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Smarter Stand turns your iPad Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand.
Smarter Stand turns your iPad Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand.
8,260 backers pledged $157,638 to help bring this project to life.

Quick video demo and progress report

Here's a quick video shot with my iPhone to show how easy it is to put Smarter Stand in various positions. It won't win the Sundance Festival but hopefully will answer some of the questions some of you have been asking. :-)

Don't forget that a 3d clip is offered FREE if you like the project on Facebook. It only takes a second so don't miss the opportunity to get third clip with your Smarter Stand!

I'm off for the week-end (see photo attached from the train) after a long week of working hard on my Smarter Stand project.

I'm happy to report that:

  • I've evaluated several manufacturers and figured out who will manufacture the Smarter Stand. Definitely not the cheapest but very smart and proactive. The quality will be top notch.
  • With this new partner, we've figured out the exact design, material and ideal size for the non-slip pad and are looking into high-end finishes for the clips.
  • I've redesigned a slightly modified version of the clips that should fit the Smart Case as well as the Smart Cover perfectly (will test next week)
  • I've communicated with several distributors around the world who want to carry the Smarter Stand. If you are a distributor, please do get in touch. I've got great deals for you and am in the process of designing a great looking POP stand.

So lots of progress on many fronts! Thank you for all your help spreading the word about the Smarter Stand to your friends. We've already hit our funding goal but the more successful this project is, the faster I'll be able to get the product in your hands (with enough quantity ordered I can run a big production batch sooner).

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    1. Chirag Kotecha on July 6, 2012

      I've liked the page, do you just match up the names of those who like with backers' names?

    2. Bashar Abdullah on July 5, 2012

      Thanks for the video. For backers, I don't see a need to like on facebook. In fact, for promoting your product, there is no need to limit it in anyway.

    3. Konstantinos L on June 26, 2012

      Does the non slip pad glue to the ipad permanently or is it something you can use on and off whenever you want to use the Smarter Stands?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kashif on June 25, 2012

      Done and now will I get second one? or third?

    5. Jørgen Hunstad on June 24, 2012

      Very nice! Loved the video demo and love your product! This is so birlliant simple that its genius! How does the FB like work? How do you know i've liked it and backed it?

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on June 23, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Razvan Marinescu on June 23, 2012

      How do you know to add a third stand if we liked your FB page, which I did, and I actually shared it on my timeline.

    8. Gordon Pham-Nguyen on June 23, 2012

      First line of the "How it works" paragraph: "Smarter Stand is composed of 2 clips that attach to either side of the Smart Cover or the Smart Case."
      So if you pledge $39 for 3 SmarterStands, then like their Facebook page, you'll have 7 clips in total.

    9. Christina
      on June 23, 2012

      Excellent demo video! Much appreciated. It's great to hear about the progress you are making in the production of the Smarter Stand.

      seein git demonstrated makes me eager to get my hands on my own too!

    10. John on June 23, 2012

      What if you pledged $39 for three Smarter stands? Do you get a fourth for free?

    11. Missing avatar

      Susan on June 23, 2012

      I just "liked " you on Facebook also. How will you know it is me?

    12. Missing avatar

      Nancy V Carotti on June 23, 2012

      Just "liked" you on facebook, but I wanted to make sure you knew how great this idea is .....for me. I have been using pressure clips but this is going to be so much better. More convenient and much easier. Thank you for the offer of a third clip too; I would be able to add a bit more to my original offer of 10$. But unfortunately I can not be a big backer. Keep going with your innovative ideas.
      nancy c