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Adapt. Overcome. Survive! The Book of Collective Influence brings NEW Pathfinder classes from top industry designers all in one tome. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 13, 2014.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive! The Book of Collective Influence brings NEW Pathfinder classes from top industry designers all in one tome.

About this project

Liber Influxus Communis is a collaborative effort by some of the best minds among the world of third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible publishing, all brought to rein for one impressive tome. Each has created one or more unique, groundbreaking base classes for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, fundamentally bringing a new level of play to your tabletop.

PREVIEW THE Mnemonic, Conduit, and Survivor HERE!

PREVIEW THE Mystic and Warloghe HERE!

PREVIEW THE Metamorph, Medium, Tainted HERE!

Ten fantastic designers developing nine impressive classes.

  • Alexander "Alex" Augunas

  • Bradley Crouch

  • Eric Morton

  • Mike Myler

  • Scott Gladstein

  • Will McCardell

  • Wayne Canepa
  • Wojciech "Drejk" Gruchała

  • Daron Woodson (see stretch goals)

  • Greg LaRose (to be announced)

50 Likes on Facebook - Jay Sloan Award: If we can generate 50 "likes" on our Facebook page, that's enough to know that there's avid interest in this project! We'll start commissioning original black and white artwork from our favorite industry artist Jay Sloan (from our Prepare for War Adventure Path).

100 Likes on Facebook - Pick-A-Designer: If we double our above goal, we'll take a survey to find out who you want to design another class to be added to the Liber Influxus Communis.

More About the Book of Collective Influence

Liber Influxus Communis: the Book of Collective Influence is a product based on submissions to Amora Game, developed after we sent out a call to designers for the project. None of these individuals knew who else was working on the book, or what their contemporaries might've been working on. 

In a truly magnificent confluence, the themes of each developer's designs coincided with one another so fluidly that our staff became convinced that the pieces of a puzzle we didn't even realize we were putting together were suddenly falling into place before our eyes!

Liber Influxus Communis: the Book of Collective Influence

The theme for this compilation of base classes is that of altering your environment, or being altered by it. These designs put that control into the hands of the players with classes that deal with manipulating magic, memories, spirits, and the elements. Some of these classes are mutated by the influences of these outside forces, while others are most adept at surviving them!

Let's meet the designers and their creations!

Alexander "Alex" Augunas - (Pact Magic Unbound, Amazing Races! Kitsune, Village Backdrop: Vulgruph's Hollow)

Mystic: For some, the path to power transcends both spell and sword—for them, power is a doctrine, a belief in a series of spiritual truths that lies beyond ordinary understanding. These mystics, so called because they adhere to ancient traditions and rites known only to others who follow their path, elevate their awareness in hopes of achieving enlightenment through their thoughts and deeds. Once believed to be widely spread, the supernatural gifts of the mystic are now predetermined by circumstance of conception as each are destined at birth to walk in union with one of the world’s primal forces, be it the elements of nature or the energy that comprises their very soul.

Bradley Crouch - Interjection Games (The Tinker: Master of Modular Mechanical Mayhem, The Ethermancer: An "Eldritch" Reboot)

Tainted: It is no secret that the Material Plane is coveted by others. From the efreeti of the Plane of Fire to the various crystalline denizens of the Plane of Earth, the harmony of elements embodied by the Prime Material Plane spurs some of these outsiders to visit. Whether as a tourist, as a teacher, or as a conqueror, a visiting outsider must tear a rift between worlds in order to set foot on the Material Plane. This allows the raw energy of their own plane to seep in for a split second. From time to time, the residual energies of these cosmic incursions reach out to the unborn children of the Material Plane, slowly twisting them to resemble these outsiders both in form and function. The tainted are both blessed and cursed, for while many lose their humanity, they also stand to gain so much more.

Eric Morton - (RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16, 2012 Top 32)

Medium: Living vessels for beings that exist outside the normal limits of reality, mediums share their bodies with spirit companions whose abilities are drawn from one or more other classes. When not channeling these loyal companions, mediums receive guidance from various other spirits.

Mike Myler - (The Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill, The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar)

Conduit: Some wield magic naturally, some are granted it by the divine and others still learn the matrices behind the power of the arcane—the conduit, however, channels mystical force. These legendary adventurers have been known to fly under their own power, to blast mages away with absorbed spells and wield magic in their very hands as though it were a steel blade. Conduits are superhuman reservoirs of both arcane and divine energies, able to dispense them for both their own protection and to fell their enemies.

Mnemonic: The rigorous studies of the mnemonic are as mental as they are physical. These prodigal warriors train their bodies and minds to perfection, developing a preternatural talent to emulate the abilities of others and to steal memories straight from the minds of their opponents. Chameleons of combat, two encounters with the same mnemonic might play out entirely differently—if the mnemonic leaves his target with the memory of either, that is.

