Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 20, 2010.

Update #12



Dont forget to go over to ther NEW page, and repledge your original amount there.....


Update #11



Heres the link to the new one. Pat and Shelton, get with me Immediately so we can aquare yer deals. Spread the word! We are already halfway there!!

Update #10


Hi all. I announced earlier that IDW was going to be publishing ROUNDEYE: For Love. And, that I would not need as much funding as I thought, because of IDW stepping in, aquiring the properties license for publishing, and pony-ing up what they were able for $$$backing.
So I will be shutting down THIS page and launching a new one, again at $20,000. So I need all you Backers to answer this message, and lemme know you are aware before I cancel this page, and launch the new one. Because you will need to hit the new page and pledge again. Earlier pledges won't transfer. I will set up the new one, and delete this one, and we will move forward , hopefully with total success at meeting our goal. ALL rewards will remain the same.

Also it will coincide with the release of the ROUNDEYE: For Love Teaser Trailer to the 8 page motion comic being Animated by, PRETEND FOR REAL STUDIOS!!!. I just approved the final spot, and I can't wait for you to put your eyes on it. Get back to me BACKERS, ASAP!!!!


Update #9


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Hi all.

SO big news. THING ONE: IDW and DESPERADO ( who published my Art Book) will be publishing ROUNDEYE: For Love!!! So awesome. I could not be happier. They are launching a new Anthology that will feature a collection of our industry GREATS ( not including me, cause when we announce the roster, I am saying, " How the hell did I get in here?!). This promises to be this generations EPIC ILLUSTRATED! No shit.

So, ROUNDEYE: Fo Love, will be one of a handful of serialized Graphic Novels that run the course of the Anthology, in roughly 8 page chunks. Then we will collect ROUNDEYE: For Love, in a Hard, and softcover collection.

THING TWO: So tomorrow, I will be contacting ALL the folks who have pledged to Roundeye, giving them all the info on the NEW KICKSTARTER ROUNDEYE PAGE!!. Because I have a publisher in place and they are doing what they are able to ,to fund the story, I am relaunching ROUNDEYE: For Love , here on Kickstarter with a NEW goal of $20,000!!!!

This is amazing. With the donations already pledged, we are soooo close. More on all of this in the morning. Meantime, enjoy some design work done for the series!!


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Update #8

Major News!!


Major news coming tomorrow! this will change everything. For the better. So stay tuned and come back here tomorrow for big news, and changes to the whole ROUNDEYE: For Love property.

See you on thursday!


pledged of $60,000 goal
  • Pledge $25 or more
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    22 backers

    Anyone donating at least $25 or more will have their names printed in the book as being a driving force behind the completion, and publication of this Graphic Novel!!

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    These new rewards are at the request of a lotta folks! Here ya go! When you pledge $50.00, you get your name printed in the book! You get the OUT OF PRINT Desperado Primer, featuring the first, and ONLY appearance of ROUNDEYE! This story is featured here on this site in full color, but unlettered. So not only will you be able to read the story, Tony will provide a head sketch of ROUNDEYE on a blank trading card made of Bristol board, and signed, as well as signing the comic! These are very limited to 200 copies, so act fast!

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    When you pledge $100, you will recieve the Desperado Primer featuring ROUNDEYES first and only appearance with a headt sketch card all signed by Tony, and a limited edition print of the widescreen Illustration featuring ROUNDEYE battling a horde of blind Samurai! Its also our main project image here! ONLY 30 OF THESE!!

  • Pledge $200 or more
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    Anyone pledging $200 or more will be contacted, and added to our mailing list of Invitees to a special Book release party TBA, and is currently being planned! You will recieve an Invitation ( +1) to the event that is non transferable, and must make your own travel arrangements.

  • Pledge $400 or more
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    4 backers

    The first 50 copies will be signed by me, with a personalized sketch on the signature plate of the ROUNDEYE character of YOUR CHOOSING!!!

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    RETAILER INCENTIVE!!!! For ---ONE TIME ONLY---- One reatailer who donates $1000, I will pay my own expense for a plane ticket to do a book release signing party at YOUR STORE!!!. You will have the book before anyone in the country!

  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    OKAY!!!! So !! WE, got chumped by our Northernly cousins, The Canucks!!!! The $1000.00 donation for the First store signing ( they get ROUNDEYE: For Love before the ENTIRE world) went sooooooo quick, I decided to give my home field another shot at the second appearance, worldwide for the release of ROUNDEYE: For Love. I know, I know, yer saying," Hey! The price went up!" Yep, cause the first price for that reward was a steal. So !! ATL/Eric Layton/Beth!!!, and everybody else!! You wanna see ROUNDEYE: For Love get published? You want me to come to your Comic Shop? You want me to hang out all day, and night signing the book? then hang out with whoever wants to, and drink the night away? And laugh at everyone else who hasn't read ROUNDEYE: For Love???? I know you do! BID!!!!!! BID!!!!! BID!!!!!! And I will come.....Please, all my studio-mates, no creepy ass jokes about this post on message boards. this is a Family Show. TONY

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    Okay!! 2 MAJOR rewards gone super-quick! Looks like I might be doing a tour, if i don't watch it! So, I am gonna ad 2 MORE!!!!! 2 more stops onthe ROUNDEYE: For Love Tour. BUT!! These are limeted to the SOUTHEAST/WESTCOAST. i am located in GA, so One of the stops is already in the southeast, so these 2, will have to be there as well. At the most anywhere between Georgia, and New York. Bring me to your Shop!! will be at your disposal, for a store signing, free sketches, and general chatter, and hangingoutitude! Thats 4 stops. So I MIGHT consider ONE LAST, and 5th stop after this, but it will have to be worth it. Being a family man, and prolific illustrator, travelling is a hinderance to creating. you get it, right? good luck!! Tony

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