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Its all ready, the studio, the producer, the musicians, the ideas, the songs, now all I need is your donations to make it happen!
Its all ready, the studio, the producer, the musicians, the ideas, the songs, now all I need is your donations to make it happen!
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Great things coming!

I wanted to let everyone know, the expected release is early 2013, Exicting!!    Bobby has been really great though the whole process and I know that you all are waiting for your incentives, but please be patient, it is worth the wait!  I have just finished, today, the video for Globetrotting Queen one of the first singles.  And along with that Im doing the album art here in Italy with an amazing creative Vittorio Mortarotti.  I know you are anxious!  And I am biting your nails for you!  But I just want you all to know, things are sounds amazing.  Dont know if you all have heard Pizza Pizza.  Well, its one of my favorite songs, and it is radiculous, with Chad from Spam Allstars playing the sousaphone!  We are recording it also in Italian.  Bobby is mixing the record now and depending on how many songs we put on the album, each mix takes about 3 whole days in the studio.  We are looking at around 10-12 tracks that we are thinking could fit together nicely, just depending on the mesh.  The album name is Amygdala Hijack.  If you dont know what that is, its your instinct to survive.  Something that making this album has taught me.  

THANKS for Everything!

Here is a link to Pizza Pizza:

Still in the works

Hi everyone!  

I know it seems like a long time!,  but I do want to mention that things are in the works.  But the wait will be worth it. Like a good desert.  I really underestimated the time that it would have been finished.  A lot of work is going into it.  And I still have to decide wether to release in Miami first, and very technical things.  There is a lot that go into making this CD.  Im really excited to let you all hear.  We have not choosen the name of the CD.  And have worked on some songs that might not be released yet.  As for titles,  I have some strange ideas.  I will let everyone know when its close to the release.  And maybe you can even help me out with that.   Anyhow, it will be first in your hands before anything.  So just try to be patient.  Its not easy for me, but I am also!

Thanks for all the support,

SOL Ruiz

Wheels in motion


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Take, give and make time

Kickstarter supporters,

I received an email from one of the pledgers asking to give more updates.  And he has a point!  While Im still in Europe, playing my little heart out, Bobby is still in the kitchen working on the the Sol Gravy.  The turkey is about ready, but still needs some time for the spices to kick in, to get the extra F*ck you sauce.  I thank everyone for being so patient!  This turkey will be golden soon.  Im already sitting at the table salivating.  But I must be patient too.  Thanks for understanding, because good things come when we wait.  

Thank you!

-- sOL

In the works

Hi there everyone.  Hope life finds you well and golden.  Hopefully bringing in the spring with some warm sunshine.  I would like to update everyone on the progress of the CD.  It is a big project, and taking more time than expected.  While in Miami, things were coming together, not easily but beautifully. And a lot of love has been put into the project.  Tracking all the voices, bass and drums.  Now, while Im gone, the finishing touches are still being put together.  The puzzle little by little being put into place.  The horns are coming in to lay down their "sauce". and still some more goodies, and colors.  And right now, even though taking more time than expected, I do wish to have everything finished by early summer and am very grateful for all of your patience.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  Even on skype, or by email.  Since you've helped me already this far, you are much more than a fan.  You are like a shooting star, helping me to realize my dreams and people like you are more than I can ever wish for!  Taking me on the extra mile.

Thank you and reach out anytime