Scott Gladstein - Little Red Goblin Games (Necropunk, Legendary Levels, Heroes of the East)

Survivor: Out of the crucible of hellish experiences comes a character that can endure any hardship, guiding his friends and allies to safety with uncanny foresight and tenacity.

Will McCardell - (The Genius Guide to Apeiron Staves,The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items)

Demiurge: The demiurge is a traveling scholar able to see past the material world and gaze into the Perfect World, a realm where concepts are made real. Using their knowledge of this Perfect World, the demiurge are able to craft facsimiles, conglomerations of concepts made real - tools to be used for their whims and desires. The path to enlightenment is different for every demiurge, as their unique views of the Perfect World influence them in more than one way.

Wojciech "Drejk" Gruchała - (Supporting Roles: Commander & Centurion)

Metamorph: A seeker of monstrous apotheosis, the metamorph transcends the limitations of the humanoid body by directing themselves through multiple evolutionary stages in a single lifetime. As each metamorph progresses on their chosen path, the metamorph manifests more and more inhuman traits, eventually becoming unique hybrid of humanoid and monster.

Wayne Canepa - (Prepare for War: Basic Training Manual)

Warloghe: Intuitive spellcasters that deal in taboo spirit magic, warlocks are often selfish and manipulative, disregarding magical theory and ethics in the pursuit of personal power. Warlocks bargain, commune with, and coerce myriad spirits into service to increase their mastery of dark arts and to hinder or corrupt their foes. Ancestor and nature spirits, mercurial fey, weird elementals, and mysterious outsiders are all potential allies or pawns to be drawn into the service of the warlock.

Easy Read Rewards
Easy Read Rewards

Stretch Goals:

$1,200 - UNLocked Abandoned Arts Reward - Once this goal is unlocked, Daron Woodson, lead author for Abandoned Arts, will contribute archetypes for each of the aforementioned classes for inclusion in Liber Influxus Communis: the Book of Collective Influence.

$1,500 - UNLocked Color Art - The art for the book gets a splash of color!

$1,600 - UNLocked Additional Chapter - We had a chapter to the book on Haunts, Environmental Hazards, and Magical Contamination.

$1,700 - UNLocked Adventure Time with Charles Marleau of Rocks Fall Games! - An adventure module (PDF) will be written specific to showcase these classes. In addition those with the NPC Role level rewards will have their NPC make an appearance in the adventure as well. (PDF given to all backers of $10+).

$2,000 - [Locked] John Reyst - The man behind will join the ranks as a guest designer.

$2,500 - [Locked] To be announced

$3,000 - [Locked] To be announced

Risks and challenges

Development for this project is already underway, and several of the aforementioned classes are ready to enter the playtesting phase post-funding. Each author owes the developer a first draft by February 1st, 2014...but most these drafts are more than halfway there at the time of this writing, or are presently in "pre-playtest" (internal playtest) phases.

Money is already set aside to pay these hardworking designers.

So why do a Kickstarter? With such talented designers, we want to push this product out the door, and into your hands faster than our normal production schedule without loosing it's quality. We'll do this by taking your feedback during the playtest.

What you are funding is improvement in the production quality.
*Color art vs. black & white art
*More hands on the beta test to provide more feedback to the designers.

Finally, in addition to funding these awesome stretch goals, you'll be getting this book at a lower price by backing this book on Kickstarter!

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    NPC ROLE: Provide an NPC for the book of ANY level based on a 20 point build. This will be added as a NPC stat block in the book. You'll select the class from the book, the name, and the background, and description for artwork. We will have an artist bring your character to life for inclusion in the book. PLUS you will receive the Iconic Roles rewards as described above.

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    CONCEPT DESIGNER PACKAGE: We take your idea, develop a class around it, and ADD IT TO THE BOOK! You will work with one of our lead developers to fine-tune your class concept, submit it to our beta-testers, and help it to grow with community feedback. You will be given associate designer credit in the publication of this book alongside our industry veterans. In addition, you'll receive the Iconic Roles reward as described, above!

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    PEER REVIEW DESIGNER: [You must have a developed class prepared when selecting this level.] If you've developed (or are still developing!) a base class of your own that you'd love to see in print, Amora Game will submit your work to each of our esteemed and established team members for review, advisory feedback, and professional critique. We'll also pass your content on to all backers for extensive playtesting. Once your class is fine-tuned, playtested, and wholly complete, we'll include your work in Liber Influxus Communis: the Book of Collective Influence along with a design credit. Finally, you'll receive the Iconic Roles reward as described above, plus any additional add-ons that the Liber Influxus Communis develops before release.

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