Pizza Shelf: Wood-Fired Pizza In Your Oven In 90 Seconds

by Anthony Rotio

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    1. David Scarpetti on

      Updates should be preceded by a short sentence that states if fulfillment as indicated in the campaign will be achieved.

      The next 40 pages can be anything else, no one cares. I didnt pay for you to tweak a recipe.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Howard on

      Nice to hear everything is on track. I always get nervous when I back something...Coolest really broke me.

    3. Anthony Rotio Creator on

      Hey Josh, appreciate it! We'll keep working hard to stay on track.

      David, thanks for the feedback and your support. I like the idea of having a tl;dr at the beginning for those that want to cut to the chase.

    4. Bob DaCanto on

      That’s great news. I cannot wait for my pizza shelf.

    5. Anthony Rotio Creator on

      Thanks, Bob, we can't wait to send you one!

    6. Louis Morrissette on

      Thank you for the update. I think working on a pizza dough recipe and information parallel to working things out with suppliers is a good idea. It keeps you from going crazy waiting for responses and is a value-added element to recipients.

      Josh- I got burned bad with ZPM Espresso. I've also been more cautious. I feel like this project has less moving parts and has a higher success rate than most projects.

    7. Eric Heppel on

      Looking forward to units shipping. Will we be contacted individually to confirm shipping address?

    8. Anthony Rotio Creator on

      Eric, yes sir. Emails to that effect will go out in the next few weeks - we've enlisted the help of BackerKit to help make it as smooth as possible for our backers. They have some less than ideal features (like having options to "leave a tip" or to purchase another one - totally unnecessary) but I've been assured their value-add is making backers feel like VIPs through the tail end of the fulfillment process. A kickoff email (with address confirmation) from a BackerKit email address will be coming soon.