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A feature length documentary about the unofficial fan convention for aficionados of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
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    1. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      you didnt o_O thats a little bit extreme for my taste ;)but if you are happy ;) sadly i think if thats now your name i guess you have an big disadvantage in an job interview if you ever need one. well here in my country you can get a nickname/stagename in your id so we have a nice compromise.

    2. Jacob Gibson on

      Well just this week I had my name legally changed to AppleJake so now it IS my real name! Yay! XD The Jacob part is real as most would guess, and so is the G. I added to it once Mr. Brockhoff told me he met an "AppleJake" at Bronycon and thought it was me. lol I wish I was better at coming up with good original screen names like Fragga and deathblob, but it's a stretch on my brain.
      You know, I feel like I might be talking too much on these updates and comments. Maybe I should give everyone a break. One can only take so much apple.

    3. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      Just noticed if i search for Fraggadelic in google .... the first 3 sites (didnt look any further) are about me lol ^^

    4. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      My realname isnt so uncommen in my country but not soooo common you meet one around every corner.... i think around 2-3 people on the World use the same Nickname (in full: Fred-Fraggadelic) so its pretty unique

    5. Daniel Hengels on

      @evenprime Neat. I started using the deathblob pseudonym years ago, I don't know the exact origin anymore, besides being obsessed with blob enemies in games, like the gelatinous cube monster from dnd. Had a whole game based on blobs, even got a friend to make sprites of them, a blob with a crown in it, blob with bones in it and such for the different enemy classes. That fell apart due to lack of enthusiasm on my part. I've lately been trending away from deathblob because it sounds too harsh and does not represent me very well anymore, especially post following ponies. Decided to start using real name to keep myself honest online. I still post silly stuff sometimes, but overall I've been taking things more seriously, but keeping a good attitude about it. My tweets for example are a mix of praise at people whose work I like and simple more thoughtfully planed questions and comments. And it's those that I've received great replies to, it's amazing to see that people like Peter New can be both a famous person that voices ponies and a "normal" person that posts his interests and frustrations like the rest of us. I'm grateful for level of communication across the whole fan group I've experienced. Sorry to ramble on and be a example of oversharing, until recently it was very rare for me to publicly geek out like this.

    6. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      @Daniel: My real first name + last name combination ("Wilfried Pasquazzo" fyi) is absolutely unique. Nobody else has it, which is not surprising, because first name is a relatively old German name, while the last name is a rare (apparently) Italian name. I've got myself the "" adress thanks to that without problems. I too had Facebook for my real name once, but deleted that account (too many annoying "friends") and replaced it with a "fake" one that goes by my pseudonym, and only because it's the only way to get informed about local meetups in a timely manner.

      My most-used pseudonym "Evenprime" is almost unique. I chose it years ago because I wanted something simple, easy to remember, that has a mathematical touch to it ("prime" for prime number, therefore the name literally means "2"). Only years later when joining twitter I found out that apparently someone else used that nickname before me, but I won't change it now that most of the search results of Google for that name actually link to me.

    7. Daniel Hengels on

      Yet another tough topic nicely discussed:) On another note, anyone else have other people on the internet with the same first and last name as you? Or pseudonyms? For example I'm me on twitter, but i'm not me on google+ and I don't use facebook anymore, used it once for a contest then quit. For pseudonyms i'm not deathblob on youtube but I am on deviant art and many other places, including both deathblob and deathblob 2 on xbox, yes I copied myself. Building up a web-presense sure can be confusing, I'm just glad I snagged the twitter account name, it would be weird to not be myself there.

    8. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      @dan: sorry i guess my response was the least polite one. I partly blame it on english ... since im not a native speaker i tend to simplify my wording and the sentences become more harsh. im sorry.

