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$90,771 pledged of $250,000 goal
By David Politis
$90,771 pledged of $250,000 goal

Mashable Runs Story About Xi3's Project on Kickstarter

In case you missed it, Mashable ran a news story yesterday about Xi3's Kickstarter Project.

Here's a link to the Mashable video (http://mashable.com/follow/videos/1868203862001-xi3-is-crowdfunding-its-latest-round-of-tiny-full-performance-compu/), as well as a link to our blog post about it in the Xi3 Newsroom.

Additionally, we've embedded below the text from the video clip as well. ;-)

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"For Mashable, I’m Logan Tittle.

“The components inside your average desktop computer are improving on an almost daily basis.

"One thing that hasn't changed in awhile, though, is the form factor all these components get stacked into. Xi3's Modular Computers are different.

"They pack all the capabilities of a full-size computer into a box that's nearly the size of a paperweight. The company has been selling its computers for a while now. A version called the X5A was available last year.

"Now new versions with upgraded guts are imminent. And the primary advantage these hold over a full-size desktop rig is that they sip power. You can pull 500 Watts with a serious machine; Xi3 computers, by comparison, use 20 Watts.

"Now the company has plans for two new models. An entry-level machine for home and office use running a dual-core processor for less than $500, and a higher-end quad-core machine that Xi3 says will easily handle even the most taxing of gaming applications.

"And they're easy to modify. Switching out the inputs and outputs, or upgrading internal storage, is as easy as swapping out components—just like a regular computer.

"The Xi3 team is on Kickstarter to, well, 'kick start' production on the new models. Backers will get their hands on the new computers two weeks before anyone else and will get a chance to pre-order the latest tech from Xi3 in the future.

“At time of writing, Xi3’s campaign is approaching $10,000 of its $250,000 goal with a month to go.

“For Mashable, I’m Logan Tittle.”


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