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We are the first honey tasting walking journey of its kind, working with rural women & their villages in Northeastern Turkey.
274 backers pledged $41,593 to help bring this project to life.

Is it impossible? Can we Raise $2,955 in 24 hours?

Posted by Catherine Jaffee (Creator)

Let's talk numbers.

Your average pledge amount has been $139, and in the last 29 days, we've raised $1,105/day. We now have 24 hours to reach the final 10% of our Kickstarter campaign, and according to our numbers, we won't make it. If we don't make the $35,000, we loose the amount we have earned so far - $31,845. No one will get posters, or earrings, or e-cards.

But even if we don't reach our goal, the Balyolu team won't stop. We will keep booking trips and selling earrings. But these funds right here, these $31,845 that we have earned together, the are the Balyolu startup costs. We do not have investors. We do not have a wealthy benefactor. We are crowd sourcing everything and using our trips to cover the trip costs as well as beekeeping/honey trainings, purchasing yurts, and supplies. This comes to $35,000. Without your support, we will have to find another way to fund your adventures this summer - but I guarantee this - we will not stop.

Now here's the thing, although the numbers predict that Balyolu will not meet its Kickstarter goals - I believe that this is not our fate. Our team continues to speak of relationships, and they are right. We have over 230 backers. Over 40 people who have contacted me interested in a trip. Hundreds of new supporters. I know we can do this together. I believe that two more trips will be booked for this campaign. I am convinced that in the next 24 hours we are going to reach our goal, and we are going to do it the Balyolu way: through the community.

NOW marks our last day, our last hours, our last minutes. If you are on the edge about booking a trip, the time to act is now. Pass this message to five friends who might care about Balyolu's mission, or are looking for a trendy new poster.

Join us in counting down these last few minutes and proving that beyond the predictions of numbers, we as people can choose our fate.

All of my respect and gratitude for joining us on this journey.


Balyolu Founder and CEO

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    1. Barbara Framm on

      YAY YAY YAY!!! So excited for you....was out all day and first I thing I did when I came home was to check if you made it. I'm so happy to see that you did! Brava for hanging in there and never doubting that you would be funded. My good wishes and hopes (since I didn't have the funds) were always behind you. I still hope I can somehow get funded to go on one of the walks this summer. Congratulations!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kalee Featherwise on

      Yay! Congratulations my as-of-yet-unmet friends :) sweet success :))