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The story of seventeen syllables that would change the world... if anyone gets to hear them... Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 10, 2012.

The story of seventeen syllables that would change the world... if anyone gets to hear them...

Wilmington, NC Shorts
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What if a writer living under a brutal dictatorship discovered a sequence of words so perfect it could change the world and end all human conflict? And what if, before he could complete the book it would appear in, he was arrested, tortured and imprisoned? What becomes of the phrase, and what happens to the man? How many times might this have happened in world history? 

Help us to bring their powerful tale to life to remind the world that great thinkers have been jailed and tortured just for their ideas. Help us remind everyone that each of us has a voice which should never be silenced.


People interested in funding our project can pledge any amount, and if the goal is met, investors in the project get various rewards based on the amount donated (see the list of rewards to the right). If the goal is not met, donors are not charged anything, and the film plans may have to be cancelled. However, on the other hand, if our team raises more than the goal, the additional funds will hugely expand our currently limited filmmaking options and ensure an even higher quality finished product! Kickstarter makes the film an international community project, and everyone who contributes becomes part of it, helping it come to the screen and assisting new talent to make a mark! You can be part of our voice by contributing to our fund!

Director on meeting or exceeding our goal!

A Dream On Fire - The Director Speaks from Michele Seidman on Vimeo.

We did meet our goal but you can still help! Click the video link above to learn why a few more donors would lighten our load! Once shooting begins, all updates will be on A Dream On Fires Facebook page!


                    1. THE WRITER

Blair Bourassa is a Canadian author who has received two international awards for his fiction. His prize-winning short story "A Dream on Fire" has been published in both Europe and North America, and already been translated into six other languages by fans and supporters. He has also recorded a voiceover narration for the film project at Drop Audio sound studio in Lithuania, with the assistance of audio engineer Robertas Maliauka. You can learn more about the author and his writing through his personal website at, where the full text version of "A Dream on Fire", as well as Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Afrikaans, Chinese and Lithuanian translations, are available to interested readers.

                  2. THE DIRECTOR

Michele Seidman is an actress, director, producer. and owner of The Actors Edge & Auditions-R-Us. As an actress, she has appeared in film, TV programs and commercials (including Empire Records, Little Mouth To Feed, Dawson's Creek, Arthur Newman, Golf Pro, and Another Life). She is also the director and producer of indie film Zombie Wrangler - The documentary. A founding member of the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, Michele serves on the Board of the Hampstead Foundation, is a volunteer for the Cucalorus Film Festival, a former Associate Member of the Board for the Cape Fear Film Makers Accord, and the CBW/CFO for The National Women in Blues.


                       Will Sredzienski

                    4. THE ACTORS

                           Don A. King

                           Jim Hartner

                 5. THE COMPOSER

                              Erwan Coic

Additional project members include associate producer David Jimerson of Wrightsville Beach Studios (, make up artist Ash Crist, and sound engineer Jeff Babb, among others! This project has already been a long time in the making, and captured the hearts of many interested artistic contributors! You can find out more about our cast and crew on our Facebook page here:


The story itself is timeless, and has relevance to us all. What happens when creativity is imprisoned? May this project serve to remind us of the true value of artistic expression in our lives.

The additional impact will be in showcasing talents. The author's talent at telling a story and adapting it for the screen, the director's ability to put together the right team on both sides of the camera, and the cinematographer's ability to visually capture and stimulate your senses. Our team of talented actors will bring the struggles of the main character to life, while the production team weaves it all together. We plan to submit this film to festivals around the world to showcase talents and open minds. Our goal is to shoot at the end of this summer!

Note from director Michele Seidman:  This is much more to me than just a story that needs to be told. Many people know I have had a lot of health stuff weigh me down but I worked around all the limitations and took on the skills I would need and now is the time for me to put them in to action. Making this will give me the chance to prove myself to my team and the film world. By donating you are saying, "We believe in this project and we know you can make it happen". This film can be a calling card to more work for the team! I sincerely think our author has a future that is very bright and I think once others discover him, it will be harder to get rights to his work. I am proud he is letting me kickstart his foray into film.


We are seeking $2,800 to make the project possible and have broken down the basic costs below. If anyone wants to see a detailed list of every department the expenses will be coming from, please email the director, Michele Seidman, at! We need insurance, and have a crew and cast to pay, as well as locations, kits, wardrobe, transportation, cameras and sound equipment to rent. Even on a super low budget, all that inevitably adds up!

