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Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack.
Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack.
Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack.
4,058 backers pledged €319,682 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jordy Dam just now

      Could someone explain why I have to pay an additional €20 of customs fee? That was not part of the deal...

    2. Missing avatar

      Manuel Walker 1 day ago

      After having used the bag almost daily for the last 3 months, I would like to give a quick review:

      The bag is overall durable and the concept mostly works. However, it looses in the details:

      - Safety/antitheft feature: This works fine, however, the lock is of poor quality, so the numbers are hard to set on the padlock.
      - straps: Unfortunately they are the weakest point on the bag. The straps loose their set length easily,even if you secure the dangling rests of the straps. They are also poorly sewn onto the bag on the top and bottom. One of my straps alreay started to tear a little on the top, so I had to sew it on myself. They are also poorly padded.
      - Shoulder strap: The idea is rather sleek, however the "hooks" fall out easily if you put down the bag. It also means that the entire weight of the bag rests on the two short straps the hooks are attached to. As a result of this, my left lowever strap has already started to tear from the bag.
      - The laptop and document: They do their trick, the velcro strap is too loose though and doesn't hold much.
      - The other pockets in the interior: They are actually the best part, albeit their small size: There is no dedicated place for a computer charger. I use the one beneath the mouse/phone pockets (zipper), however my (not large) charger barely fits.
      hidden pocket / charging cord: This works as advertised, does the trick nicely. The two small pockets work fine for ear buds or a charging cable.

      All in all, the concept works fine and I still like the bag. However, the build quality does not correspond with the retail price. It's ok for the kickstarter price though.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ichiro Kamiya 2 days ago

      Hi, I'm Bobby and Bobby Biz user!
      Bobby Biz is very cool, but it is a bit smaller than Bobby.
      I think whether to use properly according to the amount of luggage.

      Today, I found a product whose design and concept are very similar to Bobby on the Internet.

      Are you tying up with the manufacturer of this bag?

    4. Missing avatar

      JontheGeekGuy 3 days ago

      Pretty happy with my bag but I really wish the handle for briefcase mode was on the other side. I feel like it would be easier to go from carrying on the right shoulder (which I think most people do) to carrying in briefcase mode. Another option for future iterations would be both sides

    5. Missing avatar

      Phillip M 4 days ago

      For the amount I paid for this, the quality could be a bit better. It still has a rather cheap feel to the bag but overall it's not bad. My biggest complaint is the zipper. I find it to be quite a struggle opening and closing this bag.

    6. Missing avatar

      ThelloD on November 10

      Bobby Bizz is really an awesome backpack. But there is one thing, which would be great if it would be improved. It could be a little bit smaller. The measurement of the bag is currently 31x44,5x10 (cm), however, many airlines only allow 30x40x10 (cm) for the 2nd piece of baggage. Not a big difference, but officially it's a little bit too big, so if the airline is strict you could run into trouble.

      Maybe that could be considered if you're ever going to make a Booby Biz 2.0?

    7. XD Design 3-time creator on November 3

      Hi Bobby Bizz Backers,

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the bag, we take it all by heart and make sure that the points we can improve we will for sure improve for the next productions. Your feedback is a huge support as we get to learn first hand which points need to get better.

      If you are experiencing any problems with your Bobby Bizz please let us know by contacting us through mail:, via live chat on or via the message center here on Kickstarter. Please try to include some images of the problem you are having & your backer nr and we will make sure to find suitable solution for you.

      We also understand the comments of some backers as below in regards to the fact that we replied in some cases that you as our backer has to contact the postal service. This is really not a matter of us trying to be lazy or rude, we are actually not entitled to get the final shipment information or details on packages after customs from the final forwarder directly, this can only be requested by the receiver. This is a safety matter from the postal services.

      Please note that we will do everything within our power to help all our backers, so please continue to write to us if there is anything that we can do to help.

      Also if you perhaps have not received your package yet, rest assured, we will not rest until you have received your package!

      Our team is available to help you personally to make sure you get the best care.


