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Smarter Stand turns your iPad Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand.
8,260 backers pledged $157,638 to help bring this project to life.

Free extra pads and how get your Smarter Stand delivered sooner

Posted by Dotan Saguy (Creator)

I have some good news and I have… even better news. Which do you want first? :-) 

The good news

OK so there are actually 2 pieces of good news:

1) Two extra non-slip pads FREE: First off, after your feedback from the last update I decided to add not just one but two more silicone non-slip pads to each Smarter Stand at no extra cost to you. No need to update your pledges or do anything. Everyone will get them. This means you'll be able to achieve the portrait stand positions I demonstrated in the last update #10

It will be up to you to decide how many you want to use and whether you want to keep the extra 2 as backup. Note that this is a Kickstarter project bonus ONLY. We will probably go back to 1 or 2 non-slip pads when the product is sold in retail stores.

Personally, I have been using my iPad with 3 non-slip pads for the past 48h as shown in the photo above and I am loving it! Not only does it give me more stand options as the video in update #10 shows but it enables my iPad to grip the table incredibly well which is handy for games, etc. and it already saved my iPad from an accidental water spill thanks to the pads elevating the device slightly off the table. I'm sure it will also be handy to protect from scratches for the same reason. 

2) We're running on schedule: The factory just reported the tooling for the long run production as "on schedule". That means the product is on track to ship first week of October as planned. 

I've tried my best to keep this project as transparent as possible so for those who are curious about what happens between now and October and why it takes so long, I summarized the process at the bottom of this update.

Even better news: how you can get your order 2 weeks sooner

The even better news is that we've figured out a way to get some of your orders to you 2 weeks earlier than planned BUT if you want to benefit from that I may need some action on your part. So read on.

Normally, the containers ship by boat which takes about 2-3 weeks. That's obviously the most cost effective way to ship. But it turns out that I can shrink that shipping time from 2-3 weeks to 3 days by shipping some of the containers by air. 

The only problem is that it's outrageously expensive... You already know that if you've tried to buy an international plane ticket lately!

So here's the deal: I am willing to pay the extra cost of accelerated shipping out of my pocket but I can only afford to do it for orders of 3 Smarter Stands or more. Read on to see how it plays out based on your existing pledge.

If you've pledged for 1 or 2 Smarter Stands

Why would you need 3 or more Smarter Stands? Imagine you're getting your Smarter Stand and it's already autumn, the leaves are turning yellow and the holidays are right around the corner… wouldn't a few extra Smarter Stands make great stocking stuffers? How about birthdays coming-up?

If you've pledged for 1 or 2 units and wish to order more to get your Smarter Stands early and make some friends happy, you can easily change your reward by logging on to your Kickstarter account and click “Manage Your Pledge.” Change your reward to the new selection of 3 or more Smarter Stands and make sure to change your pledge amount accordingly too.

Note for Early Birds: if you already locked-in one of the early bird pledges and wish to keep your discounted price while adding on more units to your order, just log into your Kickstarter account and click  “Manage Your Pledge.” Enter the total amount of your new pledge in the pledge amount box. To calculate your new pledge amount, keep your early bird price for the first Smarter Stand and just add $14 per additional unit you want to add to your order. As mentioned above, if you order a total of 3 or more units, your package will automatically qualify for the accelerated shipping.

If you've pledged for 1 or 2 units and don't want to order more, I can offer you to get the accelerated shipping by adding $6 for 1 Smarter Stand or $9 for 2 to your pledge amount. 

But frankly, for that price, you might consider upgrading to 3 units, sharing them with friends, and getting the accelerated shipping free. It's up to you though! To add $6 or $9 to your pledge amount, just log into your Kickstarter account and click “Manage Your Pledge.” Enter the total amount of your new pledge (old pledge + $6 or $9) in the pledge amount box.

I really want to stress that you're not obligated to do anything! So if you don't, you'll still receive your Smarter Stand(s) in October as promised when you pledged.

If you've already pledged for 3 or more Smarter Stands

If you've already pledged for 3 Smarter Stands or more, you're all set. No need to do anything. You'll get your Smarter Stands early at no extra cost. That said you may still consider ordering more for example if you think you might need some for the holidays: it's possible that you won't have a chance to order extra ones later and get them in time for the holidays.

