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Art of War (relaunch): The Martial Arts Setting in a Fantasy Anime World. Powered by Savage Worlds.
Be a Hero. Be a Legend.
Art of War (relaunch): The Martial Arts Setting in a Fantasy Anime World. Powered by Savage Worlds. Be a Hero. Be a Legend.
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Happy late New Years!

Posted by glarose (Creator)

Hello Backers, 

The past 20 days we have been keeping up with the #SWADE revisions (4.1 so far) and updating the production file as needed. Layout is mostly done, fine tune editing, and keeping up with the revisions is a work in progress. I’m very close to getting it finished and making sure it is functional with SWD and SWADE. 

    A goal from the very beginning was to make sure it was 100% compatible with both. As SWADE came out and revisions took place, the Chi Techniques didn’t line up with the Powers list. There is a noticeable divide between base Ranges and Duration, not just the differences in SWD vs SWADE Power rules. I needed to correct this to get in line with the above goal. 

    The majority of the last 20 days has been a deconstruction and rebuilding of the Chi System. So far, if a Technique has a duration it pulls from the current SWADE standard of 5 rounds versus the common SWD 3 rounds. Techniques do not follow the list of Powers from other editions, but an entirely new list has been made with its own rules. Some Techniques do pull from original Powers list, and makes references to the original source material, but have been altered to best fit the setting of Art of War.  

An example would be the barrier power which is now Great Wall and has some updated flexibility. 

Great Wall (Barrier)

Cost: 1

Duration: 5

Range: Spirit

Requirement: Seasoned

Trappings: Fire Screen, Lost Souls Shield, Wind Wall

The Southern Wall wasn’t built by hands alone, but was accompanied by Chi masters. This technique works mechanically exactly as the barrier power found in Savage Worlds, except that it can form a shape when created. The wall can be a straight line, a straight line with angles, zigzag, circle, square or another basic shape. 


  • Damage (+1): This technique causes 2d4 damage to anything that contacts it.
  • Permanent (+3): The barrier becomes a permanent structure. This modifier can not be combined with the damage modifier. 
  • Size (+1): The length of the wall is doubled, and the height can be up to double in size.
  • Strong (+1/+2): The wall is Toughness 12. For +2 points it becomes a Toughness 14.  

There are many examples of original material as well (you’ll see soon enough). The current combined listed of deconstructed and rebuilt or modified techniques sits just over 40. Which brings me to my next point. 

I am looking into transferring reward tracking from Kickstarter to BackerKit. Backerkit is a simpler way to navigate Kickstarter rewards for project creators. However, it cost money and I’m operating on a tight budget. By Friday a decision will be made and surveys will be sent out. So keep an eye out this weekend from either Kickstarter or BackerKit. 

I’ll update you with weekend with deadlines and updates. Keep an eye out for that reward survey. 

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