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GoGlove and GoBand offers a wearable bluetooth remote made to interact with your mobile device. Control your music like never before.

GoGlove and GoBand offers a wearable bluetooth remote made to interact with your mobile device. Control your music like never before. Read More
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Everyone who orders a GoGlove will get a GoBand (and GoKeychain, GoLanyard, and GoClip) included!  See below for GoBand details.

The Product

GoGlove is a wearable Bluetooth enabled glove to seamlessly interact with your mobile device. The idea came from our frustration of dealing with music while skiing. There's nothing like flying down the mountain with your favorite tunes but it's such a pain to interact with your device when its in your pocket.

We found a better way with GoGlove

 With sensors placed in the fingertips and a magnet in the thumb, you can control any music app with a simple tap. Each finger has single and double tap functionality.  It's great for running, biking, or any active sport while listening to music. We have working prototypes and when we used the glove, it really enhanced our experience. The true test was a ski trip to Utah last winter where we used the glove all week.  It was awesome.  It completely changed the way we listened to music.  We know music can make the moment and we want to share that experience with you.

See how it works

GoGlove uses high quality materials in a thin glove liner that can be worn on its own or underneath another glove. With our patent pending AirTap technology, you can wear any outer glove without losing functionality.  We included an "activate sensor" in the palm to ensure you don't accidentally change a song.  The battery will last up to 6 months of daily use.  The GoGlove module can be easily removed from the zipper pouch in the wrist of the glove and used as the GoBand.

GoBand Announcement

We heard from our Backers that they wanted this functionality with a glove AND without. We achieved this by redesigning the module to have 4 buttons on top and a thin flexible channel underneath for a strap. Now you can unplug the module from your glove and strap it to your wrist.

CAD Drawing of NEW Wireless Module
CAD Drawing of NEW Wireless Module

The original case would have had one button to power on/off. We have simply extended that to include four buttons, which do the same thing as tapping a finger. The case is currently 1.8" x 1.3" x 0.6" (L x W x H). Those dimensions are subject to change slightly as we finalize everything, but should be pretty close.

This design change gives you a stand-alone phone remote on your wrist in addition to the functionality in a Glove. Its like a smart watch but 4x cheaper and with easy buttons to tap while you are working out or on the go. The new design makes the GoGlove a truly all-year round product. Strap it to a stroller, put it on a key chain, wear it on your wrist.  Now you have seamless device control anywhere, anytime. 

Our design team is nearing completion of the final specs and all our suppliers have confirmed capability of manufacturing this new design. Its such a simple fix by adding a few more buttons and drastically improving the versatility. 

Check out the new GoBand Only pledge levels!!

Module use with Bike
Module use with Bike

Please note that the original GoBand has been completely redesigned.  It is no longer a sweatband since the module itself becomes the GoBand when its removed from the glove.

Music makes the moment.

We believe Music can be accessed and controlled easier. Interacting with your device means fishing it out of a pocket and fumbling to make a change. This takes you away from the moment, instead of enhancing it. Everyone has their soundtrack to elevate any moment to the surreal. Leave your phone in your pocket and control better and faster than ever before. Tap and Go. GoGlove

Beyond Music

While GoGlove is perfect for controlling music, it can do so much more. Imagine being able to control your favorite running app from your fingertips, or using GoGlove to control interactive story lines as you workout. The possibilities are endless when you imagine GoGlove in the hands of app developers.

Therefore, we will release a publicly available API for GoGlove. Developers will be able to utilize the functions of GoGlove and integrate it into their apps. The API will be available in March 2015 as we first want to focus on making the product great from the start. If you are interested in integrating GoGlove into your app, feel free to contact us.

See a sample app here:

Stretch Goals

The first requires $60,000 in funding and will allow us to create an app for iOS and Android to customize your GoGlove experience. Through the app, you will be able to specify which finger triggers which events. If you want to activate Siri with your index finger, you can customize it. If we reach this stretch goal, the apps will be released for free download to the iTunes and Google Play stores.

We have cancelled our $100,000 Stretch Goal because everyone gets a GoBand included in their order!! You are welcome!

See the rewards below for your pledge:



We have now made 4 different versions and multiple prototypes to include the right technologies. Our design is the perfect mix of functionality, battery life, and size. We have manufacturers lined up for all components and will receive our final samples shortly. The funding you provide will allow us to go into full production and order the first batch of GoGloves and the GoBand module. 

Our high level milestones include:

  • August: Finalize and freeze all designs. Receive final proofs
  • September:  Receive the sample production run, verify quality testing, and resolve manufacturing issues
  • October: Order first round of full production units
  • November: Receive first units and package for shipment
  • December: Deliver first GoGloves to our backers
  • January: Deliver first single GoBands to our backers

Tech Specs

  • Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • OS Support:
  •     iOS 7+ (requires iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later)
  •     Android 4.3+
  • Play/Pause, Skip/Back Track, Volume Up/Down Support on:
  •     Native Apps (iTunes, Google Play, iTunes Radio, etc)
  •     3rd Party Apps (Pandora Spotify)
  • Activate Siri
  •     iOS 7+ only
  • Battery Life up to 6 months
  • NEW FEATURE!! Camera - Take Picture

Every level of funding makes a difference.  We are dedicated to bring GoGlove to you for this Ski season and beyond.  You can join the music revolution with your pledge.  Click.  And GoGlove.