If you haven't backed the project yet

All the above applies to new pledges as well. The accelerated shipping will be automatically applied to your order if you order 3 Smarter Stands or more or if you pledge for less units but add $6 for 1 or $9 for 2 Smarter Stands to your pledge amount.

Summary of what happens from now until October

As mentioned at the beginning of this update, here's a summary of the process for those who are curious about what happens between now and October:

  • The final tool that will be used to make the clips will be completed around mid-August
  • Then we go into a cycle of making test parts, trying them out and fine tuning the tool
  • Once it's perfectly tuned, we need to run the whole production
  • Then packages are assembled in a plant with all the parts (clips, pads, packaging, ...)
  • Finished packages are shipped in containers by boat (or air) and then to you by mail locally

That's a lot of steps for sure but October was the estimated delivery and we're on track if not slightly ahead, especially for those who will take advantage of the accelerated shipping.


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    1. DirkZ on

      Upped my pledge to 3! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Glen White on

      Ditto on Tim's question about Facebook likers. Will those count towards early shipments or am I asking too much? I'll pledge more if needed but thought I would ask in advance.

    3. Tim "Red Beard" Griskus on

      Doran, will you be including the free SS for the Facebook likers with their initial shipment?

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Just curious. Do you have anything protecting the back of your iPad?

    5. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Great! Thanks!

    6. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Josh These stay on amazingly well. I've been testing them on my iPad for 3 weeks, taking it in and out of backpacks several times a day, and getting them through all kind of abuse and there's no sign of the pads going anywhere. They seem pretty happy right where they are. :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I've use the Bluelounge protective strips and the biggest issue with those was how easy they come off. Are these non-slips pads sticky enough or will they come off easy?

    8. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Josh That is correct. 3 non-slip pads per Smarter Stand kit.

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      So an order of 10 Smarter Stands will receive 30 non-slip pads?

    10. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Alvin When the Kickstarter project time expires on August 13 all the specials will go away. You'll still be able to order the product but it will be through distributors instead so I can't guarantee that the deal will be as good as here on Kickstarter. The delivery time also will be later for any non-Kickstarter orders. Kickstarter orders will get shipped first. So I definitely recommend you order any distributor specials you need before the project ends on Kickstarter.

    11. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Cathy: correct!

    12. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      If the shell is itself made out of a non slip material then you don't even need the pads.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alvin on

      Hi, are we able to order more of the reseller special after the time expires in the future?

    14. Cathy Brown on

      If I pledged $14 and add $6, I'll receive "early delivery," yes?

    15. Missing avatar

      Craig Sylvern on

      Will the non-slip pads work if you have a shell-type case covering the back of your iPad?

    16. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Kent Thanks for the kind words! If you're at $39 already, your order is already set for early delivery. I'm not sure which "free ones" you're referring to. If you're talking about the extra free clips for Liking on Facebook, assuming you did it, you'll get one extra clip per Smarter Stand you ordered. I know it's a little confusing but each Smarter Stand is composed of 2 clips (+1 if you Liked) and 3 non-slip pads (just upgraded from 1 - see beginning of this update). Does that make sense? If not, feel free to message me directly from my profile link at the top and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

    17. Kent Bateman on

      Nice one Dotan!!!! Your project is one of the best that I have backed. I will have no hesitation backing another one of your projects.

      So if I get you right I can "up" my $39.00 pledge to $48.00 and get 2 more to up my order to 5 stands and with the 2 free ones you mentioned I will get 7 stands altogether. I hope I explained it right.

      Thanks Kent

    18. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @John: Good catch! I had already put in $10 but then realized I could offer it for $9. I just corrected the post. The correct amount is $9.

    19. John Barrett on

      In the update you say "by adding $6 for 1 Smarter Stand or $10 for 2". Then you talk about how to add "$6 or $9 to your pledge amount". I added $10 for 2 more (original 2 + 2 more). You're busy and rushed with managing a really cool product. I can hardly wait until they show up. :)

    20. Christina

      Bravo Dotan! A superbly run Kickstarter! You listen and really put your mind into gear for your backers! this just reinforces in my mind that backing your project was a very smart thing to do!

      Hope that brilliant mind of yours comes up with more kickstarters and I'll be eager to see them on a backer update!