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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
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Delayed One Week

We know how excited everyone is about the release of the documentary, but unfortunately have run into a delay that will push the release date to January 19th.

One of the things we felt was important is to incorporate lots of Brony created art and music into the film. This is in addition to the original composed music. While these people have already agreed to participate, they all have to sign legal releases, which put that understanding to paper. This is necessary to prevent any misunderstandings about use of their art or music and avoid any future problems that may inhibit distribution of the film. 

At this point, all the releases have not been signed. We’ve been working hard to get this done. The problem is that we can’t control when people check their mail and how quickly they respond. We’re just not there yet and can’t release the documentary until each and every release is signed. In the next few days if the people we need to respond don’t, we’ll replace their stuff with art or music that can be cleared quickly. 

We know this delay will cause disappointment, and we do apologize. While you wait, we hope you will enjoy a clip from the film that we’re releasing today. It’s part of the story of Alex, a Brony living in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s posted here: 


Mike & The Bronies Team 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Trevor Barth on

      @Michael Brockhoff Thank you! I can't wait for it to finish downloading!

    2. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Trevor Barth Check your email. I sent you a message about your link.

    3. Missing avatar

      Trevor Barth on

      Is the digital link being released in batches? I still haven't received my link yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Walter Henn on

      Hey I just got the digital download, and the message to not upload it to the Internet. How do you want me to report it, or anything to that effect so it is taken down.

    5. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      @Paula *nods* Absolutely!! The world would be a lot better if more people kept their inner children alive and well instead of trying to quell and silence them for good. This show has truly helped tons of people to prioritize and remember what's really important to them. I think it's changed many an outlook on life, and renewed many a spirit. I couldn't agree more with you. The brony community on the whole is a positive, supportive, very healthy group of people. I cannot say the same for those who bash on them; what good reason could there be for that, other than attempting to tear someone else down to your level? Fortunately most bronies actually manage to carry out the "love and tolerate" creed...;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      OMG! I saw the new episode! And the line that John delivers almost made my head explode with its awesomeness! But my bro and his girlfriend were sitting next to me so I had to contain my sqees. But on the inside I was about to burst out of my skin!

    7. Pink Champagne on

      If you'll look in the main Comments section, Michael posted two things:

      1. Creator Michael Brockhoff about 4 hours ago
      480p: 1.75 GB
      720p: 2.63 GB
      1080p: 3.52 GB

      2. Creator Michael Brockhoff about 1 hour ago
      It has to upload to a server before the emails can be sent out. It is saying 12 hours to upload all the files. We are trying to figure out a quicker way. Hang in there.

      It will be sometime before the upload. Please forgive Michael and be patient. The quality will still be great.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Stoler on

      It's the 19th, so where is it?

    9. Joseph on

      What time is coming out?

    10. Missing avatar

      Halifax Samuels on

      Can't wait! Gonna be waiting all day for this.

    11. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      Thanks, Paula! Actually I'm going to Orlando, Florida. And I can't wait to hear that line either! It just might be epic enough rip a hole in the fabric of space and time! Dr. Whooves is going to have some work to do...

    12. Paula Clark on

      @Michelle~ I would have to agree that yes there are plenty of Axis II & III issues [referring to the American Mental Illness Diagnosis] that would agree with you on the skeptics. Because hating or bullying on the idea that someone who watches a cartoon and derives enjoyment from Peace, Love and Harmony begs for any normal human being to be outraged with that. Until, I got to meet a few Bronies and became aware of the show, I was just indifferent to the hype. Once I watched a few episodes, perused DeviantArt, and SMILED at the gentle, silly-loving antics of Bronies on Twitter and web-abroad~ I was hooked and very outraged with the bullying they endured. Truly a pleasure to just look at the world like a child does again. We need that at whatever age we are; it helps keep us in prospective. Friendships are Magic and it taught me that. I used to take my friendships for granted; now I cherish them.

