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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
2,621 backers pledged $322,022 to help bring this project to life.

Project Update

Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)

Here is the latest

Production Shut-Down
You may have heard that we are shutting down production. For clarification, this refers to canceling plans to invest more time and money into releasing a disc with additional material and segments that have already been shot but didn't make it into the film. We have many great stories that just didn't fit into the flow of what we were creating with the film but thought the Brony community would really enjoy seeing. Because the piracy within the Brony community is rampant and pervasive we've come to the conclusion that investing any more time and energy would be not be worthwhile.

Unlike those of you who actually contributed to the creation of the film, there are those who feel the tremendous support we received was simply a financial bonanza and don't understand that we used the money to create the best possible film. They clearly don't understand, appreciate or respect the work and feel that since in their view, you the supporters paid for it, they are entitled to get it for free.

Lesson learned, we are moving on and focusing on distribution to the mainstream public.

We are on deadline to deliver the masters to the disc replicator early next week. The process of creating the Blu-Ray was more complicated than excepted. The replicator takes about three weeks, then we ship. Most will be happy to hear that we decided to go with a Blu-Ray / DVD combo pack. There is one 2-disc pack with the main film and one 2-disc pack with the extended interviews bonus disc. I've included the cover art for those who are interested. We will be ordering extra discs (both main film and bonus disc) and plan on having them available for sale on Amazon.

Netflix & iTunes & Amazon
We have started the process of placing the film on Amazon and iTunes. We expect the film to be available for purchase and rental in the next 60 days. Netflix is a much more complicated process. The first step is to even get into their database, then there needs to be a customer demand of people who have have requested the film for when it becomes available. We will make announcements as that process progresses.

Film festivals and public distribution
We have entered the film into some festivals and started the process of talking with distributors. We will make announcements as that process progresses.

Again, thank you to those who supported the film.

Mike & The Production Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Walter Henn on

      @Michael: Okay thank you for that. Sorry if I sounded impatient, or anything like that. Just well like I said really looking forward to getting it. I love the work you all put into making the Doc for us. . I would of gone to the Military dinner but funds did not allow me to make it out there. Oh, and if not to much trouble can you tell John, and the others who worked on the project Thank You for me I really do appreciate you all making it.

    2. Stephane T. on

      I still don't know if it's would change anything now, but my proposal I did a few months back to creare a "Manestream group" of artists to promote the movie, it's legal distribution and explaining why it should not be pirated still seem to be a good idea.

    3. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Kevin Walter Henn As stated in the update "We are on deadline to deliver the masters to the disc replicator early next week...The replicator takes about three weeks, then we ship."

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Walter Henn on

      @Michael: I am just wondering when if you have a rough date at all at this current point in time. When the backers will get their discs? I am patient, and loved the download version on Scrnland it was worth it. Just curious is all like a kid wanting to know how much longer till Christmas. I am sorry to hear that the worse has happened. With piracy and all. I had a bad feeling that type of thing would happen.

    5. Jordan Olling on

      I agree with everything Aaron Cuevas said. If we had comment voting, I'd thumb him up.

    6. Cordovan Splotch on

      I guess I should have seen this coming.
      I'm really terribly sorry that this happened... it makes me feel really bad that the message in the beginning of the film didn't provide enough deterrence.
      It makes me feel even worse that the culprits are thanked in the credits.

    7. Perrydotto on

      I really hope that later release of the movie to the general public (Amazon, iTunes, what have you) will help greatly with the sales. It's definitely possible, and you could count on a lot of support with the marketing.

      Piracy happens, sadly, no matter how nicely you ask for it not to happen. I don't think people knew just how much time and money went into this project and thus didn't really care. Now the people who spread the seeds and links are mostly people who wouldn't have bought the film anyway.

      Please, never forget - A lot of wonderful people still got your back and appreciate what you did. Don't let bad experiences sully the great ones.

