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Smarter Stand turns your iPad Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand.
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Bonus portrait stand position (photos+videos) and distributor update

Posted by Dotan Saguy (Creator)

One of the problems with the Smart Cover is that it doesn't work as a stand in portrait mode.

So while designing Smarter Stand I must confess that this issue was haunting me quite a bit. Yet, like Apple often does, I resisted the urge to increase the complexity, bulk or weight of the product to address one particular issue, choosing to ignore it instead for the sake of minimalism and elegance.

But that doesn't mean this limitation had stopped haunting my inner geek :-)

So over the week-end I experimented with one of the Smarter Stand pre-production samples and came-up with a very simple but effective solution that allows using Smarter Stand to set the iPad in an adjustable 10-20 degrees low portrait stand position. 

And yes, I kept Smarter Stand minimalist: The only difference is that you'll be getting 2 non-slip pads (maybe even 3 - as you'll see in the second video) instead of one. All for the same price. Can't complain, right?

All I ask is that you share the hell out of this new feature with your iPad-using-friends in whatever way you prefer: tweets, Facebook posts or likes, good old email, messenger pigeon. Whatever works for you!

Here are some pictures and you can scroll down for a couple of videos:

And if you're interested in a full video review of one of the Smarter Stand pre-production samples, there's a great one posted by Check it out!

Special note for distributors and resellers 

If you want to carry Smarter Stand before the holidays, as several of you have already expressed strong interest in doing, I highly recommend that you snag one of the distributor specials listed on the right-hand-side of the project page right now. Why?

  • Kickstarter distributor orders will ship before any non-Kickstarter distributor orders
  • If you order one of the distributor specials of 100 units or more, we will air-ship your order straight from the factory at no extra charge so you'll get it before anyone else does (sorry but we can't do that for smaller orders given the prohibitive price of international shipping by air!)
  • The quantity discounts listed on the product page are quite good and not likely to get any better after the Kickstarter project ends (on the contrary).

As a reminder, here are direct links to each of the 4 distributor specials:

  • 30 Smarter Stands in the colors of your choice - $339
  • 100 Smarter Stands in the colors of your choice - $999*
  • 300 Smarter Stands in the colors of your choice - $2,399*
  • 1000 Smarter Stands in the colors of your choice - $6,499*

*: Air-shipped from the factory to you at no extra charge

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    1. Carl Lum on

      I don't quite get it--how does the Smarter Stand help in this instance? I already roll the Smart Cover into a triangular roll when I need a low angle portrait position. The clips just seem to be sitting aside, not doing anything.

    2. Visualj on

      Including a 3rd pad would be awesome. If you can do it great!

    3. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      @Jelani: Great question but I already answered it in a previous comment. You can see it by expanding comments using the "View previous comments" link.

    4. Jelani Anderson on

      Are the pads re-useable? Say, if I get a new iPad or would like to re-position them.

    5. Jessica Moss on

      This just keeps getting better! Have you considered making a black pad for those of us with LTE iPads? The grey pad is really going to stand out on LTE models. I don't plan on using the third pad but if I ever want to I know the grey pad on the black will annoy me. Great job, Dotan!!!

    6. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      I've been using my iPad with these 3 pads for the last 24h and I have to say that it has more advantages than I anticipated: When laid flat on a table, the iPad grips like crazy you can not push it around even if you try. This came handy when playing games for example where you want the iPad to stay firmly in place while you swipe your fingers all over. The other advantage was when my kid spilled a glass of water on the table right next to my iPad. Since the pads slightly elevate the iPad off the table, the water touched the pads but not the iPad. Needless to say I am keeping those sweet sweet non-slip pads on!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ferro Michel on

      I Think it's a great idea. But i really don't Like the idead to add some adhesive to the iPad. But having 3 for free Will definitively allow everyone to test it anyways. So Thanks for this update and looking forward to see some other amazing ideas.

    8. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      Hi Andrea. I exaggerated a tad when I say the pads aren't reusable. You can remove them and re-stick them a few times. I looked into PU and it wasn't as good for stability and non-slipness as silicone.
      But the real challenge was to find an adhesive that sticks to the iPad really well even with all the pressure that is applied on the pad AND can be removed without leaving any marks. The non-slip pad we ended-up with is amazing with both aspects.