    13. Paula Clark on

      @Jacob~ Thank you and yes it is cool that we all can agree on MLP: FIM, because the acronym is so true. The impact of the cartoon, and it is the only one I watch as an adult. And it gives a lift sometimes to just the blahs. So very COOL, indeed. Short posts are blasé'. Long posts give insight, and you are a renaissance dude. LL&P/Love & Tolerate. *thumbs up*

    14. Paula Clark on

      @Zack, enjoy your trip to Cali and Universal (I'm assuming that is where you are going). I wish I had HUB, but I hope to view the episode when it makes its appearance on youtube or NetFlix, whichever comes first. But, alas the DOC is a prominent "CAN'T WAIT". The recent Twitter hubbub has me very curious, too; surrounding the newest Discord episode. A line in the episode stated by John, that is to be truly EPIC! de Lancie in anything and all his lines are memorable, so this must be AMAZING or to the point~ Brony-licious (did I just coin a new phrase?) I hope so. LOL Stay cool!

    15. Jacob Gibson on

      Michael B.: Only one swear word? Good. I just wish there was none at all or that it was censored so I could show it to anyone without worrying about it. And I bet making a blu-ray is complicated.
      Zack O.: Discord's in the next episode?! Agh, I've been trying to avoid spoilers for season 3 for my blind commentary and now you've ruined everything! How could you, Zack?! How could youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?! lol I forgive you. I'll just tell everyone who was responsible for spoiling it for me. :) (But I did hear John de Lancie's comment about doing some voice recording recently for the show a few months ago so I had a good feeling) Have fun at Universal! Trying not to be jealous.
      Paula C.: Thanks for your kind and helpful answer. It's cool that people of different hobbies and fandoms can find things to relate to and appreciate.
      My posts are never short, are they?

    16. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jákup Fuglø The Blu-Ray discs and shirts will ship by the end of February. I've learned though this process that putting out a Blu-Ray is actually a complicated process.

    17. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      OH YEAH, how could I forget how totally over-the-moon ecstatic I am about seeing and/or hearing John in the film and the second Discord ep?! @o@ I was right near the front of the audience during his BroNYcon session, which was quite a joyous and wonderful experience. =)

    18. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      @Paula Clark Thanks that really eased my mind about it. It was just a nagging thought in the back of my head but it still made me worry a bit. Well, however this turns out I'm really excited for it and can't wait to see John de Lancie in not only the documentary but the new episode as well! And on the very same day! What could be better? Oh maybe the fact that I'm going to UNIVERSAL ON THE 18TH! It's going to be the best trip ever!

    19. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Aw, phooey...but again, I understand. Another week shouldn't be too difficult to wait. Needless to say I am very excited, but hey--whatever it takes!

      And Paula Clark, fellow Trekkie/pony took a lot of words right out of my mouth there. I truly hope that some "skeptics" who are "weirded out" by bronyism will be willing to watch this with a more open mind, and at least try to understand what it is about the whole pony thing that has captured so many, many imaginations and hearts the entire world over. I mean, there is clearly *something* to it, y'know?! And it's probably safe to say that anyone who is so bothered by what other people enjoy as to resort to name-calling, insults, threats, bullying, violence, property damage, etc., has far more serious and deep-seated personal issues to work out than the innocent person who's simply got the confidence to do his/her own thing, living and letting live. Rock on, Alex--stay strong and keep rockin' on!!! Maybe we'll see each other in the skies someday, fellow Pegasus....;)

    20. Jákup Fuglø

      Don't know if this has been answered already but how long is it till we get the physical copy + t-shirts and stuff?

