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Tephra is a steampunk RPG with a unique setting and a dynamic system. Help us get Tephra in your hands and at your game table.
Tephra is a steampunk RPG with a unique setting and a dynamic system. Help us get Tephra in your hands and at your game table.
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Rejoice: I’m Resigning!

Posted by Daniel Alan Burrow (Creator)
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To all of our wonderful supporters,

As of last week, I have resigned as the sole owner of Cracked Monocle. In my place, Alex Whisenhunt and Jeffrey Wood - two amazing gentlemen - are stepping up to take my place, help me fulfill my obligations, and move Cracked Monocle forward. 

I have worked on Tephra for nearly seven years now. It has been a major part of my life - often, it has been the defining part of my life. I effectively dropped out of college to work on Tephra. Then, with wind in my sails and confidence as my companion, I started this kickstarter. Lo and behold, I wasn’t ready yet! 

But I don’t regret it. During those seven years, I built a community of friends and co-workers that have stood by me, supported me, and I have loved them. I have taught myself numerous skills, from business practices to design practices, and I would never want to give them up. I am proud of the person that I have become because of Cracked Monocle. I wish I could have done it without incurring as much debt and without upsetting so many people, but you live, you learn. 

I am slowly relieving myself of Tephra projects and helping Alex and Jeffrey build their new company. They are taking over Tephra, Espionage, Cracked Monocle, and a couple of side-projects that we’ve been working on. I am further giving them my resources and knowledge thus-far. These two have often been my backbone - their reliability has been a great source of strength. I look forward to seeing how they rebuild Cracked Monocle and grow what I started. 

Kickstarter - Final Steps

A few months ago, Alex and I rebuilt the expected financial needs for Cracked Monocle to complete its obligations and let their new company start debt-free. We discovered that we need about $3,500 to complete this Kickstarter ($2400 to complete the international backers and $1100 to complete the Kickstarter Adversary Guide).

Alex and Jeffrey will be helping me get through this over the next few months. With their help, we aim to be finished with everything by October.

The Kickstarter Adversary Book is virtually complete. We’re reviewing it right now and will be posting the PDF (to our $70+ backers) as soon as it’s done. 

Cracked Monocle’s Future

Alex and Jeffrey are lining up a lot of projects. While they’re helping me finish my commitments, they also have some brilliant ideas for expanding Tephra, growing the company, and getting Cracked Monocle running at full steam. But I’m going to let them make those announcements themselves. They’ve earned it.

It’s time for me to get out of their way and stop holding Cracked Monocle back. I’ve done what I can to get Tephra started and grow Cracked Monocle, but I hit my limit a long time ago and it’s just taken me a while to figure that out. I will always try to support Cracked Monocle, but I need to focus on other areas of my life, grow a little, and see what I’m capable of.

I’ll be making amends with all of you that are waiting on stuff, then I’ll slowly fade into the shadows of Alex and Jeffrey. Please support them, don’t hold my mistakes against them, and let’s have Tephra grow strong.

Cheers & Gears - not for the last time, but for one of the last,


PS: If you’ve sent me a message recently and I haven’t responded, please accept my apologies. I’m trying to wrap some things up and will be getting back with you shortly.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott Viverito on

      Daniel, all you can do is your best, and I for one think you have. You have created a wonderful world and game, and allowed your eagerness to cause you to overstretch what was possible. I hope this change helps salvage the game, but at this point it doesn't seem likely, to little supporting material for too long is the death of many games and Tephra might be one of them. If so it joins a legion of great games that just didn't succeed in the market or at best became niche games played by a few groups of diehard fans. Ok now that last bit seems all doom and gloom but think about this, you had a game go to market and shared your vision, that is better than 90% of would be game designers who playtest games at home or cons but never quite get to print. I would count that a success, even if not quite the one you hoped for. Good luck.

    2. Craig Johnston on

      See, if only I had of gotten my book 2 years ago, I would have actively supported this line by buying more stuff. But I'm not going to buy stuff for a game I can't play... :/

    3. Rob Farley on

      Is this Alex the same one as Alex@CM from the Tephra forums? If so, then he's just as bad as you are about answering messages. This has done nothing to increase my confidence that we will actually see these books any time soon (if at all).