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I want to own my business of gourmet Lebanese food through a food truck. I will be using my local farmers for fresh organic meats and vegetables.
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Suzy Phillips

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Spartacus gets delivered while I was waiting tables!

Hi all,

I wanted to share this video with all of you!
Spartacus (My food Truck) was named by a good friend and pledger, John Hall, was delivered 2 weeks ago to one of the places I work, The Corner Kitchen. As my section filled up ( I am a server, for those of you who did not know) the driver pulls to the nearest place he can unload, so I get the call and I had to tell all my guests in my section that I had to leave, kindly my manager Tom took over my section. Gabriel, my husband who had a meeting at The Corner Kitchen with some folks from Canada who put on Action Film Fest gave me a ride, along with Colin Geddes (Action Film Festival Dude) who was kind enough to film me and send me this clip!
I had no idea I was being filmed, I thought they where taking photos, so I was really pleasantly surprised as I received this in my email today!
I inspected Spartacus to make sure there was no damage during travel and went back to waiting tables. Upon my return to my section, I got a standing ovation from all the guests and everybody clapped for me, I guess my manager Tom told them all the reason that I had to leave.
I cried like a baby!

Yours truly,


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    1. Creator Kat LaBine on March 21, 2011

      The Truck looks great! I hope the best for you and your endeavors.