    9. Paula Clark on

      @AppleJake I love the innocence of your question, but I do think you know the answer. "Because most people don't take the time to "love and tolerate themselves; and until they do that, they cannot step from self to someone else's plight and expand to "love and tolerate" another." That is what breeds civil, social discussion and often even the best of selves fail to do that. Learning, knowledge and practice is what makes it easier over the life span. The messages you learn in stories of MLP and countless others works of literature and text books, helps. Chaucer wrote some actually, too. Much more interesting, but of the same vein. How to get along with people has been a mainstay in literature. Canturbury Tales for one. You just have to interpret and follow it. Not everyone gets that being civil is neither etched in stone; white or black ink, in general, there are lots of gray. And conditions of one person's existence aren't the same for another. @Dan, cool and no harm taken. I saw through the lines a bit in your posts. Like I said we are a blend of light and dark, and sometimes a walk on the wild side is a good thing too. Either light or dark reminds us all of the same thing~we're human. No shame in that. Besides in the Trekverse I write a erotica. And, I have plenty of nay-sayers and those who scream for more. Both make my arse tired on occasion, but it is a fun hobby and it hurts no one; actually, I think it helps increase my vocabulary and lack of grammar skills; and mostly keeps me uptodate on Trek events, and I've met people all over the world and shared ideas, hopes and the like. There is never a dull moment in fandom.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Just noticed AppleJake's comment about civility:

      I agree. I noticed I came in here guns a-blazin' and essentially just snapped on everyone, yet all the responses are calm, cool, and intelligent. I even had to sit back for a moment and go "Huh... huuuhhh...."

      Every time I accidentally come across something R34, I'll still cry a little on the inside...

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      You guys win on this one. I got nothin'. Well played.

    12. Daniel Hengels on

      To expand a bit. I meant no harm by my remarks earlier, i'm not into personal attacks. Personal frustrations sure but I don't want to kick anyone out of the fandom even If I don't agree with them. Also I intentionally understated my r34 familiarity, a lie by omission, for which I am sorry. I know quite a bit of the r34 art, and enjoy some of it, I just don't bring it up often. The inclusiveness of the community is one reason I have been posting more and joined twitter, particularly Tara Strong's tweet about knowing she has weird fans but still likes them too. My interests currently are probably 3/10ths the show itself, 1/10th for r34 and such, 1/10th for self made works, 2/10ths for safe deviant art and youtube remixes and 3/10ths for following and interacting on twitter. But i'd be left with just the show if not for the openness and acceptance I have seen on twitter, here and other sites:)

    13. Jacob Gibson on

      Very well put. Paula, and I think many people have eloquently supported the reasons why our documentary friends are making the right decision. And yes, though I meant what I said about grimdark the video itself was a joke. To me. lol
      @ Nelson LaQuet I had a feeling you were just trying to be careful not to offend me in case I got easily offended. :) My humor doesn't always work like I hope. But I agree with you that violence isn't quite as much a problem for me if it's done for the purpose of the story and not just to disturb viewers. And about R34, I haven't run across much of it by accident so maybe that's why I didn't say anything.
      Why can't all discussions be as civil as brony discussions?

