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Art of War (relaunch): The Martial Arts Setting in a Fantasy Anime World. Powered by Savage Worlds. Be a Hero. Be a Legend.
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Weekly Update 9/8/18

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Short update with not much to report on this week. Schedule has been tight, but Chapter 1 layout is almost done! Playtest will be ready next week and I'll share the first glimpse of the story about the divine origins of the Kitsune Clan (and why they are not the Fox clan).

Chi Techniques deserve good art. Artist Sasha Turk has done an amazing job on this. (Please ignore the logo branding, was playing with promotion pamphlets).

  • Chapter 1: Introduction - Layout 87%.
  • Chapter 2: The San Empire - 65% completed (History timeline and story of the clans are completed)
  • Chapter 3: Heroes - still in editing; finalized play-test (should be ready in 1 weeks)
  • Chapter 4: Equipment - 50% developed
  • Chapter 5: Setting Rules - post edit; revisions being applied
  • Chapter 6: Gazetteer - KS funds transferred, working on finalized map draft. Locations 100% developed.
  • Chapter 7: Menagerie - 50% developed
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