    8. Missing avatar

      Aaron Cuevas on

      @Michael: As I said before, what really saddens me is that sales have been low but, do you really think piracy is the sole cause for that? It's a factor, that's for sure, but let's try to look further and try to find other causes that might be holding back potential buyers, so you can try to fix them and get more sales. Here are some that I've seen:

      -Scrnland only allows payments through paypal, at least ouside the US. That can be a major problem for a lot of people who simply doesn't want to create a paypal account. Some might argue that it's not a big deal but, why has someone to be forced to give his credit card to a 3rd party if he doesn't want to?

      -While probably most of the people might have high bandwith ultra reliable internet connections, there are many that have crappy connections, and the limited downloads with no resume can be a big problem to them. I had to download the doc at college, or else I wouldn't been able to get it. People learning of this problem will be hesitant to buy the documentary. A simple note assuring people wit bad connections that a solution can be found if they have probles would ease most.

      -A separate site to get the subtitles, difficult to find. While I find it a good idea to let people make their own subtitles, at least the official english ones should be downloadable from the same site as the film. The fact that the only link to the subtitles page is here in kickstarter doesn't help. Not everyone who would buy the film understand english, but the official page states "english subtitles" only, with no link whatsoever to a page where they CAN find subtitles in tons of other languages. A simple link would break another huge barrier. There is a big problem of accesibility here.

      -Plain page. It's sad, but in this era of aggresive marketing, the web page feels awfully empty. Just a black square with some text and an unremarkable buy button. Witouth a synopsis, some pictures or anything. I don't want to sound harsh, but it seems like you aren't even trying to sell your product at all, just hoping that everyone would blindly buy it. Not everyone in the fandom (and less outside it) knows about the doc, or are willing to buy it without knowing anything about its contents. A bit of content there, as well as some information, instead of plainly directing people here, and links not only here, but the subtitle pages and other sites of interest would help a lot.

      -And, related to that point, a lack of advertising. You might not believe it, but there are a ton of bronys that doesn't even know that this documentary exists. It's been mentioned on EQD, as well in another few pages but not everyone reads them. I realize that this is a bit out of your control, as you haven't started publicitying it. But without it, you can't expect all the potential buyers to know about it. Even I've seen people knowing about it but asking where to buy it. That, coupled with the lack of accesibility and atractive of the page I mentiones earlier, it's a great handicap.

      These are the things I can think of now. And I'm going to suggest to every other backer reading this to:
      a) Think of other things that might be keeping people from buying the doc, and commenting them here in a constructive way. With this I only mean to help them improve sales and make the doc easier to buy. So if Michael and his team can extract some ideas from what we could suggest, that would be great.
      b) Advertise the doc to people you thing might be interested on it. Most of us have already done that, but it's always good to have it in mind. If we've supported this with our money, we can spend a few words to support it even more.

      These are my 2 cents trying to help to improve the situation. I hope it might be useful in some way.

    9. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Love the look of the packaging! And the news regarding the festivals, Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix is all very exciting. Best of luck with getting sufficient demand to be put on Netflix. Based upon the fact that I have been able to find nearly anything ever released to DVD on there and the utterly abysmal quality of so many of their streaming films, I wouldn't expect that to be overly challenging for a brony documentary...but, again, good luck! :)

      On the one hand, I had a feeling that there was simply going to be no way to prevent SOMEONE from pirating the film. On the other, it is still extremely disappointing to hear of that. Perhaps we dared to hope that a film created on behalf of what should be a highly trustworthy fandom might actually stand a chance of avoiding that issue. I find it very upsetting because of the outright disrespect it shows to everyone who spent their time creating and assembling the film, as well as the flagrant disregard for the kind, simple request and clear explanation that had been put forth by Mr. de Lancie. Everyone concerned deserves full compensation for their efforts and hard work. I know that you tried your best to keep copies only in the possession of paid viewers, but perhaps it really was just inevitable that a digitally downloaded film would make its way into the hands of thieves. I also wish there were a way for you to bring the perpetrators to swift legal justice.

