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From the creators of the Bobby Anti-theft Backpack, we are pleased to announce not just 1, but TWO new premium Anti-Theft models.
From the creators of the Bobby Anti-theft Backpack, we are pleased to announce not just 1, but TWO new premium Anti-Theft models.
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      Juan on

      I just want to confirm that the wireless charging pocket will still be there for the Tech design.


    2. XD Design 7-time creator on

      Thanks so much for all your comments!

      Let us try and reply to your comments as much as we can.

      We really investigated the way to make the USB port, also other solutions as maybe a simple pass through.
      We have seen and hear that the USB port on the inside of the backpack protection (so outside the bag, but on the inside of the side part) with a permanent port/plug on the outside for easy access has been one of the loved features of our original Bobby.

      However hearing and seeing that so many products and brands are switching to c-type USB so fast we need to be prepared for this, especially when launching an upgrade model. Phones and powerbanks that have been on the market now and before still have a regular USB port.
      This is why we really wanted to make sure to create a port which is ready for usage now, but also ready for the near future. As the bag will last you for a long time, the USB port needs to do the same.

      The placement of the USB port right now has been tested thoroughly and will not have any problems, not for thicker cables or opening up the bag & zippers etc.

      However when we are talking about adding a pocket this means that we need to add the opening for this pocket and the zipper closure for this.
      This is why it is not a simple add on option, but something we have to really look at to see if it is possible without creating any problems.

      The color of the Bobby Tech and Pro is black, however it is not such a dark black as the original one. This has everything to do with the fact that we are now using recycled materials for our backpacks. We feel that we need to play our part in creating more sustainable products and because of that we had to make a change in the materials.

      The belt of the shoulder strap has indeed been improved from the first batch of the original Bobby. This is a different material with more structure on it to prevent it from slipping.

      Hope this info helps!

      XD Design

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      Дмитрий Игоревич on

      Also, guys, think about the material for the belts. Maybe make it more rude. In the original Bobby, the black strap, which is used to set the length, very often slides to maximum length.

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      Дмитрий Игоревич on

      I bought the original Bobby and still use it. This is a great backpack, and I often use both side pockets. I think you should do something with the external connector and return the second side pocket to the PRO & TECH. For example, you can do the same as in the original Bobby: I can unplug the cable and then wash my backpack without fear of connecting water and electronics. In this case, the user can insert a USB-A or USB-C connector at his discretion. I don't think both connectors are needed at the same time. Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      "This extra c-type outlet makes it hard to place a pocket next to this usb port as it needs to stay easy accessible and the zipper closure would be too close and would scrape the USB port."

      Why not fully commit to just having a single usb-c port and have it pointed down like before? Since you firmly believe it is the new standard anyway.

      If there is a concern with the zipper scraping the usb-c port, this suggests that the port is too close to the back of the bag. If it stays the way it is, will there be enough room for bulkier usb-c cables to be plugged in while the bag is being worn? Will the cable be bent downward causing unnecessary wear and tear to my usb-c cables?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ang Chin Ik on

      I am good with just 1 hidden side pocket, as there is more than enough internal compartment for me to store all my needs, Even the Bobby Original I had I also rarely using the side pocket lol

    7. Missing avatar


      Or at least a pure fully black tech!!!

    8. Connor Gibson on

      Would love to see you guys adding the option to choose a red bag as a stretch goal.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on

      Out of curiosity, did you guys ever consider not having an attached port/cable at all and just having a pass-through instead? There is a brand called Tiggernu (that copied your bag) but marketed theirs with a "headphone pass through" in place of the attached port/cable. It would allow backers to router their own cables through the port and retain the side pocket that so many are requesting. I can provide a link to their listings if you guys want to see what I'm talking about.