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We’re building a watch that counts down your life, in order to make the world a better place, and we need your help!

"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."  Steve Jobs

Tikker – The wrist watch that counts down your life 

Imagine someone told you that you only had 1 year left to live. How would that change your life?

For all of us life comes with a best before date, and one day we'll find ourselves at the end of the line. Gee, you're thinking, this is really depressing!  But, wait, there's good news too!
While death is nonnegotiable, life isn't. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and oboy can it be beautiful!
All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given, to honor it, suck the marrow from it, seize the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds, days and years are passing never to come again. And to make the right choices.

Anger or forgiveness? Tic-toc.

Wearing a frown or a smile? Tic-toc. 

Happy or upset? Tic-toc.

That's why we've created Tikker, the wrist watch that counts down your life, just so you can make every second count.

Tikker is a wrist watch that counts down your life from years to seconds, and motivates you to make the right choices. Tikker will be there to remind you to make most of your life, and most importantly, to be happy.

But it's not really about how much time you HAVE, it's what you DO with it. A week spent in love and happiness can be worth more than years spent in agony.

Wearing a Tikker is a statement to the world that your biggest priority in life, is living.

So please help us help you do that, and have the time of your life with Tikker, the death watch that makes every second count.

PS. Tikker also shows you the time!

What time is it?

32 years, 4 months, 12 days, 20 minutes and 33 seconds.

What time is it?

12 years, 9 months, 4 days, 35 minutes and 8 seconds. 

What time is it?

53 years 7 months, 1 day, 56 minutes and 12 seconds.

This is how Tikker works:
Setting up and using TIKKER is incredibly easy. The wearer simply fills out a questionnaire, deducts his/her current age from the results, and TIKKER is ready to start the countdown. With your Tikker you will also receive the book About Time. This is your instruction manual to both Tikker, and time itself. It gives you information, not only on the concept of time – answering questions such as "What is time? When did time begin? Is time endless?" – but it will also guide you through the process of calculating your own life time. Through various questions you will arrive at a figure; this is what set your Tikker on. Although your life's countdown began the day you were born, Tikker is now there to remind you to make the most of it, AND TO BE HAPPY!

It's important to remember that it's not about how much time you HAVE, it's what you DO with it. A week spent in love and happiness can be worth more than a year spent in agony. If you knew how much time you had left, wouldn't you use that time wisely? No more pointless arguments, no more chasing after what you don't really want. Good bye unsatisfaction, hello happiness. If you know that time is ending, you make every second count. You make sure to have the time of your life.

Be happy with Tikker, make every second count and have the time of your life!

Product development

Everything started with the realization that time would one day end. After the initial shock it dawned on us that instead of feeling dread over it, we should use it to our advantage, and create the lives we really wanted. 

Early sketch
Early sketch
logo - first draft
logo - first draft
Parts development
Parts development
Finished prototype
Finished prototype
Finished prototype
Finished prototype
Finished prototype
Finished prototype
Manual sketch
Manual sketch

Who we are, and why we need your help:

The Tikker team is a group of designers, free-thinkers, lovers and life-afficionados, who have been working on Tikker for over 2 years now. (Although we have dwelled on the concepts of time and happiness for well over 10). Tikker was founded by Fredrik Colting, who came up with an idea of a "death watch" when his grandfather passed away, several years ago. 

"It made me think about death and the transience of life, and I realized that nothing matters when you are dead. Instead what matters is what we do when we are alive." 

The Tikker that you see in the video and the pictures above is a real, working prototype. With your support we can bring Tikker onto wrists worldwide, and, in the process, hopefully help make the world a happier place.

Your contribution will help fund:

-Tooling and mechanical costs
-Large component order
-Assembly and testing

Manufacturing Plan

As a group we first started working on the idea of Tikker 2 years ago (although we have dwelled on the concepts of time and happiness for well over 10), and we've come a long way since those first development meetings. What started as an idea slowly took form in sketches, models and concept prototypes. It wasn't long until the project took on a rather morbid name – Tikker has come to be called "the death watch" by the people in and around the development group. But despite it's nick name we really doesn't see it as one. 

"Forget all about "smart watches" that will keep you connected to your work email 24/7. How about a watch that is designed to actually make you happier, and help you get a better life? A happiness watch. That's what Tikker is designed to do." 

Our goal has always been to create a solution that would do just that – make you happier –, while also pushing the envelope on style and product design. About 2 years ago we began our search for the best partners, designers and production specialists, to make our dream true. During these years we have sourced a very experienced team of manufacturers and component suppliers from around the world. We've personally visited and established contact with the select few that meet our strict standards of quality, price and ethical production. 

During development we have experimented with several different types of designs and materials to perfect our product, and we have arrived with the Tikker you see today. Along the road we've continued to solve both software and hardware problems, of which adjusting the counter for leap years, and developing a three-row digital watch display, proved being the most difficult. 

Today our design has only the slight remaining tweaks to be ironed out, while components are ceaslessly being tested to make sure they uphold quality and lenght of life. Packaging design and final prototype testing is under way, and with funds we will be able to convert our prototype to production-ready models, and begin line production. Final product testing will then commence, before shipping finished Tikkers out to customers around the world. Fulfillment will be handled by international carriers, and we are currently in negotiations with distributors from around the world, who are following our process. 

Apart from the software and hardware, we are also working hard on the actual impact of using Tikker. The technical aspects of Tikker is one thing, but the psychological and philosophical aspects are much harder to gauge, and test. How can Tikker be used? What is the most beneficial way to use it? Can the acknowledgement of death make our lives better? Or can it affect us negatively? And so on. These discussions and tests are more metaphysical in nature, and impossible to produce and package. Nonetheless they are important as they deal with the basics of our idea. An idea we are very happy and proud to be working on, and hopefully, with your help, we can extend into the world.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We currently have working prototypes, but as the design evolves for manufacturing we may need to change some of the materials we are using. Battery life is another challenge, but we are confident we will solve it.


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