    14. Paula Clark on

      @Dan and Nelson LQuet: It is easy to see that there is a complete difference of opinion on intrinsically the same principle~ "Acceptance", which is at the core of any fandom. Even in the fandom of which I am most familiar we Trekkies disagree on some level as to acceptance of exposing [no pun intended] the darker natures, more primitive natures, intimate natures, etc., and whether it is in art, writing, video or whatever media. It is a fact of fandom and all inclusive though and most of the time there is no harshness bestowed to those who indulge; maybe a raised eyebrow and snicker. Those of us who dabble in that vernacular of fandom have had to learn to tolerate those tell-tale signs of offense, and yet, our response is 'don't look, don't read, don't listen' if it offends you in the cases of extreme reaction. That in essence is Tolerance and perhaps learned avoidance. And, I do believe that the makers of the documentary are eloquently stating they 'get that', and that isn't the core or the focus on Bronies or the documentary that will eventually cement you in a favorable position in popular culture. They are not discounting the efforts of those that indulge in making this available for those who enjoy that sort of thing; they simply are not going to address it. Because, everyone is aware and the light needs to focus on the community as GOOD. Think of it as your family, there is always that odd Uncle or Aunt [or insert whatever title fits] who everyone understands is essentially good, like everyone else, but takes an odd slant on some things; you LOVE him or her anyway. However, if focus was only on that family member, eventually the entire family suffers in the limelight. Essentially, that encompasses the other spectrum of your mantra. And "Love" has many levels, it is not a static emotional response to everything or everyone that we meet in life; it manifests in degrees. Oh and by the way, @Nelson~ this was beautifully put and central to a cohesiveness in society and fandom:"I hope that you reconsider your stance on this subject, as not to further force a counterproductive divide on a community founded by the ideas of acceptance." Basically, this fandom is in principle not much different than any of the fandoms out there, with the exception of being tormented with hate filled messages towards its members, if only for that those hate-mongers are obtuse, uninformed and maybe a little jealous; and really pointing out the dirty little secret [they already seem to know about] would overshadow what the message of the documentary is trying to correct. And, to drive the point home, Human Nature mimics fandom, or vice versa~we all have a light and dark side, and most of the time we live in a blend of them; or we would never survive the cruelty of society as a whole. Love and Tolerance starts within ourselves; and then concentrically encircles all that you indulge in. And, I know you Ponies know that...

    15. Nelson LaQuet on

      @AppleJake G: ah; alright :) It's just that I know a lot of people who are incredibly sensitive to things and I simply tend to err on the side of caution to make sure I don't offend people by accident (as it takes a LOT for me to be offended by something... unless it's a debate about software development ;)).

      @Dan: I don't think that attitude is healthy to have, especially considering how the comments you made could be very much excluding and hurtful to many members of the community. I watch the community very closely, and frequent all of the major websites - however, I almost never come across R34 content myself. I know it's there in abundance, but I never see it. If you come across it regularly, then that is indicative that you are visiting websites that allow it to be posted without a filtering mechanism; and, I'm sorry to say, that is your fault.

      Who cares what content a person consumes? Who are you to judge those people, or to exclude them from being present in the wider community (given that they do not post offensive content where it isn't welcome)? That attitude is poisonous to this community, as it is very much a simple extrapolation of the kinds of misery we get from most media for just being Bronies in the first place. I hope that you reconsider your stance on this subject, as not to further force a counterproductive divide on a community founded by the ideas of acceptance.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      @... several people up there... lol...

      I see where you're all coming from. Yeah, I know R34 is going to exist no matter what, and you can't get rid of everyone.

      To respond to Daniel H.: I think we have to look at more what the fandom's are about. Batman is more easily accepted by society because that's what society was brought up around: Batman is cool for boys and girls. Society thinks the MLP fandom of today is rotating around what it was in the 80's and 90's and they fail to see how it's changed. Overcoming the social outcasting those in the fandom have to deal with is hard enough as it is without all the R34 going around.

      Perhaps I'm on the wrong side of the fence here, and I'm going mostly off what I see on the internet. Had I been able to make it to Bronycon, perhaps I'd be seeing things totally differently.

      @Fragga: No matter the skill level of the artist (which I have seen his work, btw), I'm not afraid to say that it saddens me that a skilled artist would delve into the more explicit side of the art. Not so much because that it's "Explicit", but rather, WHAT it's about. I think I'm trying moreso to say that the explicit form of art should not belong in something such as MLP (and many other shows, for that matter).

      Call it harsh, call it mean, call it what you want, I still don't think fans of R34 (specifically related to MLP) should be considered part of the fandom. I know it's a practically impossibility to weed out anyone like that... but it's just my opinion.

    17. Paula Clark on

      @AppleJack *scratching their head and wondering what all the concern is over Grimdark and R34 is [but knows better]. I guess I can make my Q page PUBLIC now, if that is the biggest worry in MLP:FIM. Seriously, was that a joke? LMAO

    18. Daniel Hengels on

      Another point, batman fans have had weird fan fiction and art for decades now, just think about how many batman/catwoman r34's there are, or batman and robin fanfics. And batman seems to be doing fine and has more fans then ever before i'd guess due to the animated movies and the live action movies, plus people keep discovering the animated series too after seeing art in that style online.

