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Make my adorable twins famous by starting off with having them have a professional photoshoot to make a professional portfolio

Make my adorable twins famous by starting off with having them have a professional photoshoot to make a professional portfolio Read More
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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter on July 25, 2014.

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vadim zeldin
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vadim zeldin

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About this project

ok so here we go….

Life is very tough i wasn't born rich at all but i do consider myself very blessed regardless, why because my wife gave me the funniest, happiest, silliest, and crazy twins in the world and i love them to death. oh i forgot to mention that they are very very very adorable and when i mean adorable i mean they get attention every where they go and the twins they love the attention.

No matter where we go or who lays their eyes on them they stand out because of their cuteness and also there cool looking half mohawk haircuts. i have been told many times that i should consider doing something with there cuteness so this is what i am trying to do. Since life has only blessed me with amazing kids and not wealth we are taking a quest to see if my kids got what it takes to become famous.  I am not doing this for the money at all i think this is just something the kids would enjoy doing very much since they do get a huge amount of attention and they seem to love it.  And with a bit of extra money they can get a chance to have some professional photos taken,  have some great memories and experiences and maybe even have money for some piano or guitar classes too.  No hard or greed here just a lot of fun for the twins and a great experience as well.  All money raised will go completely toward this goal of them becoming famous or what they need to learn, complete or do to attempt to reach this goal.  This is all for fun and experience not to mention maybe a couple of minutes in the spot light for them who know what will happens just have to wait and see.

So my idea is for a kick start campaign to make my twins famous. we will be trying several different approaches, First will be to collect enough funds to have there photos professionally taken and to build them a portfolio.  That will be the main goal of this kick start. 

So once again just to be very clear the main goal of this kick start is to have my twins become famous by having professional photos taken and a portfolio built. But depending on how far this will go and how much money will be raised the rest of the funds will be spent very wisely and only on the twins.  Every successful person needs some type of skills.  So after that point we will use whatever funds wills be left for classes to learn many different things.  To play the piano or even the guitar.  I will be making updates  as time goes on based on how much funds have been collected over the initial $1000 on what else they can do or learn in their goal in becoming famous.

A little about the twins, the twins are named christian and sebastian, they will be turning 3 years old in august 31st.  They love the attention and the spot light and this should be a fun little project for them, or who knows maybe a big career i guess sky is the limit and we will wait and see.  These are some of the most happiest, coolest and funnest babies you will ever see.  I and the twins thank everyone for there support.  

The minimum we are asking for is $1000 dollars so they can start there "Becoming famous" career with some professional photos taken of them. That way they can have a professional portfolio for what ever comes next in there lives.

The kids will also be thanking everyone that has donated money for this cause.  it will be everything for a personally made "thank you" card, to a personal "thank you" video and if you are in the area of NY you will get a personal huge from the twins as a "thank you" for helping them out if you live far away you will get a personal call where they will say thank you from the twins.  

Please take a look at all the photo i have put up on Facebook for the twins. i will try to put up as many photos and videos on this page as i could but the rest can be found on Facebook.  the link should be somewhere on this page  if not you can copy and past this url to your browser.

At the end of this kick start we will post to Facebook the photos that were taken and the portfolio that had been built for the twins from your support.  everything will be posted to Facebook.  Also In the future the twins will be getting there very own instagram page so please like us on Facebook and stay tune for the instagram details. some more pictures of the twins are below.

Risks and challenges

Some risk are that they don't become famous, but i am not expecting them too i just want the kids to have fun maybe learn a couple new techniques like playing the piano and have some professional portfolio pictures that they can use later on in life. There is no failure here just a great experience in doing and trying something.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    will be a "thank you" from the twins either in an email or txt message.

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    Personal hand made card from the twins saying "thank you for your support" will come in within a month after the kick start has finished

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    For 100$ you get either of three different things, a "thank you" Video or telephone call from the twins. the choice is yours

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    And the grand prize of them all for 200$ you get a face to face hug from both the twins at the same time and a "thank you" for all your support. But you have to live within 200 miles of NY

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