      The XD Design team

    8. Missing avatar

      George on October 29

      Maybe it's how you use it..I've been using mine for a couple of months and it's in perfect condition. And it is the coolest backpack anyone ever seen. I got a nickname James Bond because of it.. I've been through rain with it too. It can be improved as far as the design of the straps and zippers but the overall quality is fine. I mean it's not a hiking backpack, it's for business (looks) and has an anti-theft capability. . So I'd say if you got it for the right purpose then it serves it well even if some parts can be improved.

    9. Missing avatar

      RL7P on October 27

      I have received my Bizz and used it for a couple of weeks now. the strap has softened and the cushion is flat. no more support. my internal lining has also torn. this product quality is bad. Can the team comment? and perhaps suggest a solution?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ikee on October 27

      Oh why is roughness an issue? Try rubbing your hands constantly around the edges of the opening because of trying to get your laptop in and out of the bag on a constant basis and you'll know!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ikee on October 27

      I know I've left a not-so-nice feedback before, but after using it for a while now I just have to reiterate: the material used is quite cheap and so very rough. Compare this with the original Bobby, and all my other bags, where the outer material is soft or at least not rough. @Creator I'm sure you notice this yourselves! I loved Bobby and I loved how you handled the KS experience that time. But I'm just quite disappointed as the quality of the bag lowered somewhat, despite the price rising and your justification that it was to improve the materials used. Anyway please take this constructively - keep doing well but don't cheap out on your backers/future buyers! Solid design but execution needs to improve this time around. Good luck with the future!

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcelo on October 26


      I just came back from a trip and was excited to find the bag. However, the box was damaged, and so was the bag (the frame on one side is noticeably bent, like a big bump). How do I exchange it?


    13. Missing avatar

      Fab Ulous on October 20

      Using my bag every day at work. I love it! Thanks for having developped it!

    14. Pornchai Udomsittiphan on October 19

      I just received my bags today. Thank you so much.

    15. Missing avatar


      Still waiting my tracking number...

    16. Murat
      on October 11

      After leaving my bag open for 2 weeks it still smells like fish. Is there anything I can do? The bag really looks nice but I don't want to open it in front of other people...:(

    17. Pornchai Udomsittiphan on October 7

      Hi XD Design team,

      I already sent email to you since last Thursday, but there is not any answer. Understand that a lot of pending case, but all pledgers need your help and feedback.

      I wonder that Thailand vendor already have Bobby Bizz in stock and ready for delivery. Meanwhile, some pledgers still waiting for their bags.

      I feel disappointed that we should receive Bobby Bizz before the local vendor sells in market with the lower price than pledge and shipment fee.

      Hope you hear customer feedbacks.

    18. Roberto Morales on October 6

      Hello guys, can you please send me the tracking number?

      Thank you

      Im backer 3.924

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob on October 6

      Sent mail, but the only response you get, is that you yourself have to contact customs. Seriously!? Waiting 7 weeks already. So far, very disappointed in the lack of communication and support. Expected more from a Dutch company (being Dutch myself).

    20. Fritz Lekschas on October 6

      After having used the shoulder strap for a week I unfortunately had to find out that the build quality of the shoulder strap holder is very poor. The seam of one of the holders is already torn to 50% although I didn't put much in the bag. This is unfortunate because I really liked to be able to wear the bag this way. The other straps to wear it as a backpack seemed to be flimsy but are surprisingly comfortable and stable. Next time it would be great if more care could be taken to the key components and that they are robust enough to last longer time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ngai Yiu Wong on October 6

      So far, it was not helpful to contact XD Design...
      XD Design replies that the package might be stuck somewhere, ask you to contact forwarder.

    22. XD Design 3-time creator on October 6

      Hi guys!

      Everybody with questions regarding their package which is not delivered yet, or stuck at customs please send us a mail at or chat with us live at or send us a private message here on Kickstarter.

      This way we can check out your personal case to see what we can do to help speed the delivery process along.

      Please also contact us through these channels if you feel unhappy with the product or our service regarding the delivery, we will look into it and find a suitable solution for you.

      We have done everything in our power to make sure that no extra charges will be made for the delivery, carefully choose our forwarders and forwarding system etc. We also digitally attached an invoice to all our shipments with the forwarders to prevent any of these extra costs.