      I agree, too, that the film is a terrific product, which left me VERY much wanting more of the extra interviews, convention footage, and any other materials that were produced!! I suppose I'll have to get the bonus disc from Amazon...

    10. Jordan Olling on

      @Nelson LaQuet: I didn't have any issues or problems downloading the film from Scrnland. It was an easy download, ~10 minutes.

      On an unrelated note, I can understand the criticism of the content of the documentary itself. Even though I personally liked it, I can see why others are saying what they're saying about the film.

    11. Nelson LaQuet on

      @Michael: for the record, I backed this project for over $250 and I appreciate the work you guys have done. But there is something I think you're not quite understanding about how things like this work these days, and if you give me a chance to explain it, hopefully you will feel less drained about this whole ordeal.

      The simple question I had when reading this post was: what did you expect? Virtually every well known, and not so well known, digital work is available online for free. Being that I grew up in an age when piracy was an already established practice, I had assumed this was common knowledge. Absolutely nothing is sacred anymore, and this fact will not change. Ever.

      However, there are many factors that contribute to this documentary, specifically, being a target for piracy - and these things should have been evident from the very beginning of pre-production.

      First off; Bronies themselves are already a target of ridicule. You mentioned having read the comments on the torrent pages; did you notice that many of those commenting were simply downloading the documentary to laugh at us? These people would not have purchased the documentary anyway, and to be honest, you should be glad that they are now given an opportunity to watch a documentary that is in part made for their viewing.

      Next; there are many Bronies who did not like the idea of the documentary in the first place. I know for a fact you were aware of this situation early on in the backing stage of this project. Again, this group of people falls under the category of those who wouldn't have paid to see this project in the first place. Them downloading the project for free does nothing to hurt sales - but it does, at the very least, give you an opportunity to prove them wrong.

      Most people involved in the community labor over their own works, and expect nothing more than recognition and personal satisfaction. Although there are cases of individuals using their visibility in the Brony community to launch their own careers, it is typically understood that pretty much anything Pony is up, for free, for consumption, distribution and modification. Of course there are exceptions to this - but not as many as you might think.

      The final thing that should have become clear at the release of this project is that the channel of digital distribution that was established is... quirky. Many people, including myself, had issues obtaining their copies legally. At the time I downloaded the project, there were no torrents available - but if there were I would have grabbed one instead of fiddling with the website trying to coax it into handing over something that I paid for.

      All of that being said, I'm not trying to excuse anyone. I just wanted to point out that this was bound to happen, and there isn't anything anyone can do to stop it. Seeing that you worked on this at a professional level, and as such were banking on compensation being provided by sales, I think something that you should consider is an alternative way of finding that money. Perhaps a second kickstarter is in order? Also keep in mind that the number one way to combat piracy is convenience. Availability on Netflix or iTunes will surely provide more sales.

      Please don't let this dissuade you from the work you've been doing, and I ask that you re-consider preparing the extra content that you had planned. I appreciate the effort you have put into this project, and do not think that the production expenses, nor the expected compensation, is unfair. I know exactly how you feel right now, as in my own line of work very similar things have happened to me personally. The best thing that I find helps is to learn from your mistakes; but not to let the situation become something that weighs you down with frustration and apathy.

    12. Jordan Olling on

      Two things/thoughts I'd like to share:
      1. What if this film had been released under Creative Commons, instead of traditional copyright laws?
      2. If a new Kickstarter campaign is what it will take to get us those additional interviews with Lauren Faust and other bonus material, then I say go for it. I'd give money to that.

    13. Kameron Dover on

      This really, deeply saddens me. I was really looking forward to the bonus material and, because of the actions of a few inconsiderate people, we may never get to see it.

      It especially saddens me that even after your very respectful, sincerely kind pleas to not support piracy of the documentary and to purchase the documentary legally, there were still some who decided to pirate it anyway; it's simply not right. For this reason, I cannot fault you guys for your decision, even though I wish things had gone differently. Please remember, though, that most of the brony community is still behind this documentary and the actions of these few do not speak for all of us.