    19. Daniel Hengels on

      @Dan A lot of r34 and such fans were fans of the show before they explored other things. And a lot can do both and switch back and forth with ease. If you want to throw them out then you would also have to preemptively throw out lots of other fans just in case they follow those things. I'm in no mood for a witch hunt such as that. Shunning large groups of fans will only lead to there being less of us, which will cause internal distrust as each remaining group tries to get rid of the others until we are left with no big unified groups.

    20. Missing avatar

      Frank Donato on

      "Some people have this absurd and idiotic notion that since there's porn of it, it should be included in a documentary. No.

      There is literally porn of everything. If I make a Flintstones documentary, you would want me to mention porn? If I make a Team Fortress documentary, you would want me to mention porn?

      That has nothing to do with the things in question, including it would just be stupid. "

    21. Jacob Gibson on

      @ Nelson LaQuet Yeah, that was only a joke. That video made me laugh so much and I wanted to help lighten the atmosphere (and see if anyone else thought it was funny XD).

    22. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      @Dan I hope you are aware that if they had locked out all people from BronyCon that produce or like R34 and Grimdark art (especially the artists) the Con would have been considerably smaller and less varied. Those that you want to throw out of the community are very capable of expressing and entertaining themselves and others in a sfw manner when it is appropriate to do so, as BronyCon showed in a very impressive way. I think my biggest issue with your opinion is that you declare that there are two distinct groups: the "normal" Bronies that like the show and sfw content and the "bad" Bronies that like the nsfw stuff. Which is from my experience absolutely not true. I've yet to meet a single Brony that says he exclusively likes the "dark" side and doesn't care for the show itself.

    23. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      was = what .... this site needs an editing feature ... sorry for spamming i will stop now ;)

    24. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      and besides was is the difference of pinkie killing rainbow dash or pinkie making out with rainbow dash? its a story like you said.

    25. Fragga - Judicator of the Obsidian Order on

      whoa dan .... i hope i will never share your point of view. We are all Bronys ... one of the greatest Artists (in my opinion) John joseco draws really explicit adult content for FiM. Will you condemn his other work now too.

      We all differ in taste and preferences... normally i tell this only haters but sadly it seems to fit you too: DEAL WITH IT.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I don't have an issue with Grimdark stories. I don't have an issue with Rainbow Dash being killed off in every story I seem to read. It's a STORY.

      What really, beyond epically disturbs and saddens me is the overabundance of R34 everywhere... that doesn't just need to be swept under the rug, it needs to be shunned. It needs to be thrown out from the group entirely. I've seen posts of "In the end, we're all bronys." NO, NO WE ARE NOT. These R34 people are what's really starting to give the rest of the community a bad name. Hopefully this documentary will show that the majority of us are normal people with jobs and even families, not crazed whack-jobs bent on making their maniacal pleasurabilities well known to the community in hopes of causing the rest of us to look like freaks.

      I've been accepted by the majority of my friends for being a Brony because they don't know of the horrors that are spread across the internet. The typical jest I get is "Isn't it a show for girls?" which is now easily combated in a short and reasonable discussion. However, if they knew of the R34 charade that seems to incessantly overflow the MLP fandom... well, we already see how it is...

      Get rid of and shun those into the R34 of the community without giving them attention, and life will be 1,000 times easier for the rest of us.

    27. Nelson LaQuet on

      AppleJake: is that a joke? That video is NOTHING compared to some stuff that has been created/posted online... Nothing. I wasn't at all disturbed or offended by it whatsoever, and I doubt many people would be. If that is the most shocking thing you have seen from the Brony community, then I congratulate you on your ability to steer clear of things that upset you personally (and this isn't sarcastic; that is a good skill to have).

