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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
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Posted by Michael Brockhoff (Creator)
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We’ve have a number of updates for you today.

First up, the official name of the documentary has become:


The extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony

Since the film includes three big conventions and is aimed and both Bronies and the general public, we wanted to use a name that would be more inclusive of the fandom as a whole.

Second, as you may have heard the pre-release screening at EQLA went well. The audience reacted positively. We collected comment cards from the audience members and we are in the process of compiling them into notes that can be used to make the film even better. At this point the film is about 80% done – so we need to make it 20% cooler! 

Just a few of the things we are working on are: 

Replacing some of the footage with better shots 

Making some storylines more clear 

Building a more solid ending 

Finalizing maps & graphics

Finalizing original animations

Picking fan art to include as the background for green screen shoots

Picking fan music to include

Composing and recording original music

Online and color correction

Audio mix

We were encouraged to hear that the film inspired many who saw it. In particular a number of people said they were excited to show it to friends and family who do not understand their love for the show. After the screening the father of a teen came to me to say he had driven his son seven hours to the convention and spent the weekend there but still didn’t really get why his son was a Brony until he watched the film. He said the film helped him completely understand and want to support his son even more.

I know you are all excited to see the film. We’re at a point where we could just quickly push it out and be done, but we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to give you the best film we can. Instead of guessing, I’ll be posting an updated release schedule after we take a few weeks to finish the editing. In the next few weeks we’ll see if we can put together a trailer or other clip(s) to give you a sneak peak. 

Thank you for your continued support.


Mike & the team

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    1. Kyle Keezer on

      We haven't had an update in quite a while, will their be one anytime soon?

    2. Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik on

      Want to point out I'm personally OK with the current title as is though.

      And seriously, this song would been a perfect example for the documentary:…
      But I guess is too late for such suggestions now. >__<

    3. Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik on

      No need to tear your hairs out coming up with something new guys - to make it shorter and more accurate they simply just need to simplify the current title to "Bronies: The Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony"

    4. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      i have to say that i don't really like the new name either. besides the length i don't like the "adult" while i am one many others of us are teens ... so it is a little misleading ^^ Overall i think its to sensational ... but well im here for the content not the cover.

    5. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      "The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony" does seem rather a lengthy subtitle. *tries to think of something that could basically convey the same ideas a bit more succinctly* Perhaps something along the lines of, "Bronies: Adults That Love 'My Little Ponies'"...or, something...I dunno, just suggesting. What you've got will work fine.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      Yeah I tried it, but the software is 10 years out of date. It's completely unrecognizable as a computer program anymore.

    7. atomcrusader on

      Awesome! I hope it works out for the best! Can't wait!!!

    8. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for the "Dork" link. I'm contacting the creator to see if we can use elements in the doc.
      @Zack Owens
      If you want to become a voice actor you should check out Tara Strong's

    9. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      I'm so excited for this documentary! Thank you guys so much for making it! I don't mind the extra wait because I know that the more time you take to put the finishing touches the better its gonna be :)

      The show is great but what really makes the experience is the fan base and how well the cast and crew respond to them. Seeing this in the panels and hearing about this documentary really re-ignited my desire to become a voice actor!

    10. atomcrusader on

      Thanks for your reply earlier on the use of the new name. I do agree it has a rhythmic quality. :D
      As for fan content, may I ask if you have seen the video "Dork"? [here is the Youtube link:… ] Its animation sequence is top-notch among fan made materials, and at 1:04 min, is short enough to fit in various places in the documentary. Something great to consider if you are looking for a good intro/end/intermission segment material.

    11. Jacob Gibson on

      My (hopefully) last thoughts on the title: I know I'll get used to it, just like I did for the name of the Nintendo Wii, but like that I may wonder from time to time if it there could have been a more fitting name. Instead of asking someone if they want to watch "Bronies" and then hear them ask what bronies are and "watch them do what?" I'll probably just call it the brony documentary. Maybe it's not the subtitle that bothers me but just the main title which is only one word. I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining. I'm very excited for this and know it will meet my expectations and rock my face off.

    12. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Stephane T
      We've found fan art that we like on DeviantArt. We are in the process of contacting the artists to obtain permission to use the art. The ending is just about better use of the material we already have. That is in progress now.

    13. Stephane T. on

      I got two questions about this update.
      First, about picking fan art to include as the background for green screen shoots, do you already have some fan art and need to choose from them, or are you looking to fan art presently available on the internet?
      Second, for building a more solid ending, do you think some help from some imaginative bronies might be helpful?

    14. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      Since we were able to integrate all the conventions and stories into one film, the plans changed and there will be one release.

    15. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      With the new title, are there still plans to do a second documentary, as announced in "Update #12"?

      The second doc mentioned there was supposed to be called "Bronies" as well. I think that would be confusing, having two documentaries about the same topic with similar/identical titles.

      That Update was from July, so maybe you've changed your plans and go for only one big release now?

    16. Jákup Fuglø

      I keep checking back here because I'm having trouble remembering the title... so I'm afraid I'll have to side with my fellow bronies on this

    17. Paula Clark on

      I like the title, however if it is alliteration you are attempting it is important to know that this poetic style effects consonant sounds in a phrase or working title here. And, assonance effects vowel sounds. The ring, timbre is affected by inflection of like sounds and creating a memorable roll of a phrase. Perhaps, then: Bronies: An Extremely Unexpected Adult Fandom of My Little Pony. Appearing longer, but capitalizing on the word placement using both alliteration and assonance and repeating the "An-ex into Un-ex" sound, so that is truly memorable and rolling off the tongue effect you seem to be attempting. As a hobby poet and wordsmith of armchair proportions this might be what I feel you are attempting in your description. It does give it a sing-song appeal and the sense of mimic. Seemingly what Dr. Seuss often did. I love the thought process you've all put into the title. Great idea.