      If you did decide to start another KickStarter campaign for the bonus material, I'd happily support it in a heartbeat. In the meantime, I'll continue to support the film by telling friends and family to watch it legally. Again, most of us really appreciate all the work you guys have done.

    14. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      yes do another kickstarter .. maybe without stretchgoals ...say what you need to release the bonus content AND include your salary ...

    15. Jacob Gibson on

      It would touch my heart to see us helping you guys more and knowing that we made up for others' selfish actions. And if it's still possible to make a bonus disc for the unusued content, I think in the long run we'd all be glad we did our best. Maybe if all of you staff took a break and then reconsidered making it? I know it's probably not as easy as I'm making it out though. How much does it cost to host a kickstarter challenge? (lazy, sorry)

    16. Tagc on

      I'm surprised they weren't aware that this documentary would have been heavily pirated just like all other media released on the Internet.

    17. Ingwaz Seishu on

      Depending on what kind of content would be included on the third disc, I might be up for supporting it as well.

    18. Heath Davidson on

      @Michael Brockhoff Love the artwork on the Blurays :) All of you deserve to be paid well for what an amazing job you have done. I will gladly recontribute to a new kickstarter...please let us know if you are going to do another kickstarter. If kickstarter requires something just give us additional footage that was already shot.. Call it the extended cut or Bronies the Extra journey. :)

    19. Paula Clark on

      If another Kickstarter would be considered for a project and compensation, I'd give. But please do not digital release it even to the backers as I don't think human nature is that trusting, once bitten and all that rot. I know none of us want to believe the betrayer was a backer, but who else got an upfront copy?

      And, there is some irony, the minimal pledge of $30.00 got you a digital copy. I remember another Judas had the same value on whom they betrayed. No one expects betrayal and especially when they asked so kindly that we not share until it could go public. It happened, move on.

      And the idea of coughing up more to make sure the creators get a fair share and we get to see the extra footage. Priceless.

    20. Joshua Alexéi García Sheridan on

      I sincerely wish to bring the one(s) responsible for the piracy to justice. Whoever it was that outright ignored your message to dissuade them from spreading the movie footage irresponsibly, they were unforgivably disrespectful towards you, Mr. De Lancie, and all others who gave their time to making the film. Unlike the case of the show, nobody benefits from this wanton distribution but the cheapskate pirates when it is harming your ability to distribute. Failing that, I am in quite a good position to contribute even more than the humble amount I gave to the first Kickstarter to help you break even and grasp other distribution possibilities.

    21. Jacob Gibson on

      Oh man, this is disappointing but not as bad as I thought it would be when I first heard about it on my facebook group, Christian Bronies. So sorry this happened to all of you. I'm definitely not for pirating of any kind and don't approve of it. However, when I heard the requests that this movie not be pirated I knew there would be trouble, because it's simply impossible to keep digital media of any kind from being pirated. Would it have been better if the digital downloads wouldn't have been avaialable for awhile until after the blu-rays were selling? (Forgive me that I don't know much about this industry) Hoping it's still a big success in spite of this and makes all the money it deserves.
      @Michael Brockhoff: I too am highly in favor of another Kickstarter for the bonus material and paying the employees and would gladly lend more support. The documentary was great but it left me wanting more. I'm sure we still have plenty of generosity left in us!
      @jshirley: I also second (third?) everything you said.
      If there were any bronies that pirated this it's clear that they didn't learn anything from "Secret of my Excess." I think we need an episode of MLP that comes down harder on stealing. It probably wouldn't do much to change minds but I just like the thought of saying, "Didn't you learn anything from *insert witty title about theft here*?"
      Everyone who's being disrespectful to Mr. Brockhoff and the team: please give them a break and share your opinions with kindness and understanding. They deserve full respect for their hard work and for going out on a limb to help the world understand us strange people. :)
      On a positive note... love the blu-ray/dvd jacket designs! Can't wait to get mine.

    22. feefers on

      If i were being rather cynical i'd say the additional disk is being cut because there's no way to actually make money from it.