See our website for more information:

Who we are


We're cousins who spent an inordinate amount of time together as kids given that we grew up on opposite coasts. Ben, born in Chicago and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA, and Eric, born and raised in Wilmington, DE, spent summers at the Jersey shore and winters in PA, skiing all over the country together. Currently, we live close to each other in New England and are giving our kids to same chance to grow up close. Ben is the Dreamer and Eric is the Engineer, with years of developing and marketing between them. 

Eric holds bachelors degree in computer science and has been a software engineer in the wireless industry for over 10 years. His extensive experience ranges from embedded firmware to app design to client side web development. Eric also has experience with wireless protocols and hardware, working with various micro controllers and wireless chipsets. He has spent years innovating new products while working for startups.

Ben has a BS from Purdue University and has been working in the Medical industry for 10 years. His experience is in sales, managing sales teams, product development, launches, and P&L responsibility.

We are excited to bring the GoGlove to you!

Risks and challenges

Our team is committed to developing GoGlove. We have made significant investments in production and design work and your funds will help us implement the manufacturing run of the first line of GoGloves.

We have developed contingency plans for manufacturing issues including quality testing guidelines, return policy, and secondary suppliers, if needed. Our products come with a warranty that promises high quality to keep up with all your activities. We want you to love the product so if you have any issues, let us know, and we will get you going again.

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  • Small, Medium, and Large/XL will be available. We will reach out to all our backers to get their sizing information.

    Last updated:
  • The glove has an "activate" switch on the palm just under the pinky finger. It is the exact same switch that is in each finger but the functionality "unlocks" the ability to make a change. This will ensure you don't accidentally make a change. When you tap the activate switch, you have 10 seconds to tap a finger to make a change.

    Last updated:
  • We have built the product to be water resistant so sweat or normal moisture during an activity should be fine. The product will go through testing to ensure it is water resistant. With the final product, we will be testing the ability to hand wash the glove after the user has removed the module. The glove components are designed to get wet and dry and work fine. Our testing will ensure the entire glove, minus the module, can be submerged, cleaned with mild soap, air dried, and still perform as expected. We will update our backers as we complete this testing.

    Last updated:
  • The module uses a watch battery that can be found at any store that sells batteries. The module will be housed in a water tight box that can be opened to change the battery. You will simply replace the battery when it runs out. Note, it will work for 6 months of continuous daily use. It has an auto shut off if its not connected for a period of time so there's no need to remember to shut it off. To turn it on is a simple button push through the module box so you don't have to remove it from the zipper pouch. We expect the normal user to have more than 6 months of use out of one battery.

    Last updated:
  • The GoBand originated as a sweatband that had the same functionality as the glove. The user would remove the module and place it inside the sweatband. The feedback was that a sweatband might not be the right material for working out or running and it was just another piece to manage. So, we decided to make the module itself the GoBand. We already had a button on the module to turn it on or off. Now we have 4 buttons which will be programmed exactly the same as the 4 fingers of the glove. It was such a simple solution!
    When you plug in the Module to the GoGlove, the buttons are deactivated. When its unplugged, you get the functionality of the buttons. We are going to provide a wrist strap with every order so you can wear it. The versatility of the flexible channel allows you to use almost anything to connect it. Use a lanyard and wear it around your neck, or put it on your keychain and keep it in your pocket. Its essentially a remote that can easily be attached to anything. We are so excited to offer this new functionality!!

    Last updated:


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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Support Package - Get your name on our GoGlove Supporters website. We will send you a sweet sticker. Internet high five coming your way!!

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only United States
    7 backers
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    Pledge $29 or more About $29 USD

    Get your name on our GoGlove Supporters website and we'll send you a wicked cool t-shirt!

    Estimated delivery
    6 backers
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    Pledge $49 or more About $49 USD

    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - GoBand Founders Package - Now you can just order the GoBand module with a strap. No glove included. Order now before this one runs out!!

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 5 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $59 or more About $59 USD

    Basic Package GoBand - You will get 1 wireless module and strap with this level. The GoBand will retail alone for $79. Free shipping in the US.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    0 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $69 or more About $69 USD

    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. Founders Package -
    Be the first to get a pair of GoGloves. This amazing offer is exclusively for our first backers. Order it now before it runs out.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 173 backers
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    Pledge $79 or more About $79 USD

    Basic Package - You will get one pair of GoGloves that will retail at $129. Free shipping in the US.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 7 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $99 or more About $99 USD

    Premium Package - Get a pair of GoGloves which will retail for $129. You will also get a t-shirt shipped with your gloves.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    6 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $145 or more About $145 USD

    Gift Package - Get one pair for you and give one pair as a gift. Early backers get this special price and get delivery before the holidays.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 22 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $235 or more About $235 USD

    Hacker Package - Get early access to the API for beta testing and app integration. You will get a GoGlove in the first batch (December) and first access to the API in February 2015 with a second control module for testing.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 1 backer
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $550 or more About $550 USD

    Ski/Bike Shop Package - Get 10 Pairs of GoGlove for the holiday season.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 6 backers
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    Premium Ski/Bike Package - Get 10 Pairs of GoGloves. We will fly out to your location and host an event promoting your shop and GoGlove. We will invite our entire network for a party with music and free giveaways. Build on this marketing opportunity!

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 1 backer
  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Angel Package - Get 10 pairs of GoGlove customized with your name. We will fly you and a friend out to Boston for the kickoff party. Even if we don't hit our 2nd stretch goal, we will make you 10 Customized Wristbands too.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 0 backers

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