    18. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @atomcrusader, @Jordan Olling, @AppleJake G., @Weimann
      The new title has been selected as the result of much discussion among the Executive Producers. We like that it pushes further than a standard short title, which makes it more memorable and has more of a ring to it. It also has a bit of alliteration with three words in a row that begin with vowels. This is something that is done with cartoon titles so there is a purposeful mimic to it.

    19. atomcrusader on

      Love the new inclusiveness of the title!
      However, I completely agree with Jordan as well. The current title is a bit too long, and unnecessarily sensational-sounding.
      I support "Bronies: An Unexpected Fandom". Weimann's version may give confusion as to which generation of MLP we are talking about. :")
      There is no doubt this video will circulate through my family and campus once it's in my hands! ^_^

    20. Jordan Olling on

      After reading what Weimann and AppleJake G. had to say, I agree with them. You could easily take out "Extremely" and "Adult" from the title, and it wouldn't suffer one bit. I'd say more, but they've already expressed their points very well.
      Something to consider.

    21. Jacob Gibson on

      Man, it's a great feeling every time I see a kickstarter update in my email. Every update just gets me more pumped for this!
      I dig the new name but the subtitle is a lot to spit out. What if we shortened it to "The Brony: An Unexpected Fandom"? It's short, to the point, and best of all completely original and unrelated to any particular, highly-anticipated movies coming up next month. ^_^ But to be seriously, I agree with Weimann and his name choice. Although TEUAFMLP tells you everything you need to know, in this case I feel less is more when choosing titles, and downplaying or removing adjectives could be good for catching one's curiosity. "What makes these fans unexpected?" (as if people can't guess or don't already know) At the very least, I'd be happy if you just took out "extremely" or "adult." Thanks for your consideration. You guys rock.
      Anyway, hooray for more fan art and music! Hope to hear pieces from musicians who missed the con.

    22. Missing avatar

      Weimann on

      I'm happy that the BronyCan was taken out of the title. This year, there must have been 8 or 10 cons over the world, and it'd give a bad impression to focus on just one.

      That said... the subtitle is a bit unwieldy. I'd probably call it "Bronies: The Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony" myself. "Extremely" is an unnecessary amplifier and makes it sound garish and sensationalistic. "Adult"... well, I guess it depends on definition, but in any case the title flows better without it.

      In any case, I'm looking forward to the finished product. :)

    23. Jake Biddulph on

      Mike: Great to hear things are going well with the Film production, and that the advance screening went positively. We look forward to the release. Jake. Vice-Chairman, BUCK

    24. feefers on

      Oh phe thanks Michael, I too was worried about the all caps!

      BTEUADMLP is not a very good acronym however it does give the excellent anagram, Table Dump.

      I am however really happy with the name change given how much scope has now been included.

    25. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      It's actually
      Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

    26. Missing avatar

      SpecLad on

      So... is the title actually in uppercase? 8=P

      Jokes aside, I think I like it more than the old one, although it seems a tad too long.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sean Curran on

      So are the shirts still gonna say BronyCon the Documentary?
      If so then that's kind of disappointing, it will be at best tangentially related to the documentary.

      Nonetheless the documentary had grown past the name, so I'm glad you decided to change it.

    28. Jordan Olling on

      Should "extremely unexpected adult fans" be capitalized, as per normal film title rules?

    29. Thomas Gaucher on

      If you ever want any help with anything music related, let me know. I'm a composer.

      Anyways, it's really nice to see you're putting so much effort into this. I wasn't at the pre-release, but from what I heard, it was awesome. Keep it up!

    30. Austin Peavy on

      I know I'd gotten in touch with you previously about this, but do you have an update as to when Lauren Faust might have the OC drawings finished?

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Nice to see everything is moving along nicely! I 'm sure it'll be a great documentary.

    32. Felipe Reinaud on

      Let me know if you need any help with the localization
      I sent a message time ago talking about the same thing... I speak spanish and I have experience localizing videogames.

    33. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jordan Olling
      The full name is:
      "Bronies: The extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony"

    34. Jordan Olling on

      Ooh! Is "The extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony" officially part of the title as a subtitle, or is the title only "Bronies"? Or is it officially "BRONIES"?

    35. Jordan Olling on

      I'm really looking forward to this! Also... that old joke...

    36. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Well, this is getting me even more excited. As much as I want to see it, I'd rather wait a bit longer and have it be the best it can possibly be, than to see the high quality you're pursuing sacrificed due to I'll keep watching for further updates on the progress that's being made...I'm sure this is going to be absolutely amazing and do the entire brony/pony-involved community very proud. =)

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      As much as I'm in a hurry to see this NOW, I'm perfectly content to wait and see it 20% cooler than it is now. This is going to be so epic to watch that it's going to be worth every minute I wait.

      It will be extremely likely that I'll be "flaunting" this video to friends and family, as many I know still don't get why I like the fandom so much.

    38. PinkiePieAddict on

      Please, take your time. Professional polish is always a good thing.

      On a related note, I plan on showing this to my parents to help them understand Bronies better, and why I am such a fan.

    39. Vargr Rækr on

      I am so very glad that the advance screening went so well. I just wanted to say thank you for being so inspired as to make thorough revisions in order to improve the final result. I can hardly wait to see what you have come up with, but I am more than willing to wait to see this documentary put its very best foot forward.