      I just wanted to reply mostly because you used the label "grimdark." Almost all of the... disturbing things posted in this community are labeled as grimdark; but so is Fallout: Equestria - which, in my opinion, is the best piece of literature that this community has ever created, and most likely, will always be. That label does not necessarily mean whatever it is attached to has no artistic value, just that it is much darker than your average sadfic. FO:E may have scenes that are very dark and gruesome, but they all serve to push the story forward in a compelling way. It may be grimdark, but it is certainly a great work of art... unlike stories like {fanfic name withheld} that serve no purpose other than to shock people.

    28. Jacob Gibson on

      Thanks, Mike and John, for explaining your position on these things. (I agree with John's view on biased, argumentative media and I'm glad you cleared up your comments. It's not just one channel or side that could have an agenda.) The reasoning behind the team's decisions are always carefully thought out with everyone's best interest which I appreciate. Since there's already plenty of stereotypes for grown men who like a show like this (some quite understandbly, didn't most of us scratch our heads at first?), why give trolls and average people more reason to question our sanity/decency? Besides, I think there will be a few... interesting people at the conventions to make it more balanced. No offense to the interesting people. Sometimes I'm one of them.

      Concerning grimdark, I really get turned off and grossed out by the few videos I've seen and especially dislike how everyone wants to kill Rainbow Dash. I personally wish it wasn't allowed on youtube, but that's just how I feel. But of all the violent MLP videos I've seen... this one is by far the most shocking and brutal video of them all:… (Yes I just found that today. The link can be removed if it offends anyone.)

    29. Michael Brockhoff 2-time creator on

      @Jon Molnar
      Not sure how many times it has come up in public. I have received many emails about it.

    30. Jon Molnar on

      Couldn't help but read John's delightful rant in his equally delightful voice. (Must not make a 20% cooler joke... Must.. not...) I never expected the "unsavory" parts of the fandom to be considered relevant for the documentary, but I'm glad to see that viewpoint is mutual.

      I have to wonder, with a documentary like this, funded primarily by the subjects of the documentation, has even-handedness been a concern at any point? I'm not impeaching anyone's integrity here, far from it, just curious if it's come up in discussion. =)

    31. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Wow. I wish I could give John another huge round of applause and cheering for that. It seems we are on the exact same wavelength. I too am an Independent voter (and thinker.) I'm not a fan of Fox News (the reaction in the Mane Hall when they were "namelessly" brought up and criticized for being less than unbiased news organization was tremendous!)--but I'm also not a fan of other agenda-driven "news reporters," either. Also: Yay for sailing! And LOL at the Andy Griffith suggestion! XD R.I.P., Andy.
      There is a more mature, less child-friendly, perhaps "darker" component to virtually fandom or any group at all...and R34 seems to have few exceptions. I don't see why that side of our community would require particular attention or focus in a documentary exploring the brony phenomenon. If you intended to make it long enough to be that thorough and discuss literally everything, it would probably need to be a miniseries, as a single film would eventually start to bore most viewers. ;) I agree that such inclusions would be unnecessary and extraneous; they're not what's at the heart of our community, which is what you most want to reveal. Thousands of us had a sensationally good time in a completely child-friendly environment--and I did see a few very cute, very happy little kids getting into the pony love, too.

    32. Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik on

      To those that think "unsavory" and "off-color" was offensive - take note of the quotation marks! John tried to put it in mild terms what some people think about it, but that not necessarily need to be that. So relax guys, it wasn't anything bad. :3

      Agree with everything John said, and love and adore this part:
      "And while love and tolerate should apply to all occasions, I'm also of the opinion that deliberate lies and innuendos should never be allowed to go unopposed. At what point does tolerating the intolerable make you part of the problem?"

      That's my exact opinion, I would not want to stand and watch if someone where hurting another person. Defending someone doesn't mean you need to attack a person back, you can still stand up for yourself and others yet remain respectful and kind back. :3

    33. John Warren on

      Wanted to make one edit to my previous statement in saying I have heard countless stories in relation to my father. My dad will acknowledge that such things happen and have happened but beyond that nothing specific. Also more often than not what he saw were drafts prior to approval and release. Also I cannot specifically name such instances of it happening as that is not something he would, can discuss or could even remember at this point haha. Lastly his job entailed working with many media outlets not just AP.