    21. Paula Clark on

      (my last line contains a typo~grrrr~ should read "many of us wish we had")

    22. Paula Clark on

      @Zack Owens My baseline fandom is Trekkie, and I viewed the Brony Doc Sneak Peak in Anaheim in November and it does not depict every Brony living with harshness or adversarial situations. There is a nice mix of how each and every Brony labors with their fandom. Most is very heartfelt. I went away that evening realizing what an AMAZING group of young men Bronies are. More than your ability to find happiness, harmony and the WILL to change and create paradigms in our crazy world; more than the ability of you all to band together for the common good. Of course, when anyone stands up to face the social norm, there is adversary, but, like you I agree, the harshness of treating any human being with hate for enjoying the beauty of art and music and mostly, the message of MLP:FIIM blows my mind, entirely~who does it harm. No one. Trust me~You will be made to feel even more proud to be a Brony and showing others this documentary should enlighten them~and for others or skeptics; those skeptics who don't get it. Well, they can't probably get a lot of things in life. So there is no reaching some people. There were times in the sneak peek, that I had to wipe away a tear. It is beautifully done and reflects you all as genuinely kind, loving people with a generosity many of his wish we had. All the best, Bronies.

    23. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @AppleJake G. The only swear in the documentary is in the clip we released.

    24. Jacob Gibson on

      *cue scene with Pinkie Pie firing off her party cannon, freezing in mid-air, and both her and confetti falling back down* XD This is a little disappointing but in the end we'll all be glad we waited.
      Enjoyed the clip! One question about the doc: will there be much swearing in this movie? I was hoping it would be family-friendly and careful how much questionable content comes through. Since children might like to see it too. And Zack Owens does raise a good question. Some sympathy would be nice but not too much. Not everyone has the guts to put MLP stickers on their car. ^_^
      Like I said before, just take your time and make it as magic as you can. (Oh, I really hope "Great to be Different" by Forest Rain makes it in!!)

    25. Richard McAllen on

      I'm going to assume Purple Tinker isn't going to sign the forms.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Reagan on

      Time to spread the word as quickly as possible on every brony site. If you contributed any work to the documentary, CHECK YOUR INBOXES!

    27. Missing avatar

      Weimann on

      Asfg. Could have announced that a little earlier than the day of release. >_<

    28. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jordan Olling We will let the film speak for itself.

    29. Jordan Olling on

      I'd like a response to Zack Owens' interesting question, now that he's put that thought in my head. :)

    30. PanxoPetit on

      *Puts on a Sweetie Belle mask*

      OH, COME ON!!

      JK, can't wait to see it ❤ ❤ ❤

    31. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      @atomcrusader: I couldn't have said it better myself. Here's hoping! ^_^

    32. atomcrusader on

      @Zack Owens: I guess we shall find out soon enough! ^_^

      Mike and team, please take your time to keep the best arts and music in the final product. What you are making shall go down in history, and we all would love it to be a great one!

    33. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      A quick note to add to my previous comment. I really appreciate all the work put into this. I do. And my thanks goes out to everyone who made it possible. My heart goes out to those unjustly ridiculed, harassed, and even threatened because they enjoy a cartoon. I just want to make sure that we're not being portrayed as people to be pitied, let alone people seeking it.

    34. Daniel Ninonybox Reinert on

      A brony documentary by John De Lancie comeing out the same day as the new MLP ep with discord in it......tis a good delay!

    35. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      I have a concern that someone brought up to me. Now keep in mind I'm reserving judgement until I see the actual product, but I heard that the way this is being handled is kind of like a "Its hard to be a brony" kind of thing. If you know what I mean. Like viewing the bronies as a down-trotted group of people. Overly dramatic. Is that how this is being handled? I mean that guy in the youtube clip has it kinda rough, but is that how we're all being portrayed?

    36. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      ha! i knew it ^^ but don't worry i am not mad take the time you need....

    37. Andrew Hallmark on

      I'd rather see the project delayed another month than see the team have to sacrifice the music or video quality just to push the release date forward. The nice thing about us is we're not a bunch of angry studio executives waiting for our cash to flow in. We just want to see the project completed to the best of everyone's abilities.

      Can't wait to see the finished documentary! Best of luck and godspeed!

    38. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Take your time fellas. :) Looking forward to see it when its done, take all the time you need to make this the movie you want it to be :D

    39. yatpay on

      Take all the time you need, guys! I'd rather wait a few more weeks (or months!) and have a more polished product that you feel really confident in. I can't speak for everyone, but I'd rather wait another six months and have you guys finish everything you need to do than have you rush for an arbitrary deadline!