      Which is totally fine, it's something extra that would have been nice but given how much the scope changed; from Bronycon documentary to a continent spanning documentary on the brony fandom i'm still very satisfied with my backing.

      I believe in M.A Larson.

      I also believe in Mike and the production team.

    23. Amber

      @Michael Brockhoff It's not fair to you or the rest of your team who worked so hard on the project to have been disregarded like that. I'm sorry that there were those who felt entitled and/or didn't listen to your requests not to put it online or even watched it for free. I think it was worth every penny I donated and I would be more than happy to donate to your future projects, especially if there was a Brony's Documentary 2 or additional footage. I hope everything goes well with the film festivals and public distribution!

    24. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      Thanks for the answer.

      And I'd totally be up for an additional round on KickStarter. I've backed quite a lot of projects now, and yours was one of the most responsive and rewarding of them. And you could reuse the existing Documentary and Bonus Disc as rewards for backers for the new project.

    25. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo Once the discs are available for sale on Amazon, we will continue to manufacture discs to meet demand.

    26. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      To those suggesting another Kickstarter campaign for the additional material. This is something we will consider. We had hoped not to come back with hat in hand after all you did for the film in the first place. Thank you for your support.

    27. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo For those who are at a level to which will entitle them to receive a signed disc, it will be the cover of the main disc.

    28. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      Another question. You will put additional physical copies of the film and bonus disc on Amazon Store (I guess because the disc replicator services only take orders in big batches).

      In case that these sell well, will more physical discs get produced for sale on Amazon, or is it just a one-time thing and once that first batch is sold there'll be no additional supply?

    29. Ingwaz Seishu on

      I'm glad that you can still take some pride in the project Mr. Brockhoff.

    30. Collin Bachman on

      That's really a shame. Even my closest friends who are known pirates bought a copy of the documentary. I'm looking forward to the Blu-Rays, and wish the film the best in its distribution.

      As for piracy being "rampant and pervasive," that's sadly true.

    31. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone who pledged, we have not lost sight of the fact that this project would not have even been possible without you. At all times our goal was to give the people who pledged the most value for their support and we feel that is something we did achieve.

    32. mastrtonberry on

      @Mike Brent well put.

    33. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      I have a question about the discs.

      Because Pledges 250$ and above would get their BluRay signed (something I'm very happy about) and there are now technically two distinct boxes, which of these will get signed?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mike Brent on

      Having read a fair bit more, I hadn't realized you guys deferred salaries. I assume you still ate, but, fair enough. For the most part, as a backer, my contribution was just a show of support, I left the details to you, and more or less only skimmed the updates. I'm not sure I would have agreed with many of the expectations either.

      You may not have raised enough here to pay proper salaries for your industry, but there are charities in this community struggling to raise less than 1/4 of what you did. You did very well. And my own earlier post was frustration at being told that my contributions were not worth your time. Many people have pointed out that you probably didn't aim these comments at us, and that's fair, but also fair is that we are the ones that the comments were sent to.

      It's also fair to say that you haven't seen where it will really end up, you are just getting the distribution deals in place, after all. But like many have said, most of your customer base is probably right here, having already chipped in. Still, I'll revoke some of my earlier annoyance and try to help promote some of the distribution going into place.

      So, my condolences for not having the financial reward that you hoped for. My congratulations for producing an entertaining documentary. And my best wishes for your future endeavors. I hope once the dust settles you'll still be proud to have taken part.

    35. SR Foxley on

      I couldn't have said it better than @jshirley just did.

      Like most, I'm both dismayed and disappointed to hear this news. And I can completely understand your motivations for shutting down further post-production work on the bonus footage. If you do decide to test the waters with another kickstarter to both compensate for lost salary/compensation on the documentary itself as well as to fund the final post-production work for the bonus disc: Please know that I would heartily back you on this! I also completely understand if you and your crew are a bit too disillusioned to do that kind of thing.

      On a completely different note: It's looking likely that I'll be in the L.A. area sometime in early April. I'd love to take you and anyone else on the crew who can make it out to lunch or something. Think this might be a possibility?

