching good examples. I'm glad I could put a smile on your face. I think I've shared your project a few times. The decks I'm getting will be gifts for nephew/niece and possibly a local library youth group.

    47. Rachael Watson on

      There aren't enough projects like this out there. We need more positive options for our kids. Happy to back this project!

    48. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Alexandra Wuerfel – Thank you Alexandra! We hope we reach our goal, because we can’t wait to see what kids do with these cards! :)

    49. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @John Woods – Thanks John! We are happy to have you be a part of it as well!

    50. Jonathan Calleri 5-time creator on

      @Tasha (Turner) Lennhoff – Thanks for the comment Tasha! That put a huge smile on our faces! We are so happy to have your support and have you be a part of this as well! Btw, we remember seeing your name and pledge pop up early on in our project. :D Just want to say, Thank You so much for pledging and believing in us and our idea at such an early stage in the project. We are extremely grateful for your support and encouragement! :) Have a great weekend Tasha!

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