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Opportunities for women MMA fighters were few and far between BUT, this is going to change with a historic championship in April 2012.

Opportunities for women MMA fighters were few and far between BUT, this is going to change with a historic championship in April 2012. Read More
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Claudine Jordan
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Claudine Jordan

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About this project

March 8, 2012 International Women's Day: Appropriate day to begin this campaign

Rationale for our Kickstarter Project

Mixed martial arts has been controversial since its conception. If you’re a fan you know it’s certainly a growth sport. But as with many sports, women are finding it difficult to be recognized as professional athletes. Female fighters do compete as individuals in the cage and there is a strong sense of community among them. They fight for a common cause - equality in sports, which also translates into equality in society.

However, opportunities for women MMA fighters have been few and far between and when the major promotion Strikeforce was recently bought by the UFC  even those opportunities were diminished. But then two women decided to change that with a historic all-woman fight card to be held in April 2012 in Kansas City, KS.

Our documentary A Cage of their Own is the story behind this event. It will look at the lives and ambitions of the promoters as well as those of some of the twenty-four professional female fighters. Each will have a unique story to tell. Women of all weight categories will fight in this unique promotion. But each shares a passion for fighting as well as female empowerment. And that’s what this film will ultimately be about.

As for the promoters, they’re offering a unique card but will it be a one shot deal? Invicta Fighting Championships hopes not. They’re offering free live streaming video of the event from their website in the hope that it will increase international interest in women’s MMA . 

Financial goal for this Kickstarter campaign

We've set a minimum goal of $10,000 to cover the costs of traveling to Kansas City in April and to various cities in order to film the women fighters featured in the film. Anything beyond the minimum goal will go toward special post-production services, such as audio mixes, color correction, music acquisition, etc.

How we plan to use the raised funds

The Ceze Films team plans to be there to document this historic occasion in a film titled A Cage of their Own. But to tell the whole story in the most engaging manner will involve shooting on other locations as well. We need to be able to show and not just tell. That’s why we’re asking for your help. We want to show you the fighters in their own environment, in addition to showing them before and after their fights. 

Who we are and our connection to women’s MMA

Claudine Jordan and Tom Klodin taught film on the college level for many years. Their films have been distributed nationally as well as screened internationally at various film festivals. They are not newcomers to the world of MMA.  In their feature-length documentary Fight for It (www.FightForItMovie.comthey followed MMA fighter Leslie Smith for two years as she developed from a fledgling fighter to becoming a major contender. Leslie Smith will face Kaitlin Young at the April Invicta Fighting Championships One fight card. Several other key players in Fight for It will be featured in the new film as well. See the fight card at

Why you may want to sponsor us

So why should you help sponsor this film? If you’re an MMA fan or a feminist, or if you simply like upbeat positive documentaries you’ll probably want to see this film. We believe that there is a great and timely story here to share and, with your help, that is what we intend to do.

Kickstarter funding rules and how it affects this project

Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. Your credit card or debit card will not be charged unless the campaign is successful.

How you can help

1. Pledge the amount with which you feel comfortable

2. Forward this Kickstarter page to the friends and family members whom you think would like to sponsor us

3. "Like" our Ceze Films Facebook Page

And consider this:

We’re trying to tell a story about people who, after hearing “no” so many times, decided to do something positive for change and for equality. By supporting us you’ll be supporting that message as well.

As filmmakers we are committed to our craft and this project. Working on Fight For It opened our eyes to a world we certainly didn’t expect. We met some of the kindest, most respectful and educated people around. It’s the surprises that make this story so exciting – plus, of course, the visceral action that takes place inside the cage.

Thank you for looking at our page, for supporting women in sports, and women's MMA specifically!

Casewrap image of the Fight For It movie you will receive with a pledge of $50 or more.


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