    36. Missing avatar

      jshirley on

      @Michael Brockhoff:
      I am sad to hear that further post production on bonus footage has been shut down, but I understand why. To be honest, I'm surprised you guys were able to complete the kind of high quality documentary you did on only $322,022. I would have been very interested to see the further bonus footage you had if it had been made, but unless something was changed in how that was made/sold then it would, more likely than not, fall victim to the same amount of piracy that befell the documentary itself. I would be in support of a second Kickstarter for the additional footage; however, I know many other backers would feel like it would be a punch in the stomach to ask for more (even though it'd be reasonable). You and the entire team did a fantastic job above and beyond what I thought you'd be able to do with what you were given, and that is something you should all be proud of regardless. Piracy is going to happen, but that doesn't mean it's right. If the source of the piracy of this documentary came from the brony community, then as a brony and a member of the community, I apologize, sincerely and wholeheartedly for the amount of disrespect that has been shown to you, your staff, and all of those that have supported this work at any of its stages of development and release. If you're at this year's BronyCon, I'd like to shake your hand for the excellent, and very much needed, media portrayal of the bronies that this documentary provided. Again, thank you to you and your staff for your work on this project and I wish you luck in future endeavors.

    37. Ingwaz Seishu on

      @bjorn Hogh Larsen: calling the people who got shafted butthurt is a bit harsh don't you think? it's not their fault that they did what they said they would do and then people chose to pirate the dvd instead of actually buying it. If you're going to call somebody out, call out the other side as well.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bjørn Høgh Larsen on

      Oh i almost forgot. If you're gonna make a new kickstarter for the extra materiel please let me know, you deserve to get paid for your work of course.
      But please, refrain from sending me any more e-mails with how butt hurt you are, that you didn't think this project all the way though.

    39. Missing avatar

      Hendrik Iben on

      Hearing about the stop for the extra disc made me a bit sad. I am not angry at the producers or at anyone but this kind of thing just pulls you back to the hard ground of reality. Piracy is a difficult problem - and I have no solution for it either - but when it affects something you care about it can hurt you emotionally. In some ways this is one of the best examples why piracy is a bad thing. It's not about some mysterious lost profits but about the motivation for people to produce something worthwhile. I just hope the extra material can be used for something good in the future - I would pay to see that. ;-D

    40. Missing avatar

      Bjørn Høgh Larsen on

      I don't want to offend you in any way, but you should have expected this. Most of the bronies interested in paying for this documentary pledged money here, so the only marked this documentary really has is with the people who became bronies after the kickstarer ended. It's clear the media don't care to research what the bronies are before reporting on them, so why should they wan't to buy a documentary about them. And most of the other nerd fandoms hate us because we have a habit of ponifying everything they love, so they wouldn't want to know more about us either. That only leaves people who have no idea this fandom exits so they probably don't know about this documentary either.

      I don't mean to sound harsh but you should have know there wouldn't be a marked for this outside after the kickstarter.

    41. mastrtonberry on

      I'd throw in a few bucks on a new kickstarter to help pay the people behind this.

      But maybe next time include your payment in full in the goal ;)

    42. L. "TakeruDavis" Flidr on

      I feel like for further discussion, we need some estimate, if Mike could give us...

    43. Jordan Olling on

      I must admit I am upset that we might not see more things like extended interviews with Lauren Faust, but it is what it is, I suppose. Now it's time for me to read these comments.

    44. Ingwaz Seishu on

      this is true, but we'd have to raise a good amount of money to pay all the fees, pay their salaries, plus hopefully get some of them repaid for the 8 months they spent on the documentary alone

    45. L. "TakeruDavis" Flidr on

      @Ingwaz Seishu : well, pirates might not donate to bonuses, but even without them, do I need to remind we did raised five times enough for the documentary, so we might as well do some more for bonuses? It has been a several months and I got some spare cash.