      News agencies are companies and getting the story with the best traction is their goal.

    34. John Warren on

      As an artist I support all forms of art as an extension of one’s creativity. While I may not be a fan all of it I don't deny the time and effort that has been applied. However R34 artist know going in that their art is will cause conflict due to the very premise of such content. But this documentary is not about the crew visiting Deviant Art, Ponibooru or other art sharing sites. It is about John De Lancie and the rest of the crew visiting Brony conventions where such art is prohibited.

      Basically R34 goes against the very notion of a family friendly environment that these conventions promote. The lack of such content is therefore not the fault of the documentary crew but can be pointed towards the convention. But who argues with the conventions choice of not pushing this form of art into the faces of minors? Forcing the argument at the documentary crew does not legitimately make it part of the overall experience they had at Bronycon.

      We have to remember the shock journalism that media outlets tend to love. Giving them the slightest notion there is a "deviant subculture" would be all they would need to twist the message that this documentary is trying to promote. My father worked for the Associated Press for 22 years and I have heard countless stories about such acts happening right in the office. However this shouldn't be considered news to anyone as this has become part of our overall mainstream media.

      Anyways that is my 2 cents on the topic. Also I wanted to mention it was great talking with the crew in between shoots. They were respectful and had a genuine interest in the content in which they were covering. Also John De Lancie is a class act and I have to thank him again for the favor he did for a friend of mine. Now I will get back to working on my illustrations! Keep up the good work Michael Brockhoff and everyone else involved!

    35. Wilfried "Evenprime" Pasquazzo on

      I concur.

      While I disagree with the R34 and Grimdark fans being only a "small minority", I do think it has no place in the documentary. The fact that people at BronyCon enjoyed themselves without these things shows that those that are part of the "dark side" can and will have at least as much fun with the SFW content. The porn is usually not why they are in the fandom, so I don't consider it to be important here.

      It would fit better to have a "MLP" segment in a documentary about "Rule 34" (if there ever will be one) than having a "Rule 34" segment in the Brony documentary.

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Mr. de Lancie I would just like to add you are an unbelievably cool person.

    37. Janet Lookabaugh on

      I think that putting such loaded terms as "unsavory" and "off-color" in quotes is actually a smart move on the filmmakers' part. I think it lets the reader think for themselves and come to their own conclusions about the topic at hand (which they should do regardless).

    38. Viethra on

      Describing R34 and grimdark pursuits as "off-color" activities or "unsavory aspects" of the community is to put forth a judgement upon those who have invested time or interests in those things. Some of the kindest bronies I've known are involved in those things. What I'm saying is not that the production should change their vaguely defined stances on violence or sexuality, but that condemning those things is not conducing to the whole friendship thing. Other than that, I find nothing particularly wrong with this post. I agree that those controversial topics don't warrant presentation if they aren't part of the Con, or if they are not what the documentary is about.

      Personally, I am not one who can stand much grimdark. "Don't hurt mah ponies!" That being said, I've seen grimdark art of astounding brilliance and read grimdark literary works of Hadopelagic depth. Is it representative of the fandom as a whole? Hardly, but would I deny it its place in our fandom or disown its achievements? Not a chance.

      The team clearly knows exactly what its doing, and I know this will be a great production. Please, though, remember that those who have contributed to your fine venture are very diverse, they all get these updates, and they all have feelings. Oh, and as always, keep up the great work.

    39. JDEzekude on

      I couldn't help but read this entire update in Discord's voice. XD

    40. Theodor Nygård on

      Thank you for the regular updates and your responses to some of the questions that show up along the way, and most of all thank you for doing this in the first place.

      Fact is the mere mention of "-a cosplay fan pretending to be Barney Fife having his way with Aunt Bee?" probably inspired someone out there to pick up a Wacom pen and get to drawing (if it isn't out there already). I'd say that only helps support the argument to not represent the deviants in our ranks.

      I also happen to agree with what John de Lancie is saying, but the man could be reading the instruction manual of a dustbuster to me with that voice and I'd just nod my head while smiling. Good to hear it clarified for those who may have raised an eyebrow though.

