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By Pleasure
$502 pledged of $2,000 goal

No longer the world's first crowdsourced erotic novel?

This morning I woke up to this headline:

Crowdsourced Erotic Fiction Novel Hits #4 On The iTunes Charts

For a moment, I was confused. A time warp? But we haven't even written the book yet!

At the time we launched our Kickstarter and boldly declared The World's First Crowdsourced Erotic Novel, it hadn't been done. We did extensive searches and research to see if anyone had crowdsourced an entire erotic fiction novel. We found very little. A few months back an Axe body spray web campaign asked their audience to vote on outcomes for a sexy animation series, but that was about all we found.

Over the past weeks, the hosts of The NSFW podcast launched a project to parody Fifty Shades of Grey, collected submissions from their audience and put together The Diamond Club. Apparently it is almost all "stroke scenes" with very little plot or editing, but that seems to work for the folks leaving rave reviews. The authors themselves are calling it "a hoax" and it is more a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey than a tribute to the genre of erotic fiction.

I am not so concerned about arm wrestling for the title of "World's First." When I launched this Kickstarter, that claim was an expression of my crazy enthusiasm for this idea. I am still so curious what we could create together - especially with the inclusion of lots of loving attention, editing and polishing to create an erotic novel that is more than "a hoax" but rather an expression of collective creativity. I love the proof of concept found in The Diamond Club's success and believe that crowds of passionate erotica lovers could create a whole new subgenre of erotica - something different, born not out of one author's imagination but out of the collective pulse of eroticism itself. 

The Tabula Rasa Kickstarter is still open, and we welcome anyone interested in contributing to the next crowdsourced erotic novel!

We'd love to hear from you if you have ideas, questions or thoughts on the project!

Let us know in the comments - should we change the title of this project, or stick with it? 




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