    9. Nicole Bradshaw on

      Great update! Thanks :D

    10. Andrea on

      Dotan, the non-reusable pads are sort of a bummer, I thought you were going to use PU pads in order to allow that. Others do it and guarantee that they stay fit during use, I thought you could too.

      I have to be honest, the idea that I can't put them on and off at will diminishes a lot my enthusiasm for the project. I won't stop supporting it, but I definitely see why the rating given by iLoung is not so high.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andre Durudas on

      Great update and great new uses. :) Keep it up!

      I definitely wouldn't complain about three pads. :)

      Two questions though: will the pads raise the iPad when it is lying flat? And secondly, do you think the pads will stick to and be removable from a protective film on the back of the iPad, like Ghost Armor or Zagg's invisibleSHIELDs?


    12. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      Not as such, Josh. We've combined a custom moulded silicon pad with a specific kind of 3M adhesive. I can't say much more but you won't find pads like these off the shelf.

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Thanks. Are they available from 3M today?

    14. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      The pads won't be reusable unfortunately. Once you stick them to an iPad, they should stay on. The simple reason is that they have a special 3M adhesive that allows to remove them without leaving any marks but isn't reusable.
      That said, I will have replacement parts available for order on the website when the orders have been shipped out so you can always order additional pads for cheap.

    15. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Will you sell the nonslip pads individually as well so we can get some extras?

    16. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      Hi Joachim. I did try what I think you're describing and while it does stand up OK, it can easily slide when you tap the screen or apply any other kind of pressure on the iPad. I'm trying to stick with really safe stand positions here :-) But that said, once you get your Smarter Stand you should feel free to experiment and I'm convinced there are several possibilities I haven't figured out myself yet. Proof is, I've been using my prototypes daily for over 2 months and I JUST figured out the position in this update yesterday!

    17. Missing avatar

      Norma on

      have one this before but the non slip pad will help a lot. Two pads is great, 3 would be great to. Thanks for the updates. You're the first kickstarter project I have invested in and I love the updates. I think your spoiling me. I got two sets so will I figure I will get 2 sets of pads. What if I get a new iPad? Can I reuse the pads or will I need to get new ones? We have an iPad 1 and will probably be replacing it.

    18. Joachim Reinhold on

      Hey, I admire u and I don't want to sound rude but what u do above, I do since day one! Infact u do it wrong, it works, yes but if u lean the iPad to the clips from the smart cover usually aligning on side but in horizontal position it rests well and does not slip even WITHOUT ur silicon straps. Why? There is a small silicon similar line running inside the smart cover clips giving enough grip not to let the iPad slip. Check it out and keep up the great work. Oh, one more thing: the smart cover us able to provide portrait mode for viewing purposes. remember, best stand is a triangle as base. git my meaning (hint , hint)? Best, Achim ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Renaud Van Turtelboom on

      Good idea. I think it can be useful to read PDF and so on.

      @Dotan Is it still possible to dock it in let's the official dock available on ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Darryl Lee on

      Sweet - I don't know why I didn't think of this before, as it doesn't actually require Smarter Stands. But the secret I really want to know is what secret positions the third Smarter Stand enables! :-}

    21. Missing avatar

      Teresa Robson on

      This is my first time getting involved with a Kickstarter project and you're making it a GREAT experience! Thanks and looking forward to receiving all of my Smarter Stand goodies to make my iPad use better than ever!

    22. Dotan Saguy 5-time creator on

      I tried using the clips to raise the cover and have a taller portrait stand position but it's not stable enough to be workable so I think the 20 degrees position is the best compromise for now. That said, I'm sure someone will come-up with a better idea once everyone receives their Smarter Stands. I can't wait to have these out there and see what people do with them!

    23. Christina

      Hey Dotan
      Keep tapping into your "inner geek" because you certainly have an ingenious way of finding workable solutions! Thank you!

    24. Lovro J. Doe-Mears on

      I would LOVE the silicon pads !!! :) And I think I would need three, so I don't have to worry about the orientation of the iPad! :) - you are AWESOME !! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Mary Sullivan on

      Couldn't you still use the clips to make the cover raise up higher for portrait? With the non slip silicon pads I can't see that it would slip. I didn't realize we were getting a pad at all, so that is great!

    26. Ashley Jones on

      this will not work for the smart case as the front cover is not detachable