      Unfortunately the amount of worldwide shipments is growing everyday and custom departments are looking more and more into these cases. During our last campaign we for instance didn't have any problems with the NL shipments in our way of working, and this time around there were some cases that has issues with this.

      It is for us very hard to anticipate on these changes in the logistical landscape, especially because we only find out after sending an X amount of packages to a certain country (this also sets off the customs departments).

      We will for sure take all our learnings from this experience again with us in a next campaign and want to make sure at this point that we can help you as our backers with current issues that might ocur. So please reach out to us by mail or chat if there is anything that you feel unhappy about or that we can do to help you.

      Also for all your questions regarding the product and how for instance the lock works, please mail us at

      Our team is available to help you personally to make sure you get the best care.

      Greetz, XD Design

    23. Missing avatar

      Aresh Srivastava on October 5

      I am still waiting for my tracking number.

    24. Alex Donaldson on October 5

      The bag is great..... don't know why there's so much negativity on here. Mine smells great, the zip is fine ( just need to tilt the zipper away from you) and the compartments are exactly what I needed ( given I travel internationally weekly)
      The material and straps could be of better quality but I'm more than happy to invest in a growing company so that they can reinvest in creating better products. Well done team

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron Kelman on October 4

      Bag arrived and is constructed very cheaply, not nearly worth what was paid for it. More in line with something you could purchase for $30 or less on amazon. Wrote for a refund, as per satisfaction guarantee on the original listing and was quickly told no. Very disappointed with with the product and company, and quite put off of kickstarter as there should be recourse when buying completely sight unseen.

    26. Missing avatar

      G.C. van Hazendonk
      on October 4

      Received mine as well last week EUR 27,70 costs for customs. A bit strange since they're located in NL themselves just like me. I know customs are for the end-user but they should have managed this better logistically. They could have bulk shipped to EU/CH and then ship it from there. Would have saved the backers from the import duties. I could expect this from a CN company but not from a NL company shipping to NL backers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Takeshi Arai on October 3

      It seems to be carrying a public toilet and it is unpleasant. Were they produced in an unsanitary environment in China? I am angry and sad when I think that I paid the money for this garbage. The stench does not disappear. It will not be used. It is the worst product among kick starters ever. Your company is such a terrible company that deceives people.

    28. Missing avatar

      Takeshi Arai on October 3

      It is a bad smell, anyhow a great odor. Everything goes bad odor to what was in the bag. I tried various things, but the smell does not disappear. It is a smell like a public toilet. Is sanitation okay? I will dispose of it because it is dangerous. It is really a pity.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dimitris Tourassis on October 3

      Also from NL, still haven't received anything. XD design claims not responsibility and PostNL says they haven't received anything. Very bad experience...

    30. Missing avatar

      wong on October 3

      @William I have the same experience like you. The lock is fine when set to 000 but when I try to reset the combinations lock with a different combination, it gets stuck and problematic.

    31. Missing avatar

      william speers on October 2

      Delivery went smoothly. The smell goes away. One thing: my locking carabiner will only function properly when it is set to 0-0-0. When changed from the preset, only the top/bottom numbers will scramble/rotate (essentially making it a 2-digit lock). It doesn't look damaged from shipping. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jasper Boessenkool on October 2

      Hi, still awaiting delivery. A lot of back and forth with the company / shipper. Company does not seem to take its responsibility. Sadly disappointing...

    33. Missing avatar

      VJ K
      on October 2

      Hi , I am waiting for almost 6 weeks from the day i got the tracking number. still did not get anything. also i sent mail to the mail provided below ... no response. When are you going to respond?
      I am from NL and i would have bought this online rather than backing it ... regretting experience....

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick on September 28

      My bobby biz arrived yesterday. (Netherlands) No additional cost for customs.
      It was good wrapped. and there was no smell to my surprise. I haven't used it yet. but I'm going to use it next week.

    35. Missing avatar

      on September 23

      Nice bag. However, im not confident that the stitching of the backpack straps will hold. The straps are also too thin and could do with some padding. My biggest fear with this bag is the strap snapping while I'm carrying it.

