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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
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Bronies - The Unreleased Tapes

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

Last year we held a crowdsource funding drive to create a documentary which we named “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.” We are grateful for the tremendous support from thousands of people that helped us make that feature length film possible. The result has been praised and enjoyed by both Bronies and by the general public.

The film contained stories and material culled from over 200 hours of footage shot around the world. Part of the difficulty in making a film is selecting just the right amount of material to include. You want to include enough to keep people entertained and satisfied. Too much and you run the risk of losing your audience.

As with most productions, as part of the process, we shot some great stuff that was not included in the final film. Some of it didn’t quite fit the theme of the film in which we were mostly trying to introduce the general public to the phenomena of the Brony fandom and why it exists.

People have been asking us to release the additional material. That’s what this project is all about. We want to edit this material into segments and release it for all to see.

The Process

The good news is that the material has already been shot. The first funding drive helped pay for the professional crews and producers to travel and capture it. Now it sits on hard drives in a raw state.

We need to pay the people to do the real work of editing and administering the production process. Funds will also go towards perks and postage. Any extra funds will go towards our continuing efforts to promote the feature film which includes entering and attending film festivals, sending out press review copies, etc.

Once finished, the material will be released under a pay-what-you-want model online so that anyone who wants to see it can, at whatever price they can afford. We’ll also sell DVD’s for those who prefer a hard copy.

The Stories

How much material we can release will depend on the total funds raised, but we would like to include the following:

• Segment about the fire at BronyCon. We captured the fire itself and the crowds having a great time outside singing and bonding as the fire department works.

• Extended segment on “Sethisto” and the team from Equestria Daily covering BronyCon.

• Segment on Convention Chair Andrew Brockert, including pre-BronyCon madness and his car accident on the way to BronyCon.

• Extended interviews with Military Bronies.

• Segment about a couple honeymooning at BronyCon.

• Segment on Megan Youmans and the Traveling Pony Museum

• Segment about a Malaysian Brony who makes a trip to America.

• Segment on the Pirate Party in Germany who uses episodes of MLP in “Pony Time” time-outs to cool down heated political meetings.

• Segment on a gay couple that attends B.U.C.K. and find acceptance in the fandom.

• Extended segment on the BronyCon Cosplay Contest.

• Segment on a young man who meets and gets career advice from Lauren Faust.

• Segment on a woman who came to meet Lauren Faust, her former childhood babysitter, at BronyCon. Lauren often drew pony pictures for her.

• Segment on a family of Bronies (Father, Mother and Teen).

• Extended segment on artist John Joseco.

• Segment on Tara Strong at San Diego's ComicCon.

Thank you for your support. Your help will make this release possible.

To support us, visit

Thank you!

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    1. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jacob Gibson
      Hard to say when exactly, but no worries, we will make it available.

    2. Jacob Gibson on

      @Michael Brockhoff: I'll be happy enough without new music. So, if I don't buy the DVD before the deadline of the funding campaign how soon can I buy it later when I have more money?

    3. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jacob Gibson
      Glad to do the project for those like you who will enjoy the content. Don't expect new music at this funding level but will prob reach out to the community to include music. Not sure about s-word, editor did it, but either way, don't think it's a big deal.

    4. Jacob Gibson on

      @Michael Brockhoff: Resisting the urge to rave about this for a long paragraph in all caps. Thank you from the bottom of my joyful heart for doing this in spite of the selfish piracy and negative comments. You have much respect from me. So, will there be new brony music in this too? And just curious, why was the s-word censored in this one but not in the main documentary?

    5. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Wow...that all sounds pretty wonderful. I knew there had to be even more material than the extended bonus interview disc that I bought and watched a few weeks ago! I love the idea of taking it as far as possible, and offering all those extra segments for a "pay-what-you-can" very kind and generous of you. ;) The only thing is that I was expecting to see some of John de Lancie's BroNYcon Q&A session in the movie, or bonus features. I had thought that that would be a sort of climax to the documentary. Perhaps the entire thing is already watchable online, and therefore those sessions with the voice actors and other people behind the show were not actually going to be included as part of the film. Ah, well. At any many hours of "unreleased tapes" surely contain many other exciting and interesting little additional stories! :)

    6. Tim Star on

      I'm going to have to seriously think this one over. I've gone this far already, what's a little extra mile? Also I'd love to see the documentary continue to be submitted to film festivals and such.

    7. Johan Ingvesback on

      Put down 10 bucks for now, really excited for the extra material.

      Glad you went ahead with this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jacob Williams on

      Oh wait, that was at B.U.C.K., ignore that last part.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jacob Williams on

      My next paycheck I will without a doubt be backing that up, I would love the plushies or blindbags, but with my measly amount of funds, I won't be seeing those anytime soon. Can't wait till we get this footage! Also, would the gay couple happen to be Mic and Jackleapp?

    10. Mokey on

      Cool Mike, great to hear the doc went over that well. Pretty humbling to hear about people's changing their view :)

      And no need for thanks, I did it cause I wanted to do it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Contributed 10 bucks for now, may give more if there are any stretch goals

    12. David Robertson on

      @Michael Brockhoff I just want to ask something about the pledges for The Unreleased Tapes. With the invite to the photo album, is this going to be online or will it be held at an art gallery in the US? Because as much as I want to make a pledge, I'm from Australia, so I don't think I'll be able to fly over to the US.

    13. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Mokey We can't thank you enough. The doc was received well. It's so touching to have members of the public come up and talk about how they rushed to judgement about Bronies and how the film opened their eyes.

    14. Mokey on

      Really cool that you decided to release the rest of the footage, I will make a pledge, just nothing like my bronycon donation, I'm still eating ham sandwiches after that 1 :P

      Btw, how was the doc received at the film festival?

    15. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Dominic Smith Thank you so much for your kind support!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dominic Smith on

      From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for deciding to go ahead with this! I was one of the more, 'exictable' about you doing this and I'm egger to put my money where my mouth is!

      I have already premoted this on the main UK brony forum, UK of Equestria and pleadged to donate $100.00 as soon as I get paid at the end of the month.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Seager on

      Mmm... Don't get me wrong. I was a backer of Bronydoc. I was happy with the documentary and the bonus interviews. Unlike some rabble-rousers, I understand that the excess funds raised here were reinvested into stretch goals such as travel expenses to see BUCK and Tombstone, and I'm happy those stretch goals became a reality. I also understand that sales figures were lower than predicted. And a lot of this unreleased content, like the Traveling Pony Museum segment or the gay couple segment, sound extremely interesting. I'm clear on all of this.

      It still doesn't change the fact that you're asking for an additional 25% of the original $60k target, in order to release what is effectively a stretch-goal bonus-content DVD, when we already raised over 500% of the original target. Sorry, I'll consider the pay-what-you-want option, but in good conscience I can't throw in more funds as a backer.

    18. Eric Siegel on

      I thought these clips weren't going to be released. It's awesome you decided to release them, I'm really anxious to watch them :-)