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Neal Stephenson wants to revolutionize sword fighting video games.
Neal Stephenson wants to revolutionize sword fighting video games.
9,023 backers pledged $526,125 to help bring this project to life.

CLANG Graphic Survey

We have gotten some feedback about the t-shirt graphic and have tried a few simple changes. Let us know which one of the below you like best by answering this survey.


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    1. Kelly Brock on June 28, 2012

      2 most surely. :)

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      Beth Regardz on June 28, 2012

      Here's the type adjustment indicated in my last post.


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      Beth Regardz on June 28, 2012

      2 is best for typeface in combination with the weight of the logo design. BUT, KERN overall to equalize space between L and A, and so the terminal of the N aligns with the diamond outline, as it does in example 4. And the type can be bold. I can send an adjusted version as a PDF attachment if you say where.

    4. James McKendrew on June 27, 2012

      I think hand-lettering seems over-the-top. If this game were called The Nice And Accurate Simulation of Medieval Long Sword Dueling, sure. But the title is freakin' CLANG. My primary concern is to have a sudden fit of Tinnitus when I first view the shirt.

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      Anton Malyi on June 27, 2012

      2. more readable font than 1 and 3 and sword is `angled` which can be treated as a `motion` (and 4 is `static`)

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      Frank Jones on June 27, 2012

      Agree with the call for a redesign with proper lettering, kerning etc.

    7. Valvar on June 27, 2012

      2 or 3. I like the font in 3 better but either will do...

    8. Missing avatar

      Stefan V
      on June 27, 2012

      I'd like to see one sword hitting and one sword parrying. CLANG!

    9. Tim Quin on June 27, 2012

      Here's my reasoning:

      1) Font (thin-thick-thin) is very sword-like but not very tough looking. Its not like its going to come in Pink. 'Get a Grip' sounds like the person who made it up is old and thought the 80s was cool.

      2) Font is good. Very comic-book. CLANG! You can hear the sword fight. Simpler and more direct. Like the sword at an angle which implies I'm about to chop you in half. HOOAHHH!!! This one has already won and this survey was unnecessary.

      3) Font problem mentioned in #1, but better without the Get a Grip. If it was a dual-sided T-shirt then maybe it could have had saying that on the back.

      4) The upright sword implies nobility to me. A static salute of the sword. Very proper, but very unfun. CLANG implies movement.

      You heard it here first.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Clark on June 26, 2012

      Or why not use a font that actually sounds like the word, and also two colour printing would be good:

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Clark on June 26, 2012

      I'd also like to see the same script as they used for black adder - although I'm thinking it's a custom font

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Clark on June 26, 2012

      I liked 2 but kind of liking 4 now

    13. Chris Zito on June 26, 2012

      Graphical wise, I'd go with #2.

    14. Baja - Hosed by the Clang Kickstarter on June 26, 2012

      I just hate the color scheme. I might invest more if I it was blue on a white shirt.

    15. Drew Scott on June 26, 2012

      I vote for #3, although it's a close tie with #2.

    16. Jackalgirl on June 26, 2012

      @Subutai -- Heh! I understand what you mean wrt Copperplate. I've been on a Trajan Pro + Garamond kick lately myself. ; ) My recommendation would be the text be hand-lettered by a professional (cf. my private message to Karen). You are more likely to get exactly what you want, and it will be unique, and if you have specific desires (such as having a bold font that, at the same time, shows some motion /and/ reflects the hand-lettering styles of the 16th Century [if that's what you want]), you're just going to have to go with a calligrapher who is also a scholar. I know that you're looking for something that isn't /too/ modern, but yet also is bold. But might I also suggest that a modern-looking font isn't necessarily a bad idea? Because what you're doing is bridging the gap between an ancient discipline (hence the rather antique appearance of the hand-and-sword) and modern technology. Essentially, the gaming geeks who get into Clang are going to be worrying, in some way, about the same kinds of things that the warrior geeks did. So having a font that looks modern actually kind of ties into the game: -- though since the game is going to be very much visually set within an historical context, perhaps having a modern font might be too meta. I can't recommend one way or the other since I don't know where the main thrust of Subutai's vision (so to speak) is regarding the meta-aspects of what the game is or will be doing.

    17. Gregory Howe on June 26, 2012

      I'm a calligrapher. Try something Carolingian, or even early blackletter.

    18. Brenda Holloway on June 26, 2012

      I voted #2, but I echo Paul -- that font is awful. It needs kerning at the very least.

    19. Missing avatar

      Derek on June 26, 2012

      Image 2 immediate catches the eye

    20. Chris Vrem on June 26, 2012

      My preference is #3, though I would prefer a less streamlined font. I feel a sans-serif font that matches the bold strokes of the graphic would be better suited.
      I like the oblique angle of sword and font, as they give the logo a sense of action. I also like that the angles of the sword are _not_ parallel/perpendicular to the diamond.
      @J.S. Woodward does have a point about the similarity to the BPRD logo, so perhaps it would be a good idea to follow @royblumenthal's suggestion to flip the image.