    36. Guillermo Dena Contreras
      on September 23

      Hi Creator,
      Would you please provide me a tracking number for my shipment.

    37. Rohan on September 21

      After having the bag for a few more weeks, I love it even more. Feels much lighter and more comfortable than what I had before. The straps doesn't bother me after the first few days(still thin though). I do like the pockets in the straps, when I need a quick fare for the bus that's where I store it. Only problems with the bag, the handle for briefcase mode, a bit too small and stiff, no getting use to that. I could have padded it but not enough space there. Also the pocket on the side of back should have been deeper. I do love the bag though.

    38. Missing avatar

      Felix on September 21

      Yesterday I got my backpack. In perfect shape, looks good, smells horrible. But I'm sure that will go away. Eventhough I send the invoice which I received from XD Design to the Dutch postal services (they asked for that in a letter) I still had to pay another € 25 for clearance. The postal service came up with an invoice stating the products actual amount was € 58 for which no clearance was payed. Like Bas and other Dutch backers said: wonderful product but not worth the money. I could have order this in The Netherlands for the same price I paid now without the hassle and irritation!

    39. XD Design 3-time creator on September 21

      Hi guys!
      Everybody with questions regarding their package which is not delivered yet, or stuck at customs please send us a mail at or chat with us live at or send us a private message here on Kickstarter.

      This way we can check out your personal case to see what we can do to help speed the delivery process along.

      Also for all your questions regarding the product and how for instance the lock works, please mail us at

      Our team is available to help you personally to make sure you get the best care.
      Greetz, XD Design

    40. Missing avatar

      Bas van Neer on September 20


      Today finally arrived my backpack. Looks nice, smells bad ;-) Hope this dissapears in a few days.

      Baddest thing at all, i had to pay after long waiting because the invoice was forgotten. Arriving days/weeks later and pay another € 25,--

      Company says Tax risk is for the buyer, Ok..

      Other thought; if the invoice was included in the beginning they maybe let it go. Is the risk now still not for the company? People who should pay to the customs life all in NL and have a forgotten invoice..

      Product looks good, customerservice and solving problems is bad! Be aware doing business with them..

    41. Missing avatar

      Slappyjackson on September 20

      I've had the backpack for two weeks now and I am thoroughly impressed at the value it represents. Had a couple of compliments on the backpack and inquiries about where to get them. Glad I backed this project.

    42. Missing avatar

      Strating on September 20

      My package is still on its way. No new event in my track and trace since 28th of august...

    43. Missing avatar

      Sander on September 20

      I'm in the same situation where i will have to pay an additional 27.70 to get this imported, despite me living near Rijswijk in The Netherlands where the company is based! At this moment it only seems to be the case as the tracking code has not released the package or informed me on how this will be handled. Can you refund these charges in case I am charged?

    44. Missing avatar

      Wout on September 18

      Finally Finally... my package seems to arrive....
      Why didn't you inform my Douane in a proper way.. Now I have to pay 28 EURO in addition to the amount I pledged.. Normally you can import these without import duties. Is there a way you refund this to me?

      Tracking Coce LX444396847CN

    45. Missing avatar

      Lennin Mendoza on September 18

      I haven't received my shipment code as well, could you check it and let me know please?

    46. Missing avatar

      Iggyriggy on September 15

      A very nice "briefcase" , but after using it 2 weeks a don't think the Zipper will hold very long. Is there a guarantee on the bag??

    47. Bernard Teoh on September 15

      I've yet to receive any shipment details as well.
      Could you check if the shipment details has been sent to me?

    48. Missing avatar

      Javier Estrada on September 15

      Still waiting in Mexico.

      Sponsor nº. 3001

    49. Guillermo Dena Contreras
      on September 14

      Hi there! I'm still waiting my shipment! Any new about it? Thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      Francisco Almeida on September 14

      Great bag, I'm very happy with it - great jobs guys.
      The smell is very unpleasant, but start to fade away. (is there a way to make it go away faster?)
      The pockets inside are great.
      Considering that the backpack have some spare space inside, even after with all pockets full.
      If the backpack have moveable pockets thats could be great, because the spare space could be used.

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