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A whimsical, funny, and powerful adventure set in a world where the Ice Age never ended and civilization barely ever began. Read more

Seminole, FL Comics
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This project was successfully funded on August 25, 2012.

A whimsical, funny, and powerful adventure set in a world where the Ice Age never ended and civilization barely ever began.

Seminole, FL Comics
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About this project

What is "Timeless"?

A strange, striking graphic novel I'm seeking to draw and write and publish, a few hundred pages in length.

But if you're curious about What This Is, the best place to start would be to just read this preview chapter, 'Tangled Antlers'.

A sample/preview chapter showing the last events in Offstar's life prior to travelling south and engaging in the adventure to be featured in "Timeless" proper.

Finished? Wonderful! Now read on.

In the world of "Timeless", the Ice Age came, but it never went away. It lingered. It kept happening, and civilization as we know it never really STARTED happening.

The folks on this world don't tell time like we do, but if they did, the year would be around 1960-something. Technology-wise, though, things have lagged a fair bit behind. It's too damn cold to do much but survive.

Like wee little plants growing through cracks in the concrete, mankind only really pops up in recognizable form in scattered, isolated pockets across the frozen frontier. Nomads wander between small cities where folks huddle together for warmth and support, seeming to yearn for some easier, nicer way of life that they've never come close to having.

Offstar, our story's somewhat feral protagonist, has recently found herself in a position to move on from the violence and vengeance that informed most of her life and ambitions. Seeking a new, higher purpose, she travels south, to discover if the rumors are true. If there's a place where humanity doesn't just continue to exist by the skin of their teeth, but indeed, where humanity flourishes. A place where things aren't so damn COLD.

"Timeless" will be the story of her long, turbulent adventure going south, the various striking and complex souls she meets along the way, and what she finds when she gets there.

The adventure will be heartfelt and heartbreaking, whimsical but ruthless, and all that is funny and sad and inspiring and depressing. It's a long, dangerous journey being made by strange, dangerous people. It will be a story well worth telling and experiencing.

And it needs. Your. Help.

What must be done?

I sincerely wish to make "Timeless" into a real thing. The story, its worlds, and its characters struck me with a passion and inspiration that comes along very rarely, and while I do draw and write and produce comics as inevitably as if it were a natural byproduct of my continued existence, "Timeless" is of a size and scope...narratively, thematically, emotionally, technically, and sheer overwhelming SIZE-ICALLY (of course that's a word) that it needs to be done right if its to be done justice. And it needs to be something REAL. When I envision "Timeless", I envision the turning of pages and a spot on the shelf.

But printing and publishing isn't free, and making a full-length graphic novel, hundreds of pages in length, is an enormous undertaking. As a married guy with two kids, I only have so much time to art it up while still justifying my "World's Greatest Dad" mug.

To cover all the numerous matters of cost in regards to publishing, printing, organizing, marketing and altogether just MAKING this thing, I need help. When informed that I needed money to make a HUUUUUGE comic, my daughter dashed off to her room and returned loaded down with Jenga pieces in her arms and stuffed in her pockets, saying that she wished to help by giving me 'Jenga dollars'. Needless to say, this was one heck of a boost right out the gate, and greatly appreciated but even taking those Jenga dollars into consideration, we're not quite to the finish line with this thing.

Don't worry, I'll do all the whole, y'know. MAKING THE DAMN THING part, which will be both fun and utterly exhausting. And in the end, you get to read the comic, which will be fun and significantly less exhausting. Unless you're exhuasted by QUALITY STORYTELLING. But in the meantime, I ask that if you can, you consider helping to make "Timeless" happen, in whatever capacity you can manage. I promise there's never been anything quite like it.

Thank you very much!

* * * *


Due to a recurring case of AMAZING among the various folks who have pledged, we reached the goal! Already! I know, I'm surprised, too!

An ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who has helped make it happen! I am stunned and amazed and delighted and I hope Timeless delivers all the joy and entertainment you guys deserve! But with so much time left, I kinda have to ponder what else could be done with this Kickstarter as it lingers, its reason for living complete, its mission seen through, and my wife...dispenser of wisdom and profound truths...suggested the following: a collection of Surrealist Obituaries comics from, where else,

I hear tell that when a Kickstarter reaches its goal with an awkward amount of time to spare, it is suggested that one go for a 'stretch goal'. Sooooo, I guess I'll do that!

SO: if this here Kickstarter reaches $3000, everybody who pledges/has pledged at least $50 will also get a nice, manga-sized (BUT beefy in the page-count department, believe you me) "best of" Surrealist Obituaries collection, "OBITUARIES IN MY POCKET", featuring comics aplenty, plus some written commentary and such throughout, and at least two new SurObits, exclusive to the collection, all for fun SURREALIST OBITUARIES ON THE GO or ON YOUR BOOKSHELF goodness.

If you're interested in helping to reach the stretch goal, or in upping your pledge to $50 so as to also preorder "OBITUARIES IN MY POCKET", you may raise your pledge, but if not, leave your pledge RIGHT WHERE IT IS. You have already made my "Timeless" dreams come true, and I can only bow in appreciation. From here on out is just gravy, to be pursued if gravy is something you personally yearn for.

Thanks again, everyone!


  • Yes! There are disadvantages, mind you...the for-sale edition will be missing a special foreword included for folks who took part in the Kickstarter, you will have to wait longer, and you won't get the assorted other bonuses...but upon being completed "Timeless" will be available for purchase more or less FOREVER.

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  • You will not have to, no. If you are willing and able to pledge a bit extra to cover it, hey, by all means, that would be great, and I'd appreciate it! But you're not obligated to, and so long as you at least pledge the $25 minimum to preorder a copy, you WILL get one.

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  • It is a complete story unto itself. I hope to produce more graphic novels if "Timeless" is successful enough to manage it, but they'll be unrelated to it, with a hypothetical next one being either about vikings attacking a monastery, the post-Moonbound misadventures of "Surrealist Obituaries" character Brandy, or a magical realism Cold War spy story set in Berlin. But for now let us focus on "Timeless", and rest assured, it is a complete tale unto itself, and you won't need to worry about getting to the end and reading "TO BE CONTINUED" and having to mournfully weep at the crushing betrayal of it all. Rather, you will hopefully be overcome with emotions for VERY DIFFERENT reasons at the end of it all.

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    You'll be sent a "Thank You" email, complete with a digital copy of an exclusive piece of "Timeless" art!

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    All the above, plus a "Timeless" comic strip included in the email!

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    All the above, BUT MORE SIGNIFICANTLY, when "Timeless" itself is completed, you will be emailed THE ENTIRE comic in zipped, digital form!

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    You will receive all the above, plus the goal of this whole thing, your very own sleek, beautiful, and staggeringly handsome physical copy of the finished "Timeless" graphic novel! Consider this a preorder.

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    All of the above, but your copy will ALSO include a signature!

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    All of the above, plus three pages' worth of actual panels or concept art made in the creation of "Timeless" will be enclosed, along with a special illustrated 'Thank You' card!

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    Pledge $200 or more

    5 backers Limited (15 left of 20)

    All of the above, PLUS you...or a different person of your choosing, if you're the shy type OR if you just don't cherish being portrayed as a brawling saloon patron or something...will make a cameo appearance in the comic itself as a background extra!

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    All of the above, plus a 'Thank You' credit in the graphic novel's acknowledgements page!

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    All of the above, plus a large, specially done, original painted canvas of "Timeless" art sent your way as well.

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    All of the above, except instead of a cameo as a background extra, you...or, again, someone of your choosing...will get a 'speaking' role as a hallucinated God that visits one of the characters in a moment of crisis!

    Yes really.

    It'll be awesome.

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