    21. Paul Tien-Shih Lee on June 26, 2012

      1. This should be hand-lettered, preferably by someone familiar with medieval art and lettering. If you are going to go with a typeface, please avoid san-serif. The point of this whole project is to bring a certain level of historicity to a modern entertainment platform. Using a typeface that alludes to hand lettering is appropriate. Given that black letter is hard to read (and will make this look more like some death metal band logo), I would go for a modern variant of Carolingian minuscule.

      2. Flipping the sword means either it's left-handed or you don't see the thumb. It's hard to know how much people care about right- vs left-handedness in a logo, but I believe that not having a thumb makes the image much less dynamic (or interesting).

      3. The survey page I'm seeing on Chrome (Version 19.0.1084.56 on Mac OS X Lion) doesn't show the images, just a list of radio buttons for the choices. Bad survey UI.

      So my vote is: None of the above. Let's do a bit more work on this.

    22. royblumenthal on June 26, 2012

      I made a quick mockup of a version of the logo that solves all sorts of issues. 1. No text awkwardly cuts through the image. 2. Both the name, 'CLANG', and the strap, 'Get a Grip' coexist nicely, with the correct hierarchical relationship in place. 3. The 'motion' of the logo is better. Here's a link to my scamp:

    23. Laird Popkin
      on June 26, 2012

      I prefer 2. The larger/stronger font for 'CLANG' stands out better, and the slanted sword looks more active than the vertical sword.

    24. Joshua P. on June 26, 2012

      #3 looks classy.

      I like the idea of flipping it, since a wearer could put their right fist up to it, and the blade and pommel would stick out either end. If the image is life size.

    25. Jeppe on June 26, 2012

      2, the font fits much better

    26. Tim Park on June 26, 2012

      I like 3... but would prefer a non-interrupted arm as well, or an obvious continuation of the sleeve or whatever. If you are utilizing library art and need it modified or recreated to match specific demands, I'd be happy to render it in vectors and make any modifications required, gratis.

    27. Mariah & Theodore Lindsey on June 26, 2012

      I voted for #1, but if the text style of #3 could be applied to #1, that would be even better

    28. Missing avatar

      Aaron on June 26, 2012

      #3, with non italicized text does it for me. Like the font on #1, but without the catchphrase.

    29. royblumenthal on June 26, 2012

      Unbelievable! My thought process is EXACTLY the same as Matthew Kirkconnell's! There's one further change I'd like to suggest... Flip the sword so that the blade is cutting toward the right. There is a subtle iconic undercurrent in cultures whose writing reads left to right that things facing to the right 'feel' future-oriented. CLANG is about the future of swordsmanship, not just a 'looking back' at its past.

    30. Subutai Corporation Creator on June 26, 2012

      Send me your favorite non-coppoerplate fonts! I will look at them and maybe have another survey! I like the original font (Condor Extended) too, but I hear the "not bold enough" concerns.


    31. William Goff on June 26, 2012

      #3 all the way, The font wins it for me.

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kirkconnell on June 26, 2012

      For me it was a toss up between #2 and #3. My choice is #3 only because #2 is using Copperplate typeface and it has been so overused in the past 20+ years. Though I do think the kerning could be tightened up on #3 a bit.

      #1, I do not like the tagline at the top breaking up the flow at the top of the logo.

      #4 The hand/sword angle is just not dynamic enough as compared to the others...and it uses Copperplate.

    33. sozin on June 26, 2012

      Preston +1

    34. Subutai Corporation Creator on June 26, 2012

      @Jackagirl -- It is true, I have an inordinante fondness for Copperplate.

    35. Preston on June 26, 2012

      #2 with #1's font.

    36. Jackalgirl on June 26, 2012

      Of the four choices, #2 is the one I'd pick. I like the boldness of it and I especially like the switch from a sans-serif font to a serif font, though I think you could do better than Copperplate. ; ) Looking at #4, the upright sword seems too static to me. And I like that you've taken "Get a grip!" off. I think that the slogan works, but the fact that it's now separate from the logo means that you could use other catch phrases, too.

    37. 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on June 26, 2012

      I think you misunderstood the criticism a bit, at least judging by these options. For those that don't know, it was that "clang" didn't have enough room or wasnt bold enough. Those of us that recognize this, but still want to have "get a grip!" in the design, are now left with a catch 22, the dilemma wherein no other choice exists but to opt for "clang" still in that thinner fashion, or skip the wit altogether, which to me seems a bit unfair with what the critique actually consisted of. My 2 ¢.

    38. Missing avatar

      J.S. Woodward on June 26, 2012

      I do like #2, to be fair - but if you have a quick look at the logo for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (from Hellboy canon) you'll see they're essentially identical. Sooo, take that into account?