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Garage/punk rock legends, The Standells, who made the '60s hit, "Dirty Water", are set to record their first album in over 40 years.

          An opportunity to help make Rock history! 

After 40 years, the Standells are heading back into the studio to record a new album which will include original songs (one of which is featured at rehearsal in the above video) and one re-do of a vintage Standells song which was recorded but never released.  Presently the band is working on new songs that will capture the raw, driving sound the Standells were known for back in the '60s. To do it right, they need your help!

In order to do the music justice, the band wants to record it in the right studio situation - one that is not only state-of-the-art but also has the capacity to lay down tracks both digitally and on tape.  Plus, the Standells will be using an authentic Vox Continental.  The funds raised here on Kickstarter will be used towards those studio costs, tape stock, engineering, artwork, design, CD duplication and vinyl pressing expenses for all those who still love their 45's and 33 1/3's.  The Standells have learned from experience - No major label suits will be allowed in the recording studio and no producers will be dictating to them what to record. That is why the Standells are using July 4th as their funding deadline.  

Independence Day for an Independent Group! 


Unlike most of their peers in the '60s garage rock scene, the Standells continue to play blistering sets today. Don't be surprised when you see the band decked out all in black. As any Standells fan can tell you: Sometimes good guys don't wear white.

— Craven Lovelace, KAFM NOTES, Grand Junction Free Press Music Columnist, June 1, 2011

These guys ARE garage rock. 

— Jaime Widder


—  Psychedellic Central psychedeliccentral1

This is absolutely one of the best bands ever!!! 

— Jerrica Lee

The band played what can only be described as a blinder of a set… 

Minty And The Beeb Go Gigging  

Standells in Portland were incredible, played everything I wanted to hear and then some. They were having a great time too! They haven't missed a step, see 'em if you ever get a chance! — Jerry Bennett, Radio Host From Here To Obscurity on KSER 90.7 FM in Everett, Wa on the web:


  • If anyone watched the Grammy’s this year, they would know that a little-known indie punk rock group named Arcade Fire walked away with the Grammy’s. They not only beat out major artists like Eminem, but also kicked ass on the major record labels. It’s pretty widely known that big record companies like Warner Bros. Records and MCA have been steadily losing their share of record sales to indie performers and labels over the last several years. The reason is fairly obvious: Unless it’s an American Idol winner or cookie-cutter performer who sounds like every other act, the majors don’t have a clue as to what’s going to sell and what people want to hear. During the Standells tours in the USA and Europe, they’ve noticed there is a growing hunger for what many fans refer to as “the real thing”, which they believe they get with the Standells.

    During the ‘60s the Standells were signed to a number of major record labels, many of which provided staff record producers. Most of them tried to turn the group into something they weren’t. One producer absolutely ruined a song that that Larry Tamblyn wrote and sang. It was meant to be a loud and raunchy rocker; instead it ended up sounding almost like a polka (with a clavinet solo in it) Another major name producer from a big label tried to make the Standells sound like the Righteous Brothers. That was NOT the Standells. They were finally fortunate to sign with producer Ed Cobb, with whom they collaborated to make “Dirty Water”. At first, Ed was a pleasure to work with, because he acted like a fifth member, channeling the group’s thoughts and ideas into some really good recordings. However, as time went on, Ed became very difficult to work with, and the Standells music eventually suffered from it. They really don’t want this to happen again. They’ve been around long enough to know what music the fans want to hear. They also don’t want to put fate in the hands of major label suits who are running scared right now.

    With the help of your donation, the Standells are bypassing the majors this time and doing it themselves. They are going to record the album, master it, press the vinyl albums, duplicate the CD’s and distribute the recordings under their own record label, like what so many other successful indie performers are now doing.

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  • The way Kickstarter works is that it places a hold on your account for the pledged amount. If the Standells do not reach the goal of $8800.00, all pledges will simply be released and no cash will be exchanged.

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  • Performing are original members Larry Tamblyn (founder, lead vocals, keyboard), John Fleck (bass) and Greg "Scorch" Burnham (drums)

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  • Whoa, absolutely not! Standells is a registered service mark with the US Patent office. No one has permission to use the Standells name except the Standells. They're the REAL DEAL!

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