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Tephra is a steampunk RPG with a unique setting and a dynamic system. Help us get Tephra in your hands and at your game table.

Tephra is an innovative, dynamic roleplaying game developed by Cracked Monocle. We're putting out 300 page hardback books, complete with art, lore about our world, and a complete roleplaying system. We've been working for years to create something new, something different, and something exciting, and we need your help to get it over the final road bump and onto bookshelves across the nation.

What Makes Tephra Unique?

Tephra is an evolutionary roleplaying experience built by gamers who enjoy an easy-to-learn system with unlimited options. You'll feel at home in our easy to use system, with just one die (a twelve-sider), over 400 different character abilities, and a seemingly unlimited amount of character combinations. Everything's available from level 1, and it only gets better.

Then delve into our rich and easy crafting system. Customize your razor-edged, chainsawing claymore or your electrified, steam-powered longrifle to your heart's content. And it doesn't stop at weapons - you can build an entire automaton, customizing its body, the way it thinks, the weapons it uses, and, when you're done with that one, build another! And steampunk wouldn't be complete with craftable airships, dirigibles, and locomotives. And that's just the beginning.

From our easy character creation system to our intuitive and fast-moving combat rules to our enormous array of character abilities, Tephra will leave you building, creating, and dreaming until you can't take it anymore. This is steampunk - the options are unlimited.

What We've Done

Cracked Monocle has been publicly playtesting Tephra for over two years now. We've made ourselves a name at anime and steampunk conventions around Texas, where our staff and Cracked Crew members run games all weekend, introducing new players and giving old players a chance to check out the game. At the Dragon's Lairs in Austin and San Antonio, we've been running weekly playtests for over a year and a half, where we have 25-40 players show up per night. In the past few years, we've printed and sold over 300 copies of the playtesting book, but now it's time to move on. We've been in playtesting for ages: we're ready to make the final product.

Why We Need Help

With your help, we'll be able to print a solid first set of hardback books and start shipping them to the many game stores who've asked for them. We'll be able to set up our book at the printer, letting us print more books in the future, as demand calls for it. 

We need $1,000 to get going, but for every few dollars over $1,000, that's another book we can print and another gaming shelf we can stock. 

If you've been watching Cracked Monocle piece together Tephra over these last fews years, thank you for your support. And today, with your pledge to support Tephra, you're helping make our dreams become a reality. 

Want to See Our Website and Learn More?

You can find out more about Cracked Monocle at or Tephra at

Feel free to e-mail Daniel (fearless leader of Cracked Monocle) if you have any questions at


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    Our Gratitude - you'll be listed on our website as one of our donors.

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    A Thank You Card - we'll send you a thank you card as well as a little random goody (such as an adversary, news article, or lore character). We'll also list you on our website as one of our donors.

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    Tephra: Core Rulebook - you'll receive one of the first copies of the Tephra Core Rulebook and be listed as a donor on our website.

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    Tephra and a Dicebag - you'll get one of the first copies of the Tephra Core Rulebook and a hand-made dicebag (by our staff) with a few of our D12s inside. Of course, you'll also be listed as one of our donors on our website!

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    Tephra, a Dicebag, and some Adversaries - you'll get the Tephra Core Rulebook, a hand-made dicebag with some of our D12s, and a packet filled with adversaries that we've made specifically for our kickstarter backers! Need I say that you'll be listed on our website?

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    Tephra, Tephra, Tephra, Dicebag, and some Adversaries - not only are you getting the Tephra Core Rulebook, you're getting THREE of them (your players need them too!). You'll also be getting a large hand-made dicebag, several D12s, our adversaries packet, and noted on our website.

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    Become an Adversary! - Look at the $100 Reward. Not only are you getting everything there, you'll also be able to describe yourself to one of our game developers, and we will MAKE YOU (or your alternate personality) into one of the adversaries to be included in the special edition kickstarter adversary booklet.

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    Narrator's Set - You'll be getting five Tephra Core Rulebooks (one for yourself and one for each of your players). We'll include the limited edition adversary packet, a large dicebag full of D12s, character sheets, pre-made characters, and some previews of our upcoming expansions. And who knows, we might even list you as a donor on our website!

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    See the Narrator's Set for the $250 pledge? Not only are we going to give you that, we're going to hand deliver it, show you how to play, and run a game for you and a group of your choice. LIMITED TO TEXAS RESIDENTS ONLY

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