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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
2,621 backers pledged $322,022 to help bring this project to life.

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125% FUNDED!

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed. We’ve been busy learning about all the amazing aspects of the My Little Pony fandom and making plans for what to include in the documentary.


A lot of you have been asking about our goals. While you clearly helped fund a comprehensive shoot of the BronyCon convention itself, the next step is to make this thing 20 percent cooler. What that means is that we want to pay for as many shoot days leading up to BronyCon as possible. It would be great to see people in their home environments and learn about their lives outside of the convention setting. Please spread the word to help us drive toward the $100,000 level which will help make this possible. If you know anyone who has not already made a pledge, please direct him or her to this Kickstarter campaign.


Note that we are now set up for those who only have Paypal. They can participate at  Since those totals don't get added to Kickstarter, you will find updates with the contributions made via Paypal periodically in the comments section.




In advance of the convention, we are looking for MLP fans that fit these descriptions. If one of these sounds like you, please email us your story, your name, phone number, city you live in and a picture to


We are looking for:

• Someone who is going on an artistic journey to BronyCon. You are making art, creating music or even creating special food to take to the convention.


• Someone who lives in a world non-friendly to the Brony culture. You may live at home, or work in an environment where you would be judged for watching MLP but you're ready to reveal yourself as a Brony to your friends and family and ideally will be attending BronyCon.


• A man and woman who are both MP fans, live in different parts of the country, have meet online, bonded over MLP, have been dating on-line and now will be meeting for the first time in person at BronyCon.


• A father and son who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.


• A mother and son who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.


• A parent who has a son or daughter with a disability and has been helped by becoming a MLP fan.


• A 30-something working professional who is a Brony and will be going to BronyCon.


• A man in the in the Military who will be going to BronyCon.


• A college age woman who will be going to BronyCon.


Thank you,


Mike, John & Laurent

We did it!

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

Congratulations everyone. As the pledges continue to grow over the next few days stay tuned for some big announcements!


Mike, John & Laurent

Almost there in only 2 days!

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

The stampede of support has been incredible. Thank you for your pledge and also for sharing your stories and thoughts with us.

We can't believe we're already talking about this, but you are probably wondering what happens if we exceed our goal. We've got some ideas of how to put the funds to good use.

* We want to add additional cameras to get better coverage of the BronyCon convention itself. Ideally we want several camera teams rolling on the convention action and a camera team pulling people into a private room to interview them away from the chaos.

* We want to add extra shoot days to show Bronies at home, away from the convention.

* We want to add extra shoot days to interview more of the people who work and act on MLP.

* We want to add extra shoot days to include international fans and conventions.

* We'll be able to pay the fees to enter the finished program into film festivals.

Many people have been asking if the final program will be available for sale on DVD or broadcast on television. The short answer is that while ultimately we expect a wide release to the general public, for now we are concentrating on producing the best program possible. Once finished, our priority will be to get the program sent out to the people who supported the project. There will be a public release, but it will happen later in the process.

Again, thank you and please keep spreading the word and we'll do our part to try to make this project exceed your expectations.


Mike, John & Laurent

Wow! You are amazing!

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

What an great first day. Thank you all for your love, support and pledges. We're more than 1/3 of the way to the finish line. Pledges continue to come in from across the world from both MLP fans and supporters of documentaries. This wouldn't be possible without you.

For the Bronies, we want to hear your story. We want to know why you are a fan and what the show means to you. We also want to hear your suggestions about the topics you feel should be covered in the documentary. Please join us at to leave your comments and thoughts.

Again, thank you!

Mike, John & Laurent