    41. Tarquin Gymer on

      Nice, you guys just addressed it straight out and i completely agree. Good job guys. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Zack Owens on

      Thank you guys so much for making this a documentary, instead of an argument. The fact that the bad side exists but is not, by any means, the majority is exactly something most people don't understand. You guys didn't go out of your way to find the good, not that you had to. You merely observed what goes on at the convention and that's what will make this such a driving force to helping people understand that bronies are just normal guys and girls that happen to watch a cartoon show.

      And to John de Lancie: Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this. You embracing and even being a part of an entirely new fandom, not unlike the Trekkies, despite having such a small role in it, means a lot to community. You and the other actors and crew have been so amazing in accepting the older audience where most would find it weird and off-putting.

    43. Cordovan Splotch on

      I'm one of the people who actually thought that at least a mention of the rule 34 aspect ought to be mentioned in the documentary.
      I believe that a lot of people who are going to watch this documentary will be curious and want to know more after watching it, and many of those people will likely not be knowledgeable about Internet culture.
      This is why I believe it would be in our best interest to approach it with openness and honesty as opposed to avoiding the subject.

      However, I do understand why it won't be mentioned in the film, as it's simply not what the documentary is about. Sure, a lot of curious outsiders may stumble upon it and be a bit more shocked and surprised than what would be optimal, but I'm sure we as a fandom can handle that.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alex Kim on

      I agree with all of the update. Initially I thought documentaries must show both sides of the topic no matter what, but you have convinced me otherwise.

    45. Joe Fernandez on

      That was awesome, and very well-written John! I approve of what you said in defense of not covering the negative aspects of the fandom. I still prefer Fox News and it's sister station, and their programs like O'Riely Factor and Stossel (not Red Eye and someother things that talked about bronies) but you expressed your opinion about the "sensationalism" very well.

    46. Joseph Tan on

      I'm so glad you guys are considerate enough to even make this an update.

      When the question about our fandom's more unsavourly aspects was mentioned at John's Q&A and at the private Q&A, I felt glad that at least someone at least threw you guys a hard ball. I never doubted that it was a big part of our community.

      Instead of brushing it off, you all obviously considered how to deal with it. My applause goes to you guys.

    47. Edward Mills on

      Mr. De Lancie, ballsy as always. I'd make an overdone "20% cooler" remark, but I think my admiration is clear enough.

    48. Rahlyn on

      John, not only have I come to love and enjoy you as an actor, but I've come to respect you as a person. You hit the mark on every point there and I can't help but feel you took the words right out of my mouth.

    49. Paula Clark on

      Succinct and well put. [no literary review intended, btw]. I actually have been watching news commentary on those running for office, and trying to figure out which of them are Bronies. Wow! You really should run for office. I mean that sincerely. Your passion shows every time you speak and this writing is just as passionate a message; as if you were speaking it. As for "love and tolerate". Trekkies learned to love and tolerate Q right along with the crews of the ship. After 25 years we still do [and that includes Q's alter ego [YOU] with all your stubborn insight sometimes], and Discord was Q's middle name. I'm glad that the Brony's have YOU in their corner, because I don't think anyone else would be courageous enough. CNN, which I noticed you didn't mention has done a very nice and interesting piece on BronyCon weekend. I hope you saw it. Looking forward to this Documentary.

    50. Daniel Hengels on

      @Fragga it can be frustrating when people make references everywhere, but keep in mind bronies are not the only ones to do such, star wars and star trek references pop up a lot, along with lord of the rings, harry potter and more. Excessive trolling can be bad though, as it causes the topic to be derailed and causes counter trolls, like "spike is best pony", which of course leads to everyone pointing out that he is not a pony and so forth. And to generally clarify my r34 statement: I personnel y don't follow much of it, but I also don't find anything inherently wrong with it. I don't want to divide us un-necessarily into too many groups, that would lead to fans getting nowhere by spending all their time arguing over which subset is best/most moral/legit and such.