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Art of War (relaunch): The Martial Arts Setting in a Fantasy Anime World. Powered by Savage Worlds.
Be a Hero. Be a Legend.
Art of War (relaunch): The Martial Arts Setting in a Fantasy Anime World. Powered by Savage Worlds. Be a Hero. Be a Legend.
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State of the Kickstarter

Posted by glarose (Creator)

December races past like the traditional “Dire Chicken” Races of the Mid-Summer Festival. Layout is almost finished and Art of War is in the middle of a final editing pass. Some reasons for the small push back on the deadline.

1. Map is labeled as “in progress”. This is why I have not been able to show you the two examples I wanted since the last update.

2. SWADE revision has not been released. Shane has encouraged some of us to wait for the next revision. It changes certain mechanics and descriptions of rules. This might alter the mechanics of how Techniques work.

As I work through today and tomorrow, I could make the December deadline (but my body likes to sleep). However, a update would be released once the revision of SWADE is updated (as it is not yet finalized).

Mentioning all of this might make some people nervous and if you are among them, have no worries. We are going to deliver all products reached by Stretch Goals. Just a week or two behind schedule as we wait for the creators of the rule system to finalize their rules.

If you are still nervous and wish to back out of this Kickstarter, we have not spent any of the money raised. I wish for you to stick around, but I know people get itchy. I am more than willing to refund your money minus the fees that Kickstarter has taken as their cut. Please reach out to me directly here, or email “AmoraGame” at Gmail. (do not use the quotes. We put those in there to get by email bot scanners).

In transparency, the project is sitting on my desk. Staring at me, waiting to hit the “publish” button. Surveys are coming soon.

In the meantime, I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

PS: If you have any concerns or questions, reach out to me. If they are not personalized, I will make the questions and answers public so we are all on the same page of accountability.

"Dire Chickens", yes there will be Chocobo, but not a Chocobo. Still doesn't have a name, perhaps Basan.

Art Description: A large flightless bird that is used for both domesticated agriculture uses (meat, feathers, eggs, and plowing fields) and as a riding pack animal (like a horse). “Dire roosters” are found across all habitats. This species of fowl has feathers that change over time based on the food source provided. Those that eat grains are more earthly toned, while ones found in the tropics tend to have bright colors of the local fruit.

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