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$5,813 pledged of $9,300 goal
By Kari Ann Martindale
$5,813 pledged of $9,300 goal

"Fall down 7 Times, Get Up 8"


Well, folks, we haven't made our funding goal.

There's a Japanese proverb I live by: "Fall down 7 times, get up 8." This is a minor setback at most.

I think where I went wrong was, I set the print run goal of 500 too high (if, for example, I'd calculated based on 200 copies, there would have been no problem meeting the funding goal).  You can't adjust a funding goal or time frame after it's set, so you run with it and hope for the best.

Before I move on to a barrage of thanks, I want to share with you the future of the Flash Series.

Aaron and I are going to release the three stories you've seen here, in digital form on Amazon. We will let you know when the release dates are firm, but we are aiming for:

01 October - The Time Flash Had the Best day Ever

01 December - The Christmas Flash Couldn't Christmas

01 February - The Day Flash Couldn't Even

I want to thank everyone here for backing the project. I appreciate the friends and family who supported the project; I'm thankful for everyone who pledged to buy one or more copies of the book (the three-pack pledges always made me sooooo happy); I appreciate my mother and her friends and colleagues who supported my project; and I appreciate those who spread the word even if they themselves didn't need a children's book. Finally, I thank my husband, who supports my ventures and actually shared this on Facebook (a Paul Martindale Facebook post is a rare sighting); as well as my nutty kid, for the inspiration.

Aaron also has a message of thanks to share:

"Thank you to everyone who backed, shared, or encouraged our campaign over the last month. Kari and I still count this as a win because we were able to share our passion and love for this series and our work with a wide range of people all over the world. We're still very motivated to keep creating and figuring out a way to bring Flash's antics to you and your kids, so don't worry! This is certainly not the last you've heard from us.

If I could give every one of you a big hug, I would!"

And finally, we appreciate the corporate sponsor pledges, including but not limited to blogger and social media consultant; author Chris Straub (you can preorder his book at; and MadamFandom, whose pixel art looks like so much fun!

I was excited to see all the first-time kickstarter backers--I hope you'll back other crowdfunding projects in the future!





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