General costs for three-day shoot:
Equipment: $300 (We bartered for camera equipment, lights and a bit more, and got huge discounts)

Talent: $800 (for the actors)

Crew: $800 (including coverage of talent, B unit and establishing shots)

Insurance, location rentals, and food: $800. (Food: yes, I will be cooking a lot to make sure and keep costs down and so my crew does not eat cold pizza nightly. After all, a film crew is a small army and an army moves best when well fed). 

And a $100 buffer for any last minute details that might come up to hinder the completion of the project.

Which comes to a total of around $2,800. The final product however, thanks to the extremely high-quality equipment and talent we will have privileged access to, is expected to appear like a film that cost three or four times what it actually did. We are bartering and have already made some great deals! Our main shooting location, for example, is being rented to us for nothing! Between that and other bargaining, we have driven our costs as low as we can without compromising the story and final look. Our author and others have stashed some cash just in case it turns out we need a bit more to get this done right but we sincerely need your help to get the ball rolling.

If you are not able to donate in any way, you can still help by spreading the word about this project with others. So please feel free to post it to your social network walls, blogs, news feeds, etc. And don't forget to use the title "A Dream On Fire" in your posts!!!


  • If we make more than requested it can be put to good use during the shoot and in post production. Anything extra will go towards adding back one or two elements we cut to reduce our budget. At this time our director is also our editor but anything extra can be used for to hire (at reduced rate) someone to help with color correction and to purchase some stock footage to include in a montage sequence that was cut from the shooting script. The archive footage does cost money, so we cut it out for now. If we go over the current goal, all extra funds will be used for the production and we will be happy to send you the final budget for verification.

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  • The answer is always yes but our budget is too tight to offer pay to new crew. However, we will credit the crew and make sure they get fed too if a few people decide they want to volunteer. Of course we are shooting for the festival circuit and to be listed on imdb but unlike some, we are not promising those things until we secure them. We have had 2 new people already offer to help out and we are working on a deal memo to send to them shortly. Contact Michele our director via her Facebook link on our projects wall!

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    Frugal Dreamers with a love of film! No rewards, but all our respect and adoration for you taking a moment to offer your support!

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    Special Thanks listing on our Facebook page! (Unless you make your donation anonymously)

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Dreamweavers: You will get your name in our Special Thanks of the closing credits on the film AND listed on the Special Thanks of our Facebook page! We will even tag you if you request it!!!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    17 backers

    Dreamcatchers: You will get the dreamer perks and a FREE KINDLE E-BOOK version of Blair Bourassa's short story collection Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word and Other Stories, or any of the other books discussed on his website at

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    Fiery Dreamers: You will get the previous perks including special thanks in the film and on Facebook, a kindle e-book, and a post card from Saudi Arabia where the author currently resides, plus a COPY OF THE FILM'S POSTER!

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    Pledge $100 or more

    8 backers Limited (17 left of 25)

    Dream Fulfillers: You will get all the previously mentioned perks, as well as well as privileged codes permitting you to do an online ONLINE PRIVATE PRE-SCREENING of the film will also be given, along with a COMPLEMENTARY DVD COPY of the work upon completion.

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    1 backer Limited (5 left of 6)

    Visionary Dreamers: You will receive all the aforementioned tiers of perks, and YOUR PHOTO OR NAME WILL APPEAR IN A SCENE OF THE FILM on the dust jacket of a book on the main character's writing table or bookshelf. Later, you will even get that prop mailed to you after the film is completed! In addition, you shall have an AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE BOOK Love is Such an Old-Fashioned Word and Other Stories, where the short story appears, delivered straight to your home. You also get a one on one half hour skype session to chat with director Michele Seidman.

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    Associative Dreamers: Including all the previous perks and being given ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT above the title card in the film, you will have your NAME WILL APPEAR IN THE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PAGE OF THE BOOK of short stories by Blair Bourassa (in both kindle and soft cover versions), as well as two half-hour one-on-one open topic SKYPE SESSIONS with both the author and the director to discuss the project. And besides all that, you can also HANG OUT ON SET, get fed and hobnob with the cast and crew! PLUS... our Associate Producer from Wrightsville Beach Studios will give each of you free download of their DVD's on Lighting and Sound for film and television (A $150 dollar value).

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    Epic Dreamer: Everything mentioned in the previous tiers will be provided, along with EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT above the title card in the film, as well as in all posters, print media, and press releases. You will also be invited to attend all FILM FESTIVAL SCREENINGS we are chosen for, and given an additional filmmaker's pass giving you PRIVILEGED ACCESS. This donor will have free and open access to the set as well, and can also give the two associate producer credits to anyone, within reason.

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