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React fast to enemies actions, command your fellow mate to clean up the location and save hostages without unnecessary casualties.
React fast to enemies actions, command your fellow mate to clean up the location and save hostages without unnecessary casualties.
React fast to enemies actions, command your fellow mate to clean up the location and save hostages without unnecessary casualties.
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    1. Nik Holliday 6 days ago

      I haven`t received a key yet either

    2. kyril1217
      6 days ago

      The Beta is good it feels like I play Hotline Miami again. Great job guys @Creator

    3. Missing avatar

      I need a handle too! 7 days ago

      Beta's not available on Mac?

    4. Missing avatar


      Holy hell! This is fun!
      Am I wrong in thinking I should have received two keys?

    5. Missing avatar

      Seb on

      Hello? Anyone here?

    6. Iain Rockliffe

      An update would be nice ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      Backed this in July of '17 with $25. October release date long gone by now. Would like SOME indication that I will get what I paid for...

    8. Mike Madigan

      Any release updates?

    9. Missing avatar

      I need a handle too! on

      Whats the deal with this?

    10. Missing avatar


      any more updates available?

    11. Missing avatar


      From what I quickly read on steam discussions it seems it'll be another 1-2 months. But who knows. A bit more communication here might be in order.

    12. Martin Mengui

      How awesome would it be to have actual updates on the place you collected the money from the people who supported you, right? Sounds THAT crazy as a request? :) to keep the people who actually kickstarted your project in the loop and happy? :D

    13. Missing avatar


      Alright, cool, hope the game appears soon.

    14. Missing avatar

      Blackjack on

      I pasted in a Google translation of a Russian Q&A at the Steam forums, which suggests the game is around "75 percent ready":

    15. Missing avatar


      Any updates?

    16. Missing avatar

      Blackjack on

      Closed beta's live (online co-op working; not sure anything else is new), keys emailed out. I think you had to back at $30 or more for closed beta.

      *Closed Beta is Live* update

    17. Missing avatar

      Jamie Tipton on

      Well, I'm happy with how things are going. I'm excited to see this project develop, and I'd rather have a late, but full, game, than a half-baked one released on time.

    18. Missing avatar


      No Mighty Morgan, you will not come back "once you are sure about the dates". You will come back with a real update we have been expecting for a long time now! There hasn't been a single one since JULY!!!! You are required by TOS of Kickstarter to keep us backers up to date!

      Lets put it even more simply: I'm fed up waiting for your updates and time lines / dates that are not followed / kept. Srsly thinking about a refund now (you know - because of not not following Kickstarters TOS and not updating us)

    19. Mighty Morgan Creator on

      Hi! We faced with some technical problems with multiplayer. Nothing too critical but it takes a lot of time. I'll come back with news about Beta and full release once we're sure about dates.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sierra Delta on

      And why we get no information from the devs?

    21. Missing avatar

      Sierra Delta on

      It was announced on Steam for January the 4th 2018, but short later it was changed to "comming soon".

      That's sounds like a damn big delay or the game never comes out :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Blackjack on

      Sorry, typo:

      I can't envision a Q4 2017 release unless they've given up on the idea of us helping TEST it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Blackjack on

      -The last Steam store page update was on Aug. 30
      -The last Steam forum post by dev Belousov was on Oct. 16 (view his posts here:

      -Belousov said there on July 5th that they hoped to launch a Police Stories beta on Steam by the end of July, which didn't happen (

      -A subsequent Sept. dev post indicated the beta would still happen "shortly," which hasn't happened (

      -afik there's been no official announcement of a Jan. 4, 2018 Steam release. I suspect that's more of a wishful rumor given the kickstarter beta has yet to happen. :p

      I can't envision a Q4 2017 release unless they've given up on the idea of us helping back it.

      In fairness to them, most 2-person dev teams don't have a dedicated person for handling communications. Other games by small dev teams on KS like Tower 57 have "gone dark" for a long period of time, which makes backers nervous, though in that case the project got back on track and is hitting a release date later this month.

    24. Missing avatar


      Oct is past. now today is Nov.
      Update is not
      Was I scammed?
      Sierra Delta(on October 10) replied "It's announced on Steam for January the 4th 2018 :D"
      but I don't hear that
      where is information this project news page?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tyler Marschall on

      Unless things change soon this will probably be the last time I support this group. Set a biweekly alarm on your phone.. when it dings just say. "Busy on game. It's going great. Did x. Bye"

    26. Martin Mengui

      I don't understand how hard it is to follow the next exercise:

      -I start a crowdfunding project on KICKSTARTER.
      -I fund my project successfully.
      -In between the time it takes to complete my project; I keep THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED my project (you know; the people who invested their money) UPDATED on the SAME platform where it all started.

      How hard could it be to have SOMEONE post 500 words on a box?

      Updating your backers should be considered PART of working in the game. It's not an excuse. One does not cancel the other.

      I am terribly disappointed by the lack of communication from independent game developers on Kickstarter and it makes me question if it's worth it to support them in the end.

    27. Mike Madigan

      Any updates for backers by chance?

    28. Missing avatar

      Sierra Delta on

      It's announced on Steam for January the 4th 2018 :D

    29. Missing avatar

      I need a handle too! on

      It's not hard to be more active than they are on here. But I didn't give them money on discord...

    30. The Guardian Voice on

      Just as a heads up for other backers: They are more active on their Discord server, but still slow on the updates. Within the past week, they have reached out to may of the Digital Portrait + level backers and have communicated to us via email.

    31. Joseph Gelowitz on

      Has anyone received beta access or heard anything?

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Jungblut on

      Why did you turn on airplane mode? We want to know whats going on

    33. Martin Mengui

      Hey guys. August ended and there is no Beta still.
      PLEASE, we need you to communicate. If something is not working or any hurdles popped up, you need to let us know. I am currently backing other gaming projects where the developers when silent FOR MONTHS and it killed me. I don't want to go through this again. Even a quick update with a screenshot every once in a while is fine. But please, as an advice, do not go for the silent treatment.

      Keep up the good work!

    34. Joseph Gelowitz on

      Any updates? I haven't heard anything for a while.

    35. Mighty Morgan Creator on

      HI! Sorry for waiting. Online part takes more than expected, we hope to launch Beta this month. News are coming!

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      @The Guardian Voice, i'm with you. I have asked on their discord channel twice now (3 days apart) and haven't heard anything back. I know they are a small team, but communication would be great.

    37. The Guardian Voice on

      I'm a little concerned with the dev silence for a full month; is there some other board to check?

    38. James Samuel on

      Any news on the Beta?

    39. The Guardian Voice on

      So... how's that July beta coming along?

    40. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Question? Is there gonna be a separate survey from the one you just sent to submit my picture for the digital portrait?

    41. Missing avatar

      Grigory Chernyshov on

      Congratulations to all! We will play in it!!!

    42. Thorlof on

      Congrats guys, can't wait for the game (and first, the beta ofc :P).

      Don't overthink the story stuff, I rather have lots of cool levels than a huuuge story in this kind of game.

      Looking forward to more news from you!

    43. Mighty Morgan Creator on

      Piotr, we can make it, sure.

    44. Mighty Morgan Creator on

      Thanks everyone! Party time! Back to you tomorrow!

    45. Missing avatar

      Piotr "TheHardew" Syrokomski on

      Will we get the ost in lossless format?

    46. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Quick! Some Rich Sob grab the 5k tier so we can hit the next stretch goal.

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