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A patent for a new type of high-tech ear trumpet.
A patent for a new type of high-tech ear trumpet.
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It costs roughly  £250 (and can take up to four years) to patent an invention. Hopefully I have a few more years left in me and I am hoping that Kickstarter will help in funding the patent application. I have started the process (and the device is ‘patent pending’ patent application number GB1703203.8) but need another £200 to finish the job.

With its rotating platform the device will allow the wearer to sit at his desk whilst taking part in a conversation behind him. The Smartphone attachment means that it could be used to listen to music at the same time as charging your phone as there is an incorporated power bank. Above all I believe the E-ear trumpet is not just for the hard of hearing but everyone can look stylish and sophisticated with this unique fashion accessory and improve their hearing ability at the same time.I would like to think that £200 is not an unfeasible amount to raise. It would just take forty people with a spare five quid and a sense of humour and we are home free, 39 actually because I am good for another fiver.

The E-ear trumpet  will be a boon to the modern man (and woman). No longer will the hard of hearing need to rely on lightweight inconspicuous hearing aids when they can have an E-ear trumpet instead.

In the unlikely event that this does get funded please don’t stop there because £200 will get a patent that will run for four years from the original application date, which could be as little as five minutes. If I get more than £200 then (apart from eating my hat) I will extend the patent. If It really goes mad I will seriously consider going into production (possibly with your help) 



Risks and challenges

There is the very minor risk that someone has invented this already or will try and snaffle the idea before the patent is issued. If we were talking high finance here I would make some attempt to mitigate these risks but, at the level we are at, I don't think they are worth worrying about.

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    For the bargain price of £5 you will get permission to make your very own E-ear trumpet for personal use or resale. You don't have to, you can just bask in the knowledge that you have helped fund a fairly unlikely patent but you can if you want. In fact if you do then please contact me with photos because if this takes off in the way i expect it not to I will need some help with the mass production

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