    46. Ingwaz Seishu on

      @ashgill: it sounds like you have a very good grasp of the situation. one thing to add though, if my memory serves me, 6 people, mr. brockhoff included, completely deferred payment to themselves in an effort to put the most money that they could towards the documentary.

    47. Ingwaz Seishu on

      oh, I mean to include this in my last post. This post was clearly not directed at those of us who actually did support the documentary. it is directed at those who did not receive the documentary in some form and still chose to download it.
      "Unlike those of you who actually contributed to the creation of the film, there are those who feel the tremendous support we received was simply a financial bonanza and don't understand that we used the money to create the best possible film. They clearly don't understand, appreciate or respect the work and feel that since in their view, you the supporters paid for it, they are entitled to get it for free."
      yes, it sounds somewhat condescending, but honestly, I don't blame Mr. Brockhoff and it's not directed at us. The people working on the documentary got screwed a bit, they have every right to be a bit upset with those who screwed them, which again, is not those who actually supported the documentary (us).

    48. Ingwaz Seishu on

      @spooky: by "they" I mean those who are choosing to pirate this movie.

      @tom norton: you seem to be misunderstanding something. the documentary is complete. It is finished. this was about all the extra footage apart from even the bonus material that was not put into the documentary. If it was feasible, that extra footage could have been compiled and released. Mr. Brockhoff and this kickstarter campaign made no promises about this particular part and they have not gone against their word at all. the kickstarter campaign did what it said it would.

      @aaron cuevas: you don't understand that logic because that's not what I said. I'm saying that if those who choose to pirate this dvd are not willing to purchase it, why would they be willing to support another kickstarter? If another kickstarter comes out, by all means, i'd encourage everyone here to support it again if they feel it is worthwhile, but the fact remains, they are not getting enough sales to start cutting into all the costs they had to make and the pay they had to go without not to mention making enough back to work on the extra footage.

    49. Ashgill on

      Let me see if we can summarize our (the Phyre Family’s) understanding of what has happened:

      The 60K original goal would have only have allowed the documentary to cover BronyCon, and was not nearly as ambitious as what was actually accomplished. At this basic funding level, the documentary team would not get paid anything close to what they would normally make.

      As a result of exceeding the goals, instead of increasing what the team got paid (note that even with 322K, this wouldn't have covered full professional rates), the scope and quality of the documentary was substantially increased. More cameras, more hours of footage, international coverage, multiple conventions, more editing and post production, amazing animations, music, etc.

      For this, we give a huge thank you to all the backers, and to Mr. Brockhoff and his team! You put your heart and soul into it, and it shows.

      Because of this decision, the documentary team _still_ did not get paid what they normally would have made. And, on top of it all, because the scope was larger, they got paid less for a longer period of time!

      Because so much time was invested, either given or at reduced rates, there was a hope that:

      a) additional funds raised from the sales of the documentary, etc, would help out the people who gave almost a year of their life to this project, and,

      b) additional funds raised from the sales could also go towards editing/post for additional bonus footage that was not originally promised as part of the Kickstarter.

      Once the documentary was released, sales weren’t as good as expected. The industry typically uses standard formulas to determine for how many pirated views, how many paying customers were lost. One can argue about these formulas until the cows come home, but we suspect that this is part of why it can be demonstrated that piracy did have a negative impact, and did result in lost revenue.

      As a result of the lower revenue numbers, there was a lot of disappointment and disillusionment, especially given the rampart piracy. We suspect a lot of this frustration is also directed towards the difficulty of stamping out the pirated copies, and the lack of support and complete disregard towards content creators by groups such as Google Youtube, etc.

      Perhaps there was also a hope that Brony, with a large creative community, would be more respectful of creative creation. After all, it remains to be seen how much of the piracy was inside vs. outside of the community.

      Given how far we have come, I strongly support the idea of doing a second Kickstarter to fund the production and release of the additional material. It’s not trivial, but at the same time, we’re so close...

      I know that we'd contribute, regardless of the Kickstarter rewards offered. Seeing the